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  1. Hi ladies, I just wanted to let you know I just got back from my wedding/honeymoon/vacay at IBRB. Everything turned out great! I will post pics and a review soon. Just wanted to let you all know I didn't do much communication with the resort, but I did bring a lot of my decor and everything was perfect! If you have any questions you need an answer to right away, it's best to email me: brandyshaunta@yahoo.com. Until then, happy planning....pics soon to come
  2. Hi ladies, I just did this great post w/ pics and everything and when I hit submit I got a message that said since I'm new here the post is being held for moderation.......Anybody know what that's about?!
  3. Hi Ladies, I am leaving on the 16th And so Excited!!! We are expecting about 40 or so guests and I have a fun group going, so I know we will have a BLAST! Anyways, while Im in the spirit just wanted to give a brief overview of whats happening in my life (it may help someone else). I have a LOT of crap to travel with. I plan on splitting some of my stuff with family and friends, and the rest I will just have to pay the extra cost to travel with. I don't trust shipping anything before hand. I have OOT bags that I split up the contents between my bridesmaids (they actually get there the day before me). I orderded my oot bags from the knot wedding shop. I can't find a pic of them, but I found these.And I'm mad cause they're cuter than mine, I wish I would have seen them before. Anyways, mine are blue and I used white bubble/fabric paint to write our wedding date on each of them. By the way the bags are about 1.50 a piece. In the bage I have a travel sun tan lotion ($1), travel advil ($2) both from target, disposable camera also from the knot wedding shop $1.99 each A jamaica brochure that I ordered from the Jamaica tourism board free. Itinerary I printed myself. Room keyholder with an insert I ordered from vista print that has some cute saying about "to have and to hold your key" etc. And flip flops I got from the dollar store for a dollar. (I would put pics, but most of the stuff I started packing up). I just picked up my dress Friday I got my bridesmaids dresses from Macys. I paid for them since I only have 2 bridesmaids (cousin and sister) and I figured they already have to spend so much to travel. I ordered these super cute boutineers online. I spent maybe $45 dollars for 4 of them, including shipping. And lucky for me my flower girls had dresses baskets and everything else they needed. And sorry for the disorganization, but just found pics of my OOT bags: I decided to do my ceremony on the terrace, dinner at either the cajun restaurant or Uncle Tony's non private and then head back to the terrace to cut cake, do speeches, dance/dj, and champagne. I'm not going to do open bar, because I hear the lobby bar is really close to the terrace. I'll probably make my little cousin into a server LOL. And here are some pics of the terrace ladies:......Awww, they are not posting........Sorry I also made these fans, which my programs will sit on and be placed in each chair. And I ordered this lovely guest book set: I also have aqua blue chair sashes, about 100 votive candles with vellum paper around them in my colors, 6,000 white petals, 2,000 tiffany blue (I plan to line the aisle with them), 20 white paper lanters to hang on terrace, and 20 tiffany blue paper lanterns, H cake topper...I think thats it...... So two weeks from today I will be at the airport!!!!!!! If you ladies have any questions its probable best to email me at brandyshaunta@yahoo.com. Oh and my resort is IRHB and date is 6.18.11. Also, if anyone is arriving on or before 6.20.11 (after the 20th were honeymooning in Negril) and wants to buy my flower petals, lanterns, or chair sashes email or PM me. I'm so excited!
  4. Hi Mizzrojo, I believe all 3 resorts use the same spa. Hope this helps. Brandy
  5. Hi Phillygal, Can you send me pics too, brandyshaunta@yahoo.com Thanks a million, Brandy
  6. Islandgirl910, It's a vendor's fee AND a wedding day pass. My cousin who lives in Jamaica is going to be my dj and they told me I have to pay both!!! Good luck, I am getting sooo excited. I only have 38 days to go!!!
  7. Hi Ladies, I am getting married at IRHB on June 18th. Right around the corner!!! Anyways, I am bringing a lot of decorations with me (40 paper lanterns, 8000 rose petals, candles, etc.) However, I would like to travel back with as little as possible. If anyone is getting married around the same time frame. I am willing to sell all my stuff at a very discounted rate. So let me know if your interested. Brandy
  8. I am considering doing a sand ceremony, but won't the sand get all messed up when traveling back?
  9. I don't think there is a cancellation fee. I would check to see and then tell them to cancel my wedding and immediately book a new one.
  10. Hi Elisa, I am new to this website, so I'm not quite sure if you will get this message, but I hope you do! I am getting married at IRHB on June 18, 2011! I am super excited!!!! Can't wait for the vacay and all this planning to finally be over! What are your colors for your wedding? Maybe we can share some decor... So far in my planning I have started OOT bags, my colors are tiffany blue and silver, I think I want to do the ceremony on the terrace and Uncle Tony's for the reception. I don't plan to rent out the restaurant because I still can't wrap my head around paying all these extras for an all inclusive resort?! I may do some sort of cocktail party though for first dance etc. What do you have planned so far?
  11. I have not been to the Ritz MoBay, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Half Moon, their service, beaches, food is incredible. I highly recommend the platinum plan.
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