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  1. Exquisite02 did your mum get custom sizing or did she just go with there standard sizes?
  2. Hi I have not been on this sight for almost a year but I realize I only seem to have reviewed one of the two dresses I received from babyonline. I unfortunately did not take photos of my dress before the wedding and it is so long ago now that I don't know if babyonline's standards are the same now from looking on this forum they can be a bit hit and miss. I was extremely happy with both dresses and wore both at my wedding. My only issues I remember are. 1. I had to get the bustles done here but if I had done more research before ordering the dresses I would have asked them to do it (so don't know if this was an option) but I recommend asking for it if alterations are as expensive where you are as they are in Australia. 2. My second dress was a little long (2cm) but that could have been my mistake I was paranoid about it being too short. 3. Both dresses were a little loose on the wedding day which made the second dress uncomfortable after a couple of hours and I had to put the first dress back on. This was not there fault I lost about 5kg from stress in the 4 days before the wedding! Don't know how to put the photos into this message they are in my profile? If you have any questions I am happy to try and answer
  3. Exquisite02 did you mum get custom measurements or did she just go with a standard size?
  4. Hi KKKK DHgate and Babyonline are on holidays 28 Jan - 9 Feb They will do have some staff on but there is an approx 3 day delay in getting back to you instead of the usual 3 hours and I think babyonlines factories are closed, they are extending all their due dates by 3 weeks
  5. Hi Beachy They are all beautiful dresses I think the last is my favorite, but they are all lovely and you are the one wearing it so only you can choose.
  6. Hi Beachy, I had the same problem as you and ordered 2 dresses as they were so cheap, I also thought 1 might come out better than the other. Now think I think I have chosen my dress but I don't know if I want to sell the other dress, keep it in case I change my mind again or wear one to the ceremony and the other to dinner. So I don't think I am any help but I think the tea length one sounds good for the dinner. Also have you tried on dresses in a similar shape and style to the dresses you like at DHgate, this might help you make up your mind
  7. Gracimurano It took about 3 weeks to get my dress which felt like a lifetime but they have Chinese New Year holiday now so they say it will take about 5 weeks. I would listen to advice they give you because I had an evening dress made by them and asked that they put a split in it, they said they thought it would not hang nice and they were right, now I am having it altered so it does not have the split
  8. I think the beads actually look better in real life than in the photos thy kind of disappear
  9. Ok try again with pics. There is a crinoline underneath which I purchased from Babyonline also.
  10. I think I am goin to have to get back to the photo thong when I have more time to play with it but this gives you some idear of the dress and beading. It has a huge bow on the back to.
  11. Hi Ginger Thanks for the advice, unfortunatley to late I did not post the pictures of the dress, my dress arrived today from Babyonline it is just that the other bride posted a picture of the dress I ordered. Lucky for me my dress arrived perfect and fits like a glove. I never saw the original dress onley the picture on line but I tryed on lots of dresses to see what shape I liked. So I dont know if the dress is exactley like the original but it does look just like the picture. If I can workout how to do pictures I will try to put some up.
  12. Hi I am new to this thread and wish I found it ages ago. I am expecting this dress from Babyonline tomorrow and dont think I asked enough questions before placing my order so very nervous about what I will get.
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