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  1. I am getting married the same day at the Colonial....what time are you doing?
  2. jennie5186

    Tons of Wedding Goodies!!

    Can you tell me the size of the fans? Also how much it would be to ship to 63303
  3. Phil said he wasn't going to be available July 16...
  4. When you have Phil do your pictures, do you pay for his whole trip and flight plus the photo session fees? I tried getting a price list of his but unable to get it. Does anybody have it?
  5. jennie5186

    Stencils and Raffia fans!!

    Just saw the price...sorry
  6. jennie5186

    Stencils and Raffia fans!!

    How much are you selling the fans and starfish for?
  7. jennie5186

    For All Majestic Colonial Brides

    What options are there for transportation to and from airport to get to the Majestic Colonial? And what is the approximate cost? Thanks so much