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  1. Brides -DO NOT use MediaMorfosis as your videographer!! It's been almost 2 years since my wedding (July 2011) and I still haven't received my video. It's been one excuse after another and now they they aren't even replying to me. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that we may never see the video from our wedding. Save yourself the heartache and pain. I wish that there had been postings/reviews like therthe ones here, because I never would've used them.
  2. All I can say is that it was a blessing in disguise that they canceled on you. It's been almost 2 years since I was married and we STILL do not have our video!!! To those brides considering MediaMorfosis as their videographer, I highly recommend finding another vendor if you'd ever like to see a video of your wedding!!
  3. Hi Brooke, I'm still waiting for my wedding video as well. It's been 10 months since our wedding and we're quickly approaching a year. Do you have yours yet? Another bride contacted me not too long ago stating she was still waiting for her video too. This is just so disappointing. KPSouthie
  4. Hi msawyer, I used Fernando Fuentes and loved him & his team! Fernando is an artist and knows how to work his magic. I decided to have him and the hair stylist (can't remember his name right now) come the day before to do my trial hair & makeup. This was perfect because after we selected my wedding day look, we changed it up and I had a different look for my welcome reception. For my wedding day he brought Julius another makeup artist and two hair stylists to help my wedding party of seven get ready. All of the girls wanted their hair done, but for makeup it was only myself, the mothers and one bridesmaid. However as soon as I and the one bridesmaid had our makeup done, the rest decided they wanted theirs done as well! We each had our own beautiful look and felt amazing. I can also attest to the longevitiy and wearabilty. It rained during the ceremony and then later it was hot and humid, but everyone's makeup was perfect, lasting through the night! One last thing that I wanted to mention is that Fernando's personality is great! He's so sweet, funny and laidback. An added bonus to making you look gorgeous, Fernando really knows how to put you at ease and helps you to relax when the craziness hits. There's a seperate thread all about him and his team on this site and his website is http://the-makeup-pros.com/ Quote: Originally Posted by msawyer Hi Girls, I am getting married at Ceiba in Sept. Who are most of you using for hair and make-up?
  5. Hi jlynne, I just had my wedding at the Ceiba last month and it was amazing! I haven’t had the chance to write a full review yet, but I saw that you had questions on vendors so I wanted to chime in. I know the thought of having to select your own vendors can sound a bit daunting and overwhelming, but it’s actually nice to be able to have options since everyone’s tastes and needs are different. This website is very useful in your research as well as referrals you can get from the vendors. I’m not sure what size your wedding will be, but ours was 90 people and I did all of the planning in conjunction with Paola from Ceiba and Raffaele from EW Cancun –Events & Weddings. I can’t say enough good things about working with Raffaele who is almost like having a wedding coordinator. He was instrumental in helping me bring my vision to life and pulling together all of the elements for our wedding events. I used him for the décor at our welcome reception and wedding, arranging a bon voyage catamaran cruise and to handle our guests’ excursions. What was really nice is that Raffaele has relationships with other vendors in the industry so it made it easy when selecting our florist Vanessa Jaimes and DJ David. Speaking of our other vendors, Vanessa and David were also fantastic! Vanessa’s flowers were fresh and gorgeous and DJ David had everyone on the dance floor until 1:00am. He really paid attention to the crowd and didn’t just play songs but would mix the music together. For my ceremony music -Arpason, photographer –Rafa Ibanez and videographer –Mediamorfoisis, I found them by researching online. Again, I can’t say enough good things about my vendors! They were all so easy to work with and very professional. There’s no doubt in my mind if I had to do it all over, I would chose each and every one of them again! If you any questions feel free to send me a message. Good luck!!
  6. Alexis -you looked gorgeous & what a fantastic wedding you had! I have to say, some of those pictures are a riot!!! OMG the one with your buddy hanging from the tree....hahaha! One thing is for sure, looks like everyone truly enjoyed themselves. Is there anything that stands out in your mind as a must do for the wedding or in general?
  7. Ladies -You are all an inspiration!!! What beautiful brides and weddings!!! I haven't been on here much lately since I've been traveling a ton for work, but it's been great when I can pop on for a minute or so to see everyone's details. Thank you for sharing -it's very helpful. We are 30 days and counting before we leave for th Ceiba. Woohoo!!!
  8. Brenners -Not sure if this is an option, but why not just offer both rates -all inclusive and room only? That way you don't have to worry since guests can decide what works best for them. Just a thought!
  9. Hmmm, yes that's tough. Is that per person or per couple? Also I think you have the option to do just the rooms without the all inclusive. Wish I had more suggestions, maybe try talking to Diana one last time?
  10. Sorry to have missed meeting you lshaef! We left at noon on the 11th. Wishing you the best & I can't wait to hear all about it. Brenners -I was actually there for a site visit (not my wedding) which happened to be the same weekend as Theresa's wedding. How cool is that?? So I don't want to share too much since this was Theresa's big week, but let me say she was a gorgeous bride!!! Not to mention, calm! It looked like her guests had a great time & the actual wedding simply beautiful! As for my personal experience while at the Ceiba, all I can say is amazing. If there were any questions or concerns, they are gone. Diana & Paola were on top of everything throughout our stay. They are a fantastic team that I'm confident will do their very best to help ensure the wedding is fantastic. The food & drinks -simply delicious! I def. ate way too much -it's hard not to because it's so good. haha! And the service is top notch! The staff is so friendly and always willing to help. Not only do they work hard, but they genuinely take the time to know each of the guests. Two things that I would recommend (nothing new that people don't already know) bring bug spray with Deet and a light sweater or pashmina if you get chilly at night. The bugs are really only bad that first hour after dusk but you'll want to be prepared. As for the light sweater or pashmina there was a good ocean breeze. I often used one and can see others wanting one as well. Oh! One thing to note, be careful to hold onto the small immogration card that you receive when you enter the country. I miss placed mine & had to go over to the immogration office which was a PITA!!! I learned a valuable lesson which I'll be passing onto my guests. haha!
  11. Woohoo Theresa!! You must be so excited!! Have a safe flight down & I can't wait to meet you!! We arrive on Thursday so I'll introduce myself when I see you.
  12. Great review Lala!! I love the honest feedback you provided on each of the vendors as well as an overview of the events you had throughout the week. Brenners -have you made a decision yet?
  13. Hi Joda, one other thing to note about the venodr info. Diana sent over is that the pricing is listed in Pesos.
  14. Woohoo Theresa I'm so excited for you! It'll be here before you know it. Brenners -One thing that you mentioned that I wanted to expand on is the personal service from Diana and the staff. Diana has been on top of things throughout the planning process. Not only is she attentive and helpful, she's also patient with the numerous questions and requests we've had. What are the other resorts you're looking at?
  15. Great ideas everyone!!! I've also heard of people including local chocolates, coffee and snacks. Since room service isn't included, we want to make sure people have plenty of snacks on hand. We'll probably just take a quick run to the store when we get down there.
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