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  1. So many Jamaican brides! Still in the planning stages... but leaning toward a Jamaican wedding... here's what we know: User Name: AGibs Name: Amy & Mario Location: That's really what we're working on - does anybody have any experience with Sunset Beach in Montego Bay? Wedding: March 2012
  2. Are you able to get rates for 2012 already? I've been told that rates generally aren't released until a year in advance. It's so hard to make decisions without that information!
  3. We're planning a 2012 wedding in either the DR or Jamaica. My fiance is a teacher, so it will have to be either in March or over New Years. We've talked with a travel agent and have a few resorts in mind, but no decisions yet. Any suggestions on resorts? We want to be at an all-inclusive but are trying to keep the costs for our guests as reasonable as possible, since we are traveling at busy times. Has anybody looked into how much a wedding over NYE is? Are there extra costs since it's a busy time? So excited to plan - and very happy I found this forum!