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  1. http://www.renovaspa.com/ This is the site for the spa chain...you can book through this site Just select the resort....
  2. It is sooo true it does almost feel like he is just on vacation Thanks for your comments.
  3. Thanks I will have to hit you tube up when I am at home...unfortunately there is no sound on my computer here at work
  4. That is great Carly thank you...I love the lyrics and the idea of it incoprorating memories! I will have to get my freind to download it for me to listen to it
  5. Thanks so much ladies, I really appreciate the help and advice. He loved Elvis....that was his favorite singer of all time...maybe i should listen through some of those songs and see if there is anything that is suiting to consider as well
  6. Hi Everyone, I hate to bring sad news to such a happy eventful forum, however I need help....I am not very good at remembering songs by name or singer so song choices can be very difficult for me. I am trying to pick a song for my wedding next year, for my father/daughter dance. However my father unexpectedly had passed away a little shy of a month ago. I am wanting to pick out the song while his memory is at its strongest, but I need help with suitful songs for this situation. I will most likely be dancing with my little brother (who is not so little, he's 22). Here are a couple that I found by doing searches.... Dance with my Father - Luther Vandross There You;ll Be - Faith Hill Daddy's Hands - Dunn Holly (I am not sure how this one sounds, I am not sure if I have actully listened to it yet) I am hoping maybe all the lovely brides out there may be able to provide me with other options Thanks so much for all your recommendations. Wendy
  7. Hi Everyone, I have now confirmed my travel and submitted my deposit info to Rocio. I am so very excitted to have all this finally in motion!! I have been a viewer of this site on many threads for months trying to find the right resort/phtographer and I am very happy with my final decision. I had submitted my deposit information on the 5th, how long does it usually take for them to complete the deposit? I just want to get that all confirmed so I know everything is set in stone I am thinking about doing the dinner at Portofino, has anyone experienced the wedding dinner there? I have a chicken only eater amongst our group so this gives me more options (with the one chicken dish and many pastas) than other restaurants. We are getting married on th beach Does anyone have any images to share of the beach set up for their wedding? I am looking for ideas to see how I am want to decorate it. Am I right stating that they will put up any decor that I bring from home? Also, I am getting 3 hours of photography service, I wasn't going to get any prewedding shots (of us girls and the guys togather), do you think that the photography session afterwards would be too long if I don't get 20 minutes or so of the before shots? I am more concerned of having the ceremony and group/wedding party/solos shots afterward. What do you ladies think? Suggestions/Recommendations? Thanks Everyone! Wendy
  8. Manda - Thanks She has been getting back to my emails quick, I usually hear back from hr the next day. I looked into your photographer as well and liked his style, but I love the creativity of Juan's photos, I think we both made good choices He also said he would hold me date until I received confimration from Rocio. I also spoke to him about my at home reception, as I was worried it may be cutting it close as to when I would receive the pictures back from him. So he said he would most likely be able to get them to me on time, but if not he would create an online slideshow of 200 images for me to display at the at home reception to put me at ease. I was really impressed by that, and it made my decision for me I am hoping everything will be finalize this week. I actually searched on this site about that travel company nd it seems to have mixed reviews. So thanks for the advice
  9. I received a response from Rocio, and she informed me that there will be no charge for that photographer (not even a day pass) if he is only going ot be there for 3 hours. I also have confirmed that we can be married (symbolic) on the 22nd when we arrive on the 19th. So another plus. We are getting legally married before we get there to make things easier, and be able to gt married sooner after arrival. Things are starting to come together. She will be sending me the paperwork to confirm the date. I am thinking about using Juan Navarro for our photography. He has been great to deal with so far through emails. Has anyone else used them on this site, I had seen the vender reviews, and i really love his work. I can't wait to get everything organized to really start to get into the planning. Has anyone used the canadian destination wedding company called weddings by oceans? I am thinking about using them for our travel arrangements.
  10. How long did it take for you to hear back from Rocio, I am trying to get a date in place as I am making our travel arrangements for May 19 - 26 and want to ensure that the availability is there. I am also trying to coordinate with the photographer who is only availalbe the 21/22 and I would like to get it all confirmed and booked so I can book everything else. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get the location and date i want for the 21/22 May.
  11. How long did it take for you to get your pictures back from him editted? We have an at home reception booked and i am hoping to receive the pictures before then so I can display them.
  12. Is there a charge for having your photographer come in to the resort? I am actually looking at the same photographer, and just emailed the resort today to find out if there is a cost in bring them in. I am only planning on having 3 hours of service done, as we are having an at home reception. so I just want pictures of the ceremony and then the photoshoot afterward. Thanks in advance for any insight on this!
  13. I would also be interested in price packages for the phtography. wcook0629@hotmail.com Thanks so much!
  14. Hello, I was wondeirng what the shipping cost would be for the key car holders and laynards to Ontario CAnada L8V 4J1. If they are sold can you tell me where you may have found them (if online)
  15. Laidea I was wondering if anyone knew how much fabris is needed for the hammock location to go up and across the beams and back down?
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