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  1. Hello LADIES!!!! I went on my old email today and saw so many emails of discussions here! I don't come on often anymore as our wedding was december 2011. I have pictures, and tons of info! i dont come on here oftenso if you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me! jkrasnikoff@live.ca My one piece of advice to all your brides is DONT SKIMP ON A PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!! thats my advice whether you get married in your home country or mexico, if you are expecting the resort photographer to do it.... use your brain.... you pay 2000 (ish?) dollars for the whole package including a photographer? thats just dumb.... you'd pay minimum that just for the photographer at home. so what do you expect of the pictures! you're going to get the same people who walk around during the week taking pictures of your friends and family with random animals or silly hats... these are not trained photogs. they are employees who got promoted to the resort photoshop and given a camera! It's not just this resort, it's ALL the resorts. my brother got married at barcelo and paid a local wedding photographer from cancun to come to the resort and do his pictures. we got married at this resort and did the same thing (different photographer) yes you have to pay $200 to allow them on the resort for the day, but it's well worth it. also we insisted on also getting the photoshop at the reception since it was part of my package, even though i had my hired photog... hey it's just more pics right? my husband and i left the photoshop laughing and couldnt even chose our free 25 prints we had to get duplicates of some because they were so bad! The best thing i ever did for my wedding was hire an outside photog, and viewing the resorts photos of our wedding proved how right i was!!
  2. Hey there! We were married at OCT in December! If you want to email me at: jkrasnikoff@hotmail.com I'll answer any questions and send you some pics! Happy planning!
  3. Hey Shanna, I just had a look and couldn't find you! I'm not on here too often, why don't you send me an email at jkrasnikoff@live.ca when you lower them, and i'll go search you again...
  4. Hey Shan We had NO problem with seaweed! They raked it before the wedding, and to be honest, even during the week, i didnt notice much of it at all! If you tell me your facebok name, i can add you and you can look at my pictures! for me it helped so much looking at previous brides photos... i got a real feel for it!
  5. Hey Summer Dawn, We are from Canada also. We booked ours through Airtransat, and they were PHENOMINAL! a month before our wedding we got a call from the rep saying transat wanted to give us a wedding gift, they upgraded me and my husband to first class both to and from mexico... AND since all our guests booked through them too (we didn't give them an option really) airtransat 'gave' us our wedding package... thats right... theypayed for our whole package, including the excess guests. We ended up adding on tons of extras when we got to the resort with ana, since that 2000 we expected to pay transat for our wedding package was taken care of! I can not give any higher praise from how we were treated by air transat! I can give any of you our reps name and number, she was so amazing, and went SOO above and beyond, like answering phone calls at 8 pm on friday nights. If you are going from canada, airtransat is the way to go!
  6. Oh! And the outside photographer fee was 400 USD we talked her down to 200 USD after another bride told me that's what she got them to agree to. Also, word of experience... our package included pictures from the resort, and even though i hired an outside photographer and payed the fee, i figured since my package included the resorts photographer, I should still be allowed to have them there too (it's more pictures right??) anyways, on our last day there we went and viewed the photo's at the hotel gift shop and they were HORRIBLE!!!! we were allowed to chose 25 to be printed off to take home with us... we could only find 23 (out of the 150 that were taken) that were okay. We ended up getting doubles of a few of them as we coujldn't find 25 we even liked! DONT REGRET IT! pay the 200 USD fee to get your photographer on site. We hired Sascha Gluck, and we LOVED him!!!
  7. I realized after i sent that that my privacy settings dont allow me to be searched, if you want i can add you, or i can send you an email with some pics, but all of them are on FB!
  8. hey Jennifer! We just got back from our wedding a the OCT and loved it. It was really hard to imagine everything, so when I found this site i was so thrilled. Weève just received our wedding photos and they are on facebook. I have no problems with you adding me and having a look through them! I have a few other OCT brides on myfacebook I can link you too also! Jacquelyn Krasnikoff
  9. I walked down to somewhere over the rainbow by israel kaw... something.... google it! and say hey by michael frantini is what they played when we wakled out
  10. Our wedding was a week ago. Sascha was so great and super professional. He arrived with his assistant, Lars. And they got right to the pictures.... they took tons of pictures of all things wedding in our room. The groom/groomsmen were in a separate room and Lars went up there about 45 minutes prior to ceremony. Sascha left the room while I undressed and slipped into the gown, and the came in as soon as I was covered up, to take some pictures of the girls doing up my dress.... He was SO professional. The first thing he said to us was to just act as though he wasnt there, and carry on getting ready. There were a couple instances where he asked me to re-apply some blush, or pretend to at least so he could capture us getting ready. He had such unique ideas for poses. It was great to work with a photographer who truly enjoyed what he was doing... when he got a great shot, he'd get really excited and show us it right then and there! He showed us about 5 shots throughout the day, and on his tiny LCD screen they looked fabulous... so I am confident once edited and printed I will have fantastic wedding photos!!!!! I'll keep you posted once I see the edited prints!
  11. Thanks so much!!! You should add me on facebook so you can see the pictures afterwards...we hired sascha gluck, i dont know how fast you get them from him, but i know there will be LOTS of pics from family and friends!!!!
  12. Hey Ladies! I am 8 days away from departure! I can't believe it's next weekend already! I booked my package through airtransat, and they have been nothing short of amazing! They upgraded me and my Fiance to first class there and back so we can have the extra luggage as well as a little pampering from the moment we arrive at the airport! Ana's been really great too. I've had a few mix ups with her, but mostly due to the language barrier! She's been super ccatering and doing as much as she can to help us. Remember... all prices are negotiable! Everyone I've spoken to who's been married down in cancun area strongly recommends hiring a photographer from outside... My package included 24 photo's... and even thpugh i hired outside, i said it wasn't fair that i was technically paying for these photos and not getting them... so ana arranged that the resort photographer would come and cover our reception. which is perfect as we hadn't planned to have a photographer there anyways! Also, I'm not getting my makeup done by them, so I am able to get a facial instead! Don't be afraid to ask, and don't be afraid to negotiate on prices. Let her know you are on a budget and she'll work as hard as she can to make everything you want come in that budget!!
  13. I'm originally from manitoba... but I now live in Slave Lake, AB... My hubby-to-be is an air ambulance pilot up here so this is where we have to be! Nice and cold....
  14. Hey Lise! We leave December 19.... wedding date december 21! We have 46 people coming out for trip! We cannot wait for sand and sun.... especially since it's been -33 up here this past week! And I cannot WAIT to say I do on the beach to the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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