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  1. vlynnw, thank you for your detailed review..... looked like you had an amazing day and what a beautiful bride......i can't wait only 7 more weeks till we leave for mexico..... did you have the mexican trio and if yes when did you have him.... i'm worried i'll be to late for cocktail hour and won't have a chance to hear them.....
  2. vlynnw, congrats.... nice to hear that an other Dreams Tulum bride had a great wedding.....and can't wait for your review and the pictures.... did you let the spa do your Hair and makeup? did you like the way they did it? did you use the Resort Photograph?
  3. Thanks geminiwanderlust, do you know where they will do it? do you have to go to playa del carmen to the hospital? And when is your wedding? mine is in July and i can't wait.......
  4. is any of you ladies having a legal ceremony? If yes, is any of you guys worried about them taking your blood down in mexico..... my family is kinda getting me scared about them not having clean needles ect......
  5. we are having the ceremony at the beach and the reception by the dolphin pool, and you?
  6. HI Ashleyciv, i got 24 lantern...hope that will be enaugh.... mine are 16'......When are you getting married?
  7. Shanmh, congratulation to your upcoming wedding..... any of your guest complaining that your having the wedding in july in mexico...they all think it will be way to hot and that i'm crazy for having it in July...smile
  8. Hi everyone, just love this forum..... great ideas.... i'm getting married on July 21. 2011 at dreams Tulum... any other brides getting married in July? I'm a little worried about the resort Photograph....hear mostly bad reviews.....any of the brides that liked their resort photograph? Nicole
  9. wow sounds like the perfect day..... congrats.... do you remember the name of your photographer that was from the Resort.....? how did you get a hold of the pastor? thank you
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