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  1. Monica bridal does silk satin I believe but it is quite expensive. The dresses are around $450+.
  2. Bummer! Perhaps you could ask them to take a pic of the lace options they have. If their lace isn't good enough, you could try ebay. At least then you sort of know what you are getting! It's a gorgeous dress btw.
  3. magirl, is it possible for you to buy the lace in the US and send it to them? You could negotiate a cheaper price seeing as you are providing one of the main components. That way you know what you are getting (the lace really 'makes' the dress if you know what I mean). I am not sure they would be able to provide you with very similar to that on the dress. The vendors should be able to tell you how much lace you would need to purchase =)
  4. Shootystar, they probably said no because they think you will be too hard to please and they want you to be happy. I would suggest you contact some of the other chinese vendors. Send them the pictures you sent monica bridal (with all the instructions on them) and ask them if they feel confident that they can make the dress how you want it. If possible, ask if they have made anything similar and ask to see pictures of the finished dresses. Also ask if they can send you a pic of the beads/appliques too. If you have time (I'm not sure that you will) you could source the beads and appliques yourself and send them to the vendor. That way you are guaranteed to get what you want. http://stores.ebay.com/ENJOY-DRESS-STORE This seller has good feedback and I have seen some of their work and it is fantastic (over on the weddingbee boards). Goodluck!!
  5. Shootystar, depending on how much spare dress money you have, you could always get monica bridal and babyonline (or another vendor) to make the dress for you? You would end up with two dresses, but at least that way you would have a better shot at one of the vendors getting the dress exactly as you want it. With regard to the tulle, I think you would need at least 6 layers to get the look you are after. Definitely send them the pics that you have 'drawn' all over as then they know exactly what to do. I know that I was worried about the quality of the rhinestones on the dress I had Monica Bridal make for me, so I purchased the stones over here and sent them to her. She used a couple of their rhinestones and the quality difference is very noticeable (mine were swarovski, hers were plastic). You could do the same with the appliques.
  6. I picked my dress up from my parents house last night. It looks pretty good, my only complaints would be a couple of stains (one I think is pen ink on the inside of the bodice, the other looks like dirt and should come out easily I think) and some pin holes in the bodice which should come out with abit of manipulation/steaming. The ruching lies nice and flat and the beading is superb (I sent over my own swarovski and glass beads). Our camera is broken so will grab my parents' camera and get some pics today. I ordered the dress in a standard size smaller than I am so it doesn't fit me at the moment but should do in a couple of weeks lol. Badgergirl, your dress looks gorgeous
  7. Oh dear That dress does not look good at all! Sorry it didn't turn out as expected. I really think you should make a complaint and send it back (if you can). Did you purchase the dress from Ebay?
  8. Beautiful! If you are getting alterations, a competent seamstress should be able to make the changes that you want at the same time It looks fab on you!
  9. My thoughts are if you have the right dress for your body shape, and a dress that you also LOVE to pieces, then your future husband is going to love it too because you will be grinning so hard as you walk down the aisle your face will just 'light up' and he will think you look absolutely gorgeous Speaking of big pouffy wedding dresses, did anyone see the documentary on the gypsy brides? Now those dresses are fricking crazy! lol I also like the front and back of the bottom of this dress: http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?pageSize=100&page=2&style=J1127 Might be an option if you are still wanting to go with the gathered look
  10. Hmm, I see what you mean cookie - nice dress though! This one of maggies is more detailed, but at least the gathering is symmetrical: http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?pageSize=100&page=2&style=J1082 Maybe you could show them a pic of that?
  11. Thanks for that. I saw them on DHgate - they have pretty good feedback. I was abit skeptical though as some of their feedback looks like it has been 'made up' - the buyers names were all similar lol. Will definitely consider them now though after looking at your dress! Their prices look very reasonable too. I finally placed my order with Monica Bridal for 'Demi' by Maggie Sottero. I am going to send them the beads I want on the dress. Fingers crossed it turns out ok lol.
  12. Wow adcater, that dress is gorgeous! Simple yet stunning. They did a really good job - sorry if you have posted this before but who made it for you?
  13. Thanks guys! Prettypig, I have looked at the silk taffeta option and I actually think it is more lightweight than the polyester taffeta. I went to the fabric shop today and had a look at the taffetas and all of them were really lightweight (which I really didn't like! lol). Thanks for your comments Ginger, hopefully it is taffeta!
  14. Does anyone know what the quality of the taffeta and satin is like with the Monica's Bridal dresses? I really want a heavy, smooth taffeta and a heavy delustered satin but am not sure what sort of fabrics she uses? Have asked for pics so will see what she says.
  15. Love both dresses Christina - its a pity about the poor workmanship on the gianinar =( do you know whether they can smooth out the pin holes etc? Ginger, that dress is so funky! perfect for a reception dress
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