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  1. Hi there. Just wanted to put my input into this as well. Myself and a group of 15 of us were booked for the sunset side and my wedding was going to be on the 4th of December. since we heard the news we became very worried, and decided to move to another resort, our travel agent was very nice she got us a break down of price differences for other Sunwing vacation properties and gave us a day to figure it out together. In the end we decided to move to Riu Carbie in Cancun. I have already called the resort and they do have a wedding date on hold for me and sent me all my paper work and information. If anything the resort is more organized and on the ball then sunset was. I talked to the WC at the Sunset and she was very concerned i was canceling my wedding and wanted a reason (as if its not a question right) and a signature to cancel the wedding and get the deposit back. It was a big nightmare but so far everything is falling back into place. I'm the kind of person to fly by the seat of pants anyways so as long as i see $200 back into my account from sunset and a confirmation Riu that my wedding is booked I'm OK!!! I must say i rather stay with sunset as it seems like a nicer resort but i have a 2 year old at home that i must think about. I hope it works out for everyone else and good luck.
  2. Yes i know how you feel, I'm quite nervous as well. you will always be wondering if it can happen again being that the swap is still there. but I'm sure everything will be OK they won't have reopened it for guest if it wasn't I'm sure they had safe inpectors in to look at things. We leave on December 1st and our wedding is on the 4th still noting from the new WC i was going to e-mail her again after this and find out was is happening.
  3. I have heard the news all over the Internet today about the gas explosion, and it is so sad. Among the dead is a groom on a trip with his family from Edmonton. To think we are all in the brides shoes not to long ago happy and excited for the big day of the wedding. It makes me so sad. I feel so bad for the family and everyone involved. My wedding is suppose to be on December 4th, not sure what is happening now, but i send my prayers and thoughts are with the families.
  4. I don't think you will have a problem, they are a little leanant by a day. They only ask you be there 4 days before so you can do the paper work and blood work. We arrive on the Wed on Dec 1st and getting married on the saturday the 4th as long as the judge says it ok you should no problems good luck!!
  5. I called up GSP today as i have not heard from this in over mouth since i sent in my deposit and was getting worried they didn't book my date. When i talked to the women there she had no idea of my e-mail did a quick look (?) and told me to resend my credit card info so it would be at the top of the inbox () so i wonder now did they get my e-mail and lose it or what happened that was a day ago and when i spoke with her i was told they would send me an e-mail right away confirming they got it and send me the contract. Still nothing. I know there busy and have a new WC but really my wedding is in 26 days!
  6. Thank you very much this does help. But what do you mean by favors at the reception? I know silly question!!
  7. Thank you so much, I'll have a look at those shops, I did find a pair at Payless for $7!!! But they look a little well cheap!! Does anyone know about gift bags? I'm so lost on this one! Do you have to give gift bags to the wedding party or people coming? I
  8. Just got my wedding dress today!!! It's looks amazing!!! I'm a little worried about the train on the back and if it's to much though for a beach wedding. Was wondering what anyone else thinks or experience is with having a beach wedding. Is a train a hassle or does it matter and how formal is to formal? As well I'm hoping to get some nice white sandals with some beading on them were would be the best place? and last question did anyone do a reception at the restaurant? if so how was it was there any dancing? or is best to fork out some extra bucks to do a Private beach reception?
  9. Hi there. I'm getting married at the Grand Sunset Resort on December 4th this year (hopefully if the Mexican judge allows us!!) We have visited the resort last year with friends and fell in love right away; we are going back there this year with the same friends and going to surprise everyone by getting married!! My Fiancé and I have been together 7 years now, and every time we tried to get things in motion something would always come up. Since that time we had a child who has had very bad health problems and long stays in the Hospital, as well other problems that always seem more important. But now that our Daughter is one the road to a good healthy future and we have ironed out all other problems, we have decided to just go for it and get married. The friends that are going with us will know about it but all our family back home in Canada will not, till we get home that is!! We are going for a week which doest seem long enough but hopefully the 4 day rule to have a legal ceremony can be done in that time and still have time to relax. I was wondering a few things though if any one has some advice. What did everyone use for a photographer and/or videographer? We planned on going with the resorts photo guy for the basic package and just have a friend do the video but seeing this the only way our family back home will see this I want it to be really special. As well does anyone know what happens after the ceremony do you do some photos and then head to dinner in the restaurant? Did anyone bring there own decorations down? I got some great advice on here already about wedding dresses which I hope to go get very soon as the trip is coming up very soon and I have nothing planned but setting the wheels in motion with the wedding coordinator at the resort! Yikes! Would anyone know of a good place for my fiancé to get something simple to wear? We were thinking nothing fancy like a suit and tie just some nice beige slacks and a button shirt. And last question we were planning on buying our wedding rings down there does anyone have an idea of the best jewelry store? Thank you so much for helping me I seem to be ranting but I’m so nervous it's been 7 years in the making and it's finally happing!! Thank you all for your help.
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