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  1. Hi Girls! Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/leahrhood - This girl does custom made orders for weddings, special events, & gifts. Her store has many items - alot geared towards an antique/vintage style. But everything is beautiful, especially the jewelry! I have bought some earrings & necklaces that came so nicely packaged & were exactly as pictured! Highly recommended!!!
  2. I am so sorry everyone! I haven't been on here for awhile and your post emails must have been going into my spam. If anyone is still interested in any items, let me know. Here is my email address: cjacky123@yahoo.com.
  3. Yes, during the reception drinks never stop coming! Same if you have the cocktail hour. You dont have to worry about getting drinks anywhere. Included in the package is the waitstaff. When I came in at the end of the cocktail hour, the waiter had a shot of tequila waiting on me! And your drinks never go empty! As soon as they get low, a new one appears!
  4. When we first got to Cancun, it was extremely windy and I was nervous about having the reception on the beach. We found out that they had bad storms prior to when we arrived. Then it was supposed to rain midweek, it didnt, but the winds again were extreme, the waves were breaking over the rock barriers and the water was dangerous. I guess there were storms way out in the ocean somewhere. I remember thinking I shouldnt have brought so many sundresses to wear! I probaly flashed dozens of people cause of the winds! But after that, no more wind! Just nice casual ocean breeze! The WC said that the high winds were not normal and that in worst case scenerios, they have had incidents where they have moved receptions of 250 ppl in the matter of 20 minutes. They are very prepared for those things. One really nice thing about the hotel location is that when its scorchering hot out, when you are on the resort, you have that ocean breeze, especially with the ocean on all 3 sides, you don't really notice how hot it really is. When you leave the resort, even walking down just 1 block, you really feel the heat. I was really happy we picked Himatsu beach. Its away from the resort, so you don't have people on their balconies watching all night. When we wanted to swim or lay out at the beach we always went to the other one on the tower side, it is much bigger. Himatsu is alot smaller of a beach, but for the reception, they clear everything out of it, and it is just so much more private and you get to watch the sun set on that side.
  5. I would suggest finding out the dimensions of the posts - looks like 10ftx15ftx10ft - and just buy your material from JoAnn fabrics? You can have them cut it so its like 1ft wide. And I would say crystal organza....
  6. All my linens I bought from www.weddinglinensdirect.com. If you are interested in any of my reception table stuff, check out my classifieds! Himatsu Beach was perfect! It is smaller and more secluded, so you have more privacy. The asian restaurant "Himatsu" is very close, and if they are busy, you do tend to have people watching that are sitting at the bar waiting to be seated. But, it didn't bother me at all! And the sun sets on that side of the resort! They have all different size vases you can use in the wedding dept at dreams. I was afraid of bringing them down in a suitcase and breaking, so I emailed ahead of time to see what they had & if it was ok to use. We asked for the small ones, but she did say they have small, medium, large and extra large and plenty of them. We had so much fun! I want to plan another wedding!!! We decided we want to renew our vows in 5 years so we can have another "wedding"!
  7. Ginnybride - We had a smaller group so I went with the long table. As you can see in the pic, the place settings have alot of pieces! So with your centerpiece ideas, just keep in mind clutter. For the linens, I brought my own sashes, table runners, overlays, napkins, and napkin rings. Then I bought the giant starfish at Kohls (wrapped them in bubble wrap), much prettier in person, they have glitter on them but you can't tell in the photo, (it was dark by the time the reception started) brought a large bag of sea shells, bag of crushed shells, small starfish, and led tea lights. The WC put out the round vases, filled with sand, seashells and the LED lights, and also the little white lanterns. Originaly, when I was planning, I was stressing over centerpieces, buying them through the resort was pricey, and when I realized how much I was going to have to pack and hope made it there safely, I decided to go more simple. But I was really happy with how it turned out!
  8. Hi Girls I took all my Oot Bag items in a seperate suitcase. I seperated everything in gallon bags, then once we checked in I quickly got everything together. The way I looked at it, it was cheaper to pay for an extra checked suitcase, than it was to ship to the resort. I actually had one extra check bag, and one extra carry on. The day before we left, I had talked to all of our guests, and there was quite a few not taking a carry on so I was able to give that to someone to stroll on to the plane. Most airlines allow you to take onto the plane one carry on and one personal item (purse, laptop bag, back pack) Remember that your wedding gown will count as either your personal item or carry on. I gave mine to my mom to take on because she was only taking her purse. Through Airtran & USA 3000, it was $25 for an extra check bag. I had heard horror stories prior to us leaving of girls shipping boxes to the resort and 1. it getting held up in customs (if they get backed up, they get backed up & if anything is questionable, like if they think you may be sending the stuff to sell there, they keep it forever!) 2. How much some girls ended up paying - one girl mentioned she had to pay almost $300 between the cost of shipping it, customs taxes, then tipping the WC for picking it up and holding it. So, I really felt $25 was worth it. We got lucky on the way there, our airport lost power, so our flight got delayed and they waived all baggage fees. I do suggest to keep your receipts on you of your items, just in case. The only thing I had a problem with was the sand ceremony jar. That was on the way back cause since it was full, I wanted it in my carry on. Not till we got back into the US did customs question it cause I guess through the xrays, the sand looked like drugs. All the TSA agents were laughing when they opened it up and found pink, green, and orange sand and all the other wedding stuff around it. Other than that, no issues. You girls that are bringing your own photographer, I would definatly ask for more than gazebo decorations. I know the decorations are roughly $300 - they are saving alot more than that for you not using their photographer. Maybe a TTD session? I needed 3 bridesmaids bouquets, and they were about $150 each, so I swapped out my centerpiece and the red carpet. I didn't want a red carpet and they charge you $80 to use a white one, so I decided NO carpet. Those of you that got the ultimate - I do not suggest getting the make up done! No way, no way...Swap it for another spa session - nails, pedicure...Not unless you have a trial session done. That's just my opinion..They made me up like I was getting ready for a vegas show! I know I said neutral colors....I know I did, what that may have meant in spanish, I have no idea! Another thing, if you are bringing your own sashes, table scatter, stuff like that for the reception, make sure when they give it back to you, that you check it. I somehow was shorted 10 sashes, all my star fish, about 5 napkins, and a few other things...Not that it really matters after the wedding, but I felt...hmmm...well, I paid for that stuff! Besides all this stuff, this is all just little stuff - my wedding was the wedding of my dreams! From the start of the ceremony, to the end of the reception, it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it to be. I think thats it for now - I still have to get my review up!!!
  9. The issues with the photographers came up a little while back. I think it was stated that if you signed your contract before March 17th, you still get Juan, after that date you get Vallarta Tours. But I think if you book an addl hour ($250+tax) on top of the ultimate you can still request Juan Navarro. You may want to look up the Vallarta Tours on their website, I know its on this thread probaly somewhere back in March. We had found out about these changes a month before our wedding and at first I was told Juan would no longer be my photographer, looking at his work, then looking at the new vendors work, I felt like I was going to get less quality for the same price.Don't quote me on this, but I think that Vallarta Tours used to be coorperate photographers before getting signed on with Dreams. I haven't seen anyone's real photos, just what was on their site. I highly suggest Juan & his team if you are able to get him. He was absolutley amazing, made us feel very comfortable, and our pictures are unbelievable! We were finally getting pictures into frames the other night, and my new husband says that our photos look like the ones that come with the frames!
  10. Hi Everyone - I have an Apple Vacations "free drink" coupon my travel agent gave me that I forgot to use on the plane cause I slept both flights! The coupon is good for one alcoholic drink on any Apple flight. The airlines typically charge $5-8 on drinks. If anyone is interested, send me a PM. First come first serve! Also, I'm going to attempt to get my review up tonight! Going to take Mich1101's advice & hopefully that will work!
  11. I thought so too! I really want to get my review up, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? If any ideas, please let me know! Thanks
  12. I am confused...I want to post a review of my wedding at Dreams Cancun but I went on the wedding review section and it says it is not accepting any new reviews? Any ideas of where to post it?
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