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  1. Ok, so i am want to upload the photos but saying i don't have the rights to? could someone pleeeese help me and tell me how to upload the photos...thanks
  2. Hi All, My dress arrived from Babyonline yesterday and the workmanship and detail is amazing. It is so good that i feel really bad that i got it so cheap. It is a little bit big, but nothing a dress maker can not fix. I was really surprised how good it was. I was really worried a few days after i ordered it, and it took longer than they said. I thought it might be a disaster, and may not turn up at all, so i got a J Crew dress on ebay incase it was awful and did not arrive. Now i am not sure which one i will use. Anyway thought i wold put your mind at ease if you have ordered or thinking of ordering from Babyonline. Gracimurano, cannot wait to hear about your dress. It looks stunning from the pics.
  3. Hi Ladies, I got some photos from Babyonline last night of my dress. It is pretty much what i asked for, so really looking forward to seeing it in real life! The only thing was i thought the bow was going to be ribbon and could could tie myself, and thought the bottom half would be more flowy, like chiffon, and this looks more A-line with tulle over the top. It also looks white, and i wanted Ivory, but hoping it is the light where they took the photo. So overall i think i am happy with the dress.....I will try and upload a photo they sent me.
  4. Thanks Gracimurano. The dress i ordered is very plain and does not have detail on it other than some ribbon. I will wait and contact them middle of next week and see where they are up to. Yes you are correct the waiting in terrible!! It took me months, and months of looking before i ordered and now that i have ordered, i just want the dress now! Aw well a few more weeks won't hurt.
  5. Gracimurano, Your dress in amazing, there is so much detail. I placed an order with Babyonline and seeing thinks makes me think i have made the right choice. When did you order your dress with them? I put my order in on the 15th Feb, and they have told me last week that it would be sent then, and it wasn't. I just checked with them now and they said it would be sent next week. So next week will be a month form when i ordered, so hope it is not to far off. Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone, your thoughts are a great help. Prettypigpig you are right about the long dress, and that was the style i have always thought i would go for. I should just stop looking and order one!
  7. Thanks for the reply Aussie-2. First of all your dress is amazing, maybe i should go with Babyonline! I live in a very remote area, and can not go and try on any dresses, so sort of going by styles that i like and styles of dresses that i already have. I think because there are sooooo many to choose from it is making it so much harder, and as you said it is so cheap, so that is why i am thinking of getting the two. If i went into a dress shop, i would only have a few to choose from, and that would be it. Gracimurano, thanks for the reply. Yeah i know i should not worry about getting it wet, or ruined by the sand, as it is just for the day! I hope i can put links on here... these are the ones i am trying to choose between, so any thoughts would be great! We are having a very casual wedding with about 15 guests, so did not want something to fancy. 1. http://www.dhgate.com/product/productdisplay.do?pid=ff8080812dc1087a012dcb9723894f66 2. http://www.dhgate.com/empire-strapless-floor-length-brush-trian/p-ff80808125c758af0125d37794095d9a.html 3. http://www.dhgate.com/empire-strapless-floor-length-sleeveless/p-ff80808125c758af0125d37432e159fa.html 4. http://www.dhgate.com/line-strapless-chaple-train-tulle-with-embroidery/p-ff80808123e0a7fd0123e9ca6f5e4af4.html Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi Ladies, You have been a great help in the past, and was again wanting some more advise! I am finding it hard to choose a dress that i "love", and so far have come up with two, that are pretty good. One is floor length and one is tea length. Every time i think that is the one, i change my mind, and think i will get the other one. I am mainly thinking tea length as it will not get ruined with salt water and sand. Anyway..... i have found two dresses that i like on DHGate with MrChina, and was wondering if anyone had used them before? I was thinking i could order both and have one for the wedding and use the other for our dinner. Would love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks
  9. Thanks Ginger, I will try and drag the photos off the other websites and resize these (as the photos are huge!) and send that way.
  10. Hi Ladies, I have a question that i am hoping you will be able to answer for me. I have found two dresses on different websites, and want to contact Monica Bridal and babyonline and get a quote for both dresses. I am wondering how i go about sending the photo to them as i cannot seem to find them anywhere else. Do i just send them the link from another dressmaker that is on DHgate? Many thanks for your help.
  11. Me again.... i don't think the photo uploaded. I have attached the link below. I hope this works. http://www.micweddingdresses.com/product/3471/2010_Style_White_A_line_Scoop_Neckline_Beaded_Floor_Length_Satin_Chiffon_Wedding_Dress.html
  12. Hi All, I really like this dress, but the photo is very blurry and i want to see more detail and the back. Does anyone know who the designer is and where i would get a better look at the dress. Thank you very much in advance.
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