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  1. Thanks so much! I'll be there in a week for my wedding and i'm hoping i can change the ceremony time. All in all, were you happy with the festival terrace? How many guests did you have? Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the info! when you say it gets dark fast, what time do you mean?
  3. So your guests can choose what they want? i had to pick what everyone eats =S
  4. That's all i got for swapping, an extra hour of video for bringing my own photographer.
  5. Does anyone who how the lighting is on the terrace ?? I'm bringing little paper non light lanterns to hang around and i'm hoping the light is good out there =S
  6. Hi there, i picked all the same locations as you did. I don't have pictures or even get to talk to the WC at Now jade because i hired a planner...;S what a waist! lol I'm not having a DJ, i decided to swap him for an extra hour of dancing. I'm bringing my friend as my photographer so swapped the photog service for an extra hr of video. We get private transfer one way incl in our wedding package but decided on swapping that for a free hair and makeup trial. i"ve swapped a lot but i like the fact that i don't have to pay extra for anything. I'll be there on nov 27th for my dec 2nd wedding and i feel like they know nothing on what i want, but i'm just going to wing it and hope it all turns out hehe. Congrats on your upcoming wedding
  7. Just curious, does the WP but together wedding programs? So my guest will know where the cocktail party and reception is etc..? Or should i be doing that?
  8. 13 more weeks until we leave =S Dont have bridesmaid dresses or anything, today one of my bridesmaid decided to bail on me =( STRESSED OUT!
  9. I love your idea of using chinese take out boxes as place cards! I went to the craft store today and they had to sizes, they had small ones that were about 1 and half inches by 2" give or take and then medium size ones that were about 3" or so. Just curious on what size you went with?
  10. I love the knot! i had so much stuff added to my cart and when i went to buy it all...i found out it's for US residents only =( lol it was sad.
  11. Just curious on what you paid for your trip? Are you flying from canada?
  12. Never thought about it, but i am now lol Do you pay extra for that?
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