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  1. Hey gals! How is everyone!! It's been a while since I've been on here!! Congrats to all the new brides!! Planning can be super stressful but enjoyable at the same time. The wedding coordinators truly do a great job. Hiccups do happen, a few of us have experienced minor to horrible incidences at The Royal but for your wedding day - they truly do an amazing job. Make sure you get everything in writing and documented. Yes they have ridiculous rules but take it with a grain of salt. I loved my time there and would do it all over again. As far as meals go, they truly do an amazing job on lamb chops. Our main course was lamb chops and they were incredible. Fernando Fuentes - to echo Lisa- does an amazing job with makeup. And he's just hilarious. Marvin from Maya Disenos does great floral work. I have pics of my center pieces and they were perfect. The DJ was great. I think we had Ivan? If you have specific songs you want to hear, write them down, bc he'll play them. Alot of fun! I highly, highly recommend the romantic dinner for two. That was one of our favorite memories. Happy planning!! =) PS Next year I'm, planning on finally getting my Boudoir photos taken!! Kshow!! - you are one hot momma! Amazing pics!!
  2. Hello all future Mrs!! It's been a while since I've been on - I hope everyone is doing well and having fun planning their weddings. OrrO - I got married at The Royal PDC, June of this year. As long as they haven't changed their rules again, here is what I did. In order to have my guests join us from Gran Porto, I paid for the event. We had our rehearsal dinner at Asiana's but it was not Asiana's food ( you have to chose from the banquet menu). I had the Welcome Dinner at Gran Porto and let's just say the food quality was not up to par. Sadly there is a huge difference in quality between Gran Porto and Royal. I was really embarrassed that our friends/family with kids had this as their only option. Children are not allowed at the Royal at all, except on the Wedding Day. Definitely keep this in mind if you're planning on pre-wedding events at The Royal. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy planning! =)
  3. We had one booked but unfortunately there was an approaching storm which made the waters choppy and no boats would leave. My brother in law booked it. I'll have to ask him. Relatively quick walk to pier and you get a shirt from them. Luckily everyone was refunded their money with no issues. =)
  4. Welcome back Heidi and congrats on being a MRS now!!! I saw Breah in the pics! =) It looks like a fabulous time. Love your dress!! So glad to hear you had a great time and no issues. Did Fernando's guy do your hair? Love it!!
  5. Hi Hilly, I had a 6pm wedding slot and it wasn't a problem at all. My reception was inside so we were allowed to stay as long as possible. But for outside receptions I believe the cutoff time is 10pm. It's all about what you want to do. My ceremony was from 6-6:30pm, after that we went into champagne and open bar cocktails for an hour, then immediately into the reception. The timeline is what you want it to be. And I agree - 6pm was cooler and not alot of people around. Hopes this helps! Janna
  6. Hi Roza, That is beyond ridiculously odd. They give you three choices in which you're allowed to pick whom you want. I wouldn't take that answer. Is this from the online coordinator or your assigned on-site coordinator? Seriously, they get so much money from weddings that they can bend a little to work with you. I said I wanted a guitarist and that's what I received. LOL.... honestly.... That place cracks me up at times. Janna
  7. Hi Denielle, I didn't do video coverage for my reception but here's the timeline that I created bc I wanted certain pictures in my wedding dress before I changed into my traditional chinese dress: 1. Ceremony - 30mins. 2. Cocktail reception with open bar - 1hr, mexican trio as entertainment and they were great! 3. Bridal Party entrance, then bride & groom 4. Couple's first Dance 5. Cake cutting 6. Dinner reception, we had them serve the dessert included in package along with wedding cake. I'm not kidding when I say everyone ate both. LOL 7. Father and Daughter Dance 8. Mother and Son Dance (I changed during this song) 9. Special surprise dance for couple celebrating their 27th anniversary that day 10. Chinese Tea Ceremony, honoring parents 11. Dance time!! Hope this helps! Janna
  8. Hi Nikki, I did not have to pay for a vendor fee when Fernando arrived for the trial session. Everyone at the resort knows him - but the front desk people are a pain in the butt. They called my wedding coordinator and kept him waiting for 20mins before they let him up. You can pay him either in US dollars or pesos or direct deposit into his sister's chase account. I paid all my vendors in advance either by paypal (Marvin uses Paypal) or by direct deposit - but that depends on how comfortable you feel about that. I felt completely confident knowing these were trusted vendors. Janna
  9. Hi Heidi!! Hope you had a safe flight and checked in okay!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding this week. It will be beautiful. Best Wishes!! Janna
  10. Bonnie! Love the fun pics!! Even though you had it inside, it turned out beautifully. What a gorgeous dress!! Love the lace at the bottom. Cute flower hair!
  11. Denielle - I used the resort's videographer. Haven't received the DVD yet but I'm hoping it'll arrive soon. They said it would take about 15-20 days to edit and then it will be mailed. So we'll see how it turns out! Bonnie - How awesome to have a friend that knows how to film! Your lucky husband gets that cool shot! =) Bride2B22 - Thanks!! It was a headache finding the right online store for my Qi Pao - traditional chinese dress. If it arrives on your Bday, talk about a fantastic present!! I'm still in the process of picking out our fave pics. Or I should say mine - hubby has an attention span of a 5yr old. Or at least when it comes to this stuff. Hopefully you have better luck in that department!!
  12. YAY Heidi!! It'll be your turn soon!!! The 19th will be here before you know it!! I believe they can fit up to 40 people at Asiana's in the private alcove. I had 25 people - more than plenty of room for it. Your WC can tell you the exact number. I was okay with paying $300 for it since it was the rehearsal dinner. Everyone dressed up and the table and chairs looked beautiful. When you check in - if you're not in the master suite already and can afford the upgrade - I would 200% ask if it's available. We got a great on it bc we were getting married there. Super glad we didn't book it at original price when we signed up. We just paid $100 extra each night. So worth it - especially to get ready in.
  13. Bride2B22 - I love your dress!! Absolutely stunning on you- you definitely wore that dress!! Gorgeous colors!! I am a huge fan of your maracas - I did the samething. What a beautiful chapel at the Cancun resort. Amazing backdrop during your ceremony to see the waves roll in. I wished the PDC one had that design. Isn't it funny how long it takes to get the professional ones back? Instant gratification now! LOL.... Beautiful wedding and bride. Congratulations on being a Mrs!!!
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