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    Aruba Wedding

    do you have any photos to post? I would love to see...we are still looking at destinations and we love Aruba..the Marriott is beautiful there...If you have any advice/suggestions please let me know...did you do a dinner reception and how many guests? thanks!
  2. NJ0511

    Aruba Wedding

    sxcT, I always thought aruba was expensive also...we just went for Labor Day Weekend ( my birthday:)) and we paid half the price then high season! we stayed at the hyatt and even got breakfast included...the place is beautiful and worth the trip..plan for August, I think that's when you find good deals...even other guests were saying how much less it is during August then the winter/spring months...good luck! and if you go definitely go to The Flying Fishbone!!
  3. NJ0511


    you are totally right about the media...I've been to RIviera Maya twice and I think it is a perfect/beautiful place..unfortunately there are some family members who don't feel comfortable at this point going....I, on the other hand have no worries...so to avoid any problems I'm looking elsewhere
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    Thank you all for the great suggestions and warm welcome I'm going to start looking at these places now!
  5. Hello Girls,  Does anyone happen to know or know how I could go about hiring a Rabbi to do our ceremony? The WC I've been speaking to at Dreams has not been to helpful. If anything I will send my Rabbi from home down, but I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable girls had any recommendations  Thanks!
  6. NJ0511


    Hi , I'm new to BDW and I've been reading up on finding the perfect destination for weeks now. My Fiance doesn't think we should do Mexico because of guests safety concerns. We also have a nephew under 13 which will be a part of the wedding. It seems like every time I find a beautiful place, they are adults only and I don't know what to do. I am considering Dreams La Romana, we were there last year and it's beautiful but I feel like I'm settling because they allow kids. We want an all inclusive, but a higher end one with a more modern/chic feel. DLR is really nice but I'm nervous about the level of communication with the employees there. Does anyone have any other suggestions??? We are also looking at Jamaica (Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, then of course they don't allow children)...even St. Martin, St. Lucia...anywhere with a beautiful beach and non-cheesy grounds Any suggestions will be sooo appreciated!!!
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