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  1. If you have a CapitalOne Credit Card, they do not charge international fees. We actually signed up and got a credit card two weeks before we left just to avoid paying the international fees. It worked great, we earned cash back rewards, and the resort had no issues. We also asked the resort for a copy of the bill (i.e. room charges, wedding charges) two days before we left to make sure that everything was right.
  2. I used Michael Weiler and his brother for videography and was SOOOOO happy! They are soooo nice and their pictures are amazing! We are SO happy we used them!
  3. Not sure if you're interested, but Dreams sponsors vendors that come on site and sell jewelery, art, etc. on Wednesdays and Saturdays to help guests who don't want to travel off site. We saw every vendor selling the "blue stone of DR" (which I think is the one you're talking about) at their stands. I wouldn't say it was the cheapest price you can find, but since there are SO many vendors (and I mean at every corner) you could probably bargain them down or "threaten" to go to the next stand. Good luck!
  4. Hi Sylvia, I used Charlotte Poiron (TA/wedding planner) at Honeymoons and Get Aways. I thought she was very helpful in helping us book the resort and organize travel/accommodations for our guests. Her number is: 215-480-6652. She works in PA, and we are from NY, but she was so helpful over the phone and email. Good luck!
  5. Hi Shelly 21, It took about 45 seconds of my song for me to walk from the beginning of the aisle to the gazebo. I'm not sure if I was walking fast or not, but I was trying not to. So give or take 45 seconds for me.
  6. Hey Starr082012, The photo shoot package we chose the silver (?) package which included Video and Photography for two hour pre-ceremony, the entire ceremony and reception, photobook, a bunch of pictures in different sizes, and TTD for $2000 total. It was a great deal and we're soooo happy with the results!
  7. Hello all To-Be-Dreams-Brides! So sorry for the long delay in writing a review of my wedding. We got married at Dreams Punta Cana July 11th at 5 p.m. Our wedding coordinator was Jennifer Castro. Our photographer/videographer was Michael Weiler and Pascal Keller, Caribbean Emotions. Arrival: When we landed at the airport, the cab ride to the resort was about 45-50minutes. We didn't have to pay for the transfer since our travel agent took care of this for us in our package, but some of our guests said that they ended up paying $50-70 for a one-way trip to the resort. Some said th
  8. Hi Aug4Bride, Yes, the hotel does provide shampoo, but no conditioner. They also provide soap, bath gel, a razor, & shower cap. Sorry, but I'm not sure about the hotelbeds tour credit.
  9. Hi Alyssa, I just got back from my wedding (I PROMISE to post a review the minute I have a chance!) but we also had to do a Buffet Dinner because we had 65 guests. I was just as mad as you about the hike in price based on it being Buffet. We ended up going with Buffet Option #2 which was $69/pp. Everyone ended up loving the food, and they got to eat (based off of Buffet Option #2) steak, fish AND chicken, if they chose, which made us feel a little better about the price. (I also took all three even though I barely ended up eating). If you'd like I can email you the list of options that o
  10. Congrats Alykay! So glad to hear your wedding turned out so great! I'm so excited we're leaving in two days! But I'm still waiting to hear back from the Resort about our spa appointments! I emailed them three times over the last two weeks and havent heard anything back! Does anyone know how many salon servers they have available on Sundays or Mondays because I have 8 girls who need mani/pedis and 4 who need their hair done for a Monday 5 pm wedding?
  11. Yeah, we asked our WC Jennifer Castro and she said that we could do a "semi private" welcome dinner with us and our 60 guests at the Buffet Restaurant with no extra charge. It would only be a cornered off section of the buffet, so other people will be there, but we didn't mind since we didnt want to have to pay twice for a dinner for our guests.
  12. OMG I cant believe we leave in 7 DAYS for our wedding! Crazy how fast the time flew by! I will definitely post all the details (and as many pics as possible) when I come back!
  13. Does anyone know how much we should tip our videographer and photographer?
  14. How did people coordinate the shuttle service for their guests from the airport to the resort? Is there any easy way to do this? Also, does anyone have the menu and prices for the Buffet? I just found out we cant get the Gold Dinner menu since our number of guests are too large.
  15. Has anyone has Ms. Jennifer Castro as their wedding coordinator? Any reviews on her?
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