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  1. You're welcome!! I'm actually not sure what the photographer's name was that took her pictures. All I know is that they were awful and she barely got any pictures for the money she paid. She said that she absolutely loved everything about MP and her wedding there, but she said if she were to do anything over or if she had any advice to give me, it would be to have an outside photographer no matter what. Jennw818: Did you decide on Ivan Luckie? He is wonderful to work with!
  2. I was really nervous about the photography as well. I have a good friend whose sister-in-law got married at MP last year and used the resort photographer, and she cried when she got her pictures. They were awful, and she paid quite a bit for them. She said her biggest regret of her entire wedding was using the resort photographer. I'm going with Ivan Luckie. As long as you pay for a day pass, the outside photographer will be considered a guest at your wedding. Ivan is amazing and incredibly affordable!! WAY less than your budget of $3000. His website is http://www.luckiephotography.com . I encourage you to check him out! Good luck!
  3. Â Hey Angela, Â You can get the 1500 vacation dollars if you book through the travel agent. My travel agent booked us (I think through Delta Vacations), and we received the $1500. Â Happy Booking! Â -Keshia Â
  4. Hi Everyone! Â I just joined the site after reading all of your very helpful comments on the board! I am getting married at MP on April 13, 2011 at 4 pm. I am hoping to book Ivan Luckie for my photography. I've heard some awesome things about him, and his pictures look great! Has anyone else booked him? Â I'm looking forward to talking to all of you fellow Moon Palace Brides!
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