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  1. Thank you! My dress was pretty much the deciding factor between Mexico and a stay at home wedding, I just thought it belonged in Mexico and not Omaha! Wow! there are soo many things that I haven't even begun to think about! I probably wouldn't have thought to ask for the menu beforehand. I'm not too worried about flower or cake choices until I get there. But anything that is an added expense I definitely want to know what to expect ASAP. This forum is great, I never think of some of these details until I read some of the posts! I love it!!!! I think I will just go around my TA and talk with my MC. I should just tell her that everyone is going through her to book their trip, but I should be able to contact the wedding coordinator to get information for the wedding. I think that is fair!
  2. We are getting married on August 11, 2011. We got our contract through our TA so I didn't get to see who our coordinator was I like that I can e-mail her my questions and she asks the coordinator for me but there are some things she thinks she knows so she wont ask! I think I am going to call the wedding office number and get the information from them! That is a great idea, I didn't think of doing that! I am usually a procrastinator on some things but I am NOT going to procrastinate on my wedding!!!! It is hard enough that you don't get to see anything until you get there but, to have to wait that long to get to talk to anyone! Aghh, it is frustrating! If my TA doesn't like the CC idea I just wont tell her that I am e-mailing them!!! Thanks!
  3. I am going through a travel agent to book everything and she is the one contacting our miami coordinator but I really want to be able to contact them myself with my questions, but she wants everything to go through her. Does anyone have this issue? Also, has anyone already booked which gazebo they will be getting married in? I asked if I could request one and she told me I had to wait until right before the wedding. I don't want to be married on the beach so I REALLY want to make sure I can get a gazebo!!!
  4. I didn't want to have a destination wedding at first because of the babysitting situation, but everyone assured me it would be ok. I still worry about it though!!! I'm glad our first night will be just the two of us, but a part of me wants her first airplane ride to be with us and not with everyone else! I want to play on the beach with her and show her the iguanas but I feel the same way you do it's still our wedding/honeymoon and we want to be able to share it with the friends that came with. I really wish I had family in that age range that I could pay to watch my daughter! Although, my sister will need someone to watch her two if they go out so where ever John and Autumn go I'm sure my daughter can go too!
  5. We are also traveling with our daughter who will be 2 at the time of our wedding and also my niece and nephew who are 6 and 10. The kids Club is free, but the age requirement is 4-12. My niece and nephew will most likely be in the kid's club but it is a lot tougher to figure out who is watching the baby! My parents and his parents have both said that they would keep her with them for a night and we would keep her with the us of the time but I honestly think that when we get there and they are having a blast with their friends they may not want to watch her. I'm fine with keeping her at night since she is my daughter but, I also want to enjoy the night life with our friends that will be coming with us. We will be there August 7-14 and our guests and Olivia will be there the 8-12 so, we will have a few days to ourselves. Some of our friends are also thinking about staying a little longer than the rest of the guests, so we could spend some time with them afterwards.
  6. Hey ladies! I just found a website that has a lot of pictures of Moon Palace!!! There are some pics of the gazebos and outdoor areas, the rest of the pictures are of the actual resort, I have never seen this many pictures of the resort before!!! here is the link! http://www.palaceresortspictures.com/html/galleries/cancun_riviera_maya/moon_palace_sunrise/index.cfm
  7. I don't remember which review I saw this in, but they just ordered like 3 dozen assosrted pink roses and made their own bouquets. I think they found a video on how to make bouquets on You-Tube. So, really they will never know that it is an outside vendor, it just looks like someone sent you flowers!
  8. I really like both dresses! But I have to go with #2 since it is most like my dress!!! I Totally agree with the Mexican fiesta! My dress is like dress #2 just with more smaller ruffles at the bottom. We were going to have a wedding at home but once I put the dress on it screamed "MEXICO!!!" I didn't want to have my wedding on the beach either, I'm more of a gazebo girl. I don't think you could go wrong in either dress! Â http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=497
  9. Congratulations!!! We will be there until the 17th, We may run into each other!
  10. I am!!! We have just been confirmed for April 13, 2011 at 5 pm. I can't wait to get started on everything!!!
  11. I'm waiting on my confirmation but I have requested April 13th! I really hope I hear back very soon, it's been almost a week since everything was turned in.
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