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  1. I can tell you this about the plunge pools love the way they look however there is zero privacy & they are not heated! We did the jacuzzi in room 2401 so there was a little privacy because we were in the middle. But I will be honest a lot of the rooms do not have a lot of privacy.
  2. I am looking forward to your review, we leave Tue & get married Fri March 4th. I am curious if you used a dj or the sound system? Where did you all have your reception? I am worried about the flow of things at the reception since we only have 20 people. Any pointers would be great or anything you would do differently. Thank you, Michelle
  3. I think we are doing the same but the our issue is we leave Tue & our playlist isn't done!!!! I just cannot pay $280. an hour plus 11% tax for a dj that the resort picked for me. Seems crazy but I am afraid the reception will not flow well.
  4. Well we will see you there then. I have no appts and no DJ. No Stess!!!! Hopefully we can meet up to at least say hello Yes the emails are sparse to say the least...
  5. I know there is at least one other bride on here getting married March 5th I believe wondering if you have had any luck getting in contact with anyone. We are getting married March 4th & I cannot get an email answered so of course I am freaking out at this point!!!! 14 days away & no contact at all, this is horrible. O yeah & we have no dj either. Michelle
  6. I sure hope you are right. We are getting married March 4th & have had next to no communication! I'm starting to freak out, just a little
  7. Stoff

    Manzanita center pieces anyone??

    That website was very helpful, Thank You!!!
  8. Love these, could you please pass on the website? Thank you, Michelle
  9. Your wedding was Beautiful, love your pictures. Thank you so much for the informative review it really helps! Definitely going to go with Deco Cancun
  10. I will definitely let you know how it goes. I think when people get their invites they think they are going to come but we haven't had a lot of people book yet either. My own brother hasn't even booked! Lots of hand holding when it comes to the family booking, I'm going a little crazy! I listed a travel agent on our save the dates & we are still getting phone calls for us to book people, not happening. lol I feel like we should have Way more nailed down by now but I have decided not to stress. lol Try to stay in touch, I feel better that someone else is going to be there the same time we are. Michelle stoff91@yahoo.com
  11. Hey there, we are getting married March 4th. Not sure about the golf package but I really haven't looked into that. I put my $500 deposite down on the wedding package but to be honest that is as far as we have got! I feel really behind but it is kind of hard since we are not sure how many people will be coming yet. I am hoping we will have a better idea of the head count by the end of this month. I'm also going to try & run down to the resort in the next few wks to check it out.
  12. Your wedding was Beautiful!!!! I am so glad I looked through those it makes me feel hopeful that this will all come together. Did you rent the lighting on the deck & if so where? The pictures are amazing as well. Thank you for sharing. Michelle