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  1. Hey all - I just came back from having my wedding event at Dreams PV (we did our ceremony back in California, beforehand) and it was perfect. Having three different planners in the last 6 months (Tania, Samantha and now Esman) made me very nervous - particularly since Samantha had not wanted to draw up a contract and Esman came on board 3 days before we were due to leave for Mexico. However, everything worked out perfectly. Esman is absolutely charming and met me every time I called (or dropped into the office, which is just off the lobby). He also attended the start and finish of my wedding celebration and morning-after brunch, to make sure everything went well. Re: the wedding celebration (Sat night). We had it on Oceana Beach, which was actually way more charming than if we'd had it in a restaurant (which is what I thought I wanted). It helped that Oceana Restaurant was closed that night; I don't know if it would have been weird to have people eating while we were celebrating - although I probably wouldn't have noticed. We had International Buffet I, which was delicious; drinks were flowing freely; the DJ accepted all our (probably annoying) requests and played my iPod for much of the night; the Chine lamps added a lovely amount of atmosphere and all in all, it was wonderful. We also had a few speeches and a slideshow (we brought our own VGA connector and iPad to run it). There were some technical issues with the slideshow, but they were great about working them out and it was fine. Re: our brunch. We had an 11am brunch, which was a little late given that the Sat night event ended at 10:30pm (resort requirement). I would recommend 10am. They gave us El Patio at no charge, which was lovely. And we selected the Omelette station, which was delicious. Thank you Esman, for coordinating an amazing event and a perfect weekend! Thank you, Dreams, for everything! We can't wait to come back again!
  2. I don't have an answer for you but would LOVE to know if you get any answers. I got some pictures of outdoor receptions that looked like they were right outside the hot tub...so I wasn't sure if "Oceana Beach" meant the area directly in front of Oceana Restaurant (which I would guess is pretty private) or if it meant the entire beach. Does anyone know?
  3. Hey all - what rates are you getting for the group? I've been going back and forth with them on this, so curious (I'm looking at February and they've said rates are the same Feb-Apr and go down in May).
  4. My fiancee and I are really in to rock climbing, so one reason we liked Dreams PV was that it claims to have a natural rock climbing wall. I am waiting to hear back from their activities coordinator (and have asked for pics), but has anyone stayed at the resort and seen the wall? Can anyone send me pics or tell me anything else about it? Â Thank you!
  5. Hello all - I am new to the idea of an all-inclusive, but I absolutely love the idea of having all my guests in one place for a whole weekend. Â What I'm struggling with is what a "good" group rate is ($$) - the current quote I'm getting from Dreams PV is ~$175 per person per night (double occupancy) for February-April. This seems high to me - mostly because I'm thinking about my friends that are married - so for 2 people, that's $350 per night which seems like a lot. But is it not? What are you seeing? Â Are there other hotels in PV (or Cabo) that you'd recommend that are cheaper but still as nice as Dreams PV? Â Thank you!