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  1. Thank you everyone! We chose the menu option I and it was AWESOME! We met with mayte two days prior and she let us sample all the food and drinks. If you want to change anything she will work with you. It was perfect.
  2. I just had my wedding at the Jellyfish on June 23. One word...AMAZING! We had a large group of 56 total people all staying at Majestic Elegance. The number one best decision we made was to have our entire wedding at the Jellyfish. The communication with Mayte was clear and quick. She always made me feel calm and confident that things would go smoothly. We met with her two days before our wedding and tried the food and drinks (for free by the way)! Everything was perfect! We also went through some final decisions. She is a complete sweetheart and will work with you to create whatever you want. On the actual wedding day a bus picked up our group and another bus picked up the bridal party, my dad, and myself. The decorations, food, drinks, DJ, and atmosphere were perfect! It was so much more private than if it was at the resort. Our ceremony started at 5 with pastor Rick York (who was amazing), followed by the cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. It all went very smoothly and I wouldn't have changed a thing. We left around 11:30, but Mayte said we could have stayed "until the sun came up". We danced and partied until the very end! Any specific questions feel free to email me at brookemcandrew@hotmail.com mayte and the jellyfish staff made the day perfect and I highly recommend having it there! Good luck
  3. How much were you charged for the Steel Drums and how long did they play? Thanks!
  4. I'm also wondering about the DJ from the Jellyfish. I'm almost positive we are getting them, but it would be nice to hear some input on how he was.
  5. That is so exciting!!! I am in the same boat as you. Iplanned on using my ipod and already downloaded tons of songs, but a DJ would be so much less stress. PLLLEASE be sure to give us a review of Mayte's DJ and if you would recommend him. Good luck I'm sure it will be beautiful!
  6. That is so exciting!!! I am in the same boat as you. Iplanned on using my ipod and already downloaded tons of songs, but a DJ would be so much less stress. PLLLEASE be sure to give us a review of Mayte's DJ and if you would recommend him. Good luck I'm sure it will be beautiful!
  7. It seems we are all looking for the same answers..if we bring our own ipod dock is it loud enough? Is Mayte's DJ good enough that we should get him for the $200 extra rather than their sound system? Can anyone out there help?? Only 49 more days for me ahhh. Also did anyone ship anything to Mayte? I want to use real touch flowers instead of real ones and it would help me alot if I just ship them there instead of trying to bring it down. Anyone do this? or anyone use fake flowers? Thanks!
  8. I am also considering the DJ that Mayte has, but I'm also just considering doing the ipod. I already have my list of songs ready to go for each part of the wedding. Did anyone use the sound system there? Do you use the sound system going down the aisle? If so, how did that work out? Let me know please! Thanks
  9. Hey guys, Hopefully some of you can help me make a decision. I am figuring out where to have our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding. It is either at Sea and See restaurant or Steak House. My two factors on deciding are how good the food is (obviously right?) and privacy? Which would be better to accomodate the 56 people that are booked to come? Any info. is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hey ladies, Hopefully someone can help me. I am deciding where to hold the rehearsal dinner, either Sea and See or Steak house restaurant. Have any of you read one is better than the other? I have 56 people booked so I guess the two important factors are: the food and privacy. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Hey everybody, If you were married at Jellyfish or plan on getting married, did you have any type of welcome letter or welcome rhyme telling your guests you were going to the Jellyfish? I have around 55 people and they all think our wedding is at the resort so instead of telling them it is changed, I figured it would be a nice surprise. I'll need to let them know we're going on a bus so they can pack accordingly, I'm just having trouble coming up with something. Any ideas or suggestions? I'd love to hear how you guys handled that or if you just told your guests verbally. Thanks!
  12. Natalie CONGRATULATIONS!! I am too so happy to hear of yet another happy bride My wedding is coming up fast..only 64 more days until we are at the Jellyfish!. Thanks for adding in how much you tipped because I was wondering what people went with. Mayte has been so fabulous so far we are going to set aside a bunch of money for her and everyone involved I have a few questions below when you have a chance to answer ( if you don't mind). -did you start at exactly the time you were supposed to start the ceremony or did it run late? -how long was pastor yorks ceremony? -After the ceremony did you guys just hang out or go right inside for dinner? -approximately how long would you say dinner took? -what time did you end up leaving the jellyfish ? - When you walked down the aisle was there anything to walk on? I have wedge shoes and was wondering how hard it was to walk? -what kind of dessert did you do? I just talked to Mayte about how she just did a wedding that had a sweets table...was this by weird chance your wedding? We are not doing a formal wedding cake so I'm trying to come up with cheaper options for some type of dessert after dinner. -What option bar did you take (10, 15, or 20 an hour)? And were any of your guests limited on what they drank if they asked for other things? -Did you have any other extra things at wedding, like fire dancers, cigar rollar, etc? Anything you would recommend? I'm also wondering about wedding gifts we may get? Any other tips or info. would be greatly appreciated! I cannot wait to see pictures! This is soo exciting and every day I am more and more happy we are getting married at the Jellyfish!
  13. Hey guys.. Only 67 days left! I gave a personal question but hopefully someone could help.. Did you tip people involved in the wedding? Mayte? Videographer? Pastor York? If so, about how much for each? Any insight on this would help.. Thanks!
  14. Hey ladies, I'm also freaking out a bit. I've talked to Mayte for months now about our June 23, 2011 wedding. Last Friday I wired money over to her. I have not heard from her since about confirming she had gotten it. I am nervous because I never wired money so I'm anxiously waiting to hear from her that she got it. Anyone get any emails from her within the last week?? Just curious if it was everyone or just me she's not responding to. Anyone wire money to her yet that has a wedding coming up? Thanks!
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