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  1. Hey Lindsey, Â Email me at tammyfay5672@yahoo.com I have the price lists from just a few months ago, i can email you the breakdown! Â Tammy
  2. We are bringing most of it down because we are bringing specific candies like Charleston Chews (because we met and lived in charleston), Cadbury (because we live in the UK), little things like that, but i've read about a Walmart in Cancun that people have gotten items from and Im wondering if others have bought from there and what they might have? It shouldn't be a problem with customs, as long as they know its for a wedding and not to sell, then it should be fine! Â Another thing to save money is if you bring your own decorations, they will charge you to have the staff put out the decorations. They say its more of a "tip", but its a mandatory $5 per person, and we have over 50 people coming, so thats just absurd. So we are designating some aunts and friends to help decorate (they actually offered). And with welcome bags, they charge to deliver them to the rooms, so we are going to try and meet people at check in with them, or give them to them when we first see them.
  3. I have been working with Priscila as well and when we first started working together, it took her a really long time to return my emails and that got me very frustrated, but we started doing the Live Chat through the Lomas website and that helped out alot! And that way, I had everything in writing too! Â We are getting married in Oct and we are doing a 3 course dinner on the beach the night before the wedding for the rehearsal dinner, then on saturday, we have the ceremony at 5, then cocktail party with hor'dourves from 6-10 at the Tucannes bar. I have 2 hanging flower arrangements that we are using for the wedding then bringing those to the cocktail party for decoration. We are also bringing our own vases and votive holders to decorate the tables for friday night, then using them for decoration on saturday night. We are using some of the vases on saturday and making a "candy bar" rather than doing a wedding cake. We are trying to watch our pennies as well!
  4. I am having mine on 10/9/10 at the El Dorado Royale and am really not to worried about the weather. I am a pretty go with the flow kind of person and if some crazy weather happens that causes the day to change from what I have planned, then so be it, I'm sure it will make one heck of a story What's more important to me is that we have 50 of our closest family and friends joining us for the weekend at the resort and being able to share that time with them is what I am most looking forward to. People get side-tracked as to the importance of the wedding, its not about what you look like or what type of food you eat, its about being surrounded by the people you love (in an amazing tropical paradise) and committing yourself to spending the rest of your life with your best friend! My advice with planning: Go with your heart...you'll kick yourself if you don't!!
  5. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to see who else out there is getting married on 10/10/10??? technically I am getting married on 10/9/10 but since we were legally married in March (long story), and we are celebrating the whole weekend, we are decidingto celebrate 10/10 as our anniversary! We are getting married at El Dorado Royale! One more month to go!! ~Tamara
  6. I apologize Wendy, I had no idea that this website was designed by your travel agency. I really meant no disrespect in recommending destinationweddings.com, I simply thought this was a forum for brides having destination weddings and just wanted to share my experiences.
  7. I have been very pleased with www.destinationweddings.com They have always been very prompt in returning my emails and were really helpful in choosing a destination for the wedding and setting me up with the resort's webinar to get more information for myself. I started with them back in December. They have been very helpful in regards to my guests as well. Sheila was easy to get ahold of for any questions about room rates and was able to set up payment plans for them as well. Within the last month, I noticed on the resort's website that the room rates were cheaper than what our contract was for, so I contacted Sheila, and within a week hear an answer in regards to the rates and all of my guests were eligible for a refund of about 15% of what they originally paid. Our room was not able to be refunded due to other promotions we had going on, but they double upgraded our room! And the $50 deposit was put towards our wedding as well, so really there was no money lost. Also, Sheila was extremely helpful with communication with Priscila, the WC from Lomas Travel associated with the resort. So overall, I have had a great experience with www.destinationweddings.com and would highly recommend them and Sheila to any bride looking for a TA Â ~Tamara
  8. I'm using Lomas as well and my WC is Priscila. She was not very good at responding back to my emails, so I started doing the Live Chat that's offered through the lomas website and chatted directly with her and that made a huge difference. Plus, you have a written copy of your conversation which is always a bonus to make sure you are getting exactly what you have been promised! Maybe that might be the best way to contact Gladys? Hope that was a bit of help!
  9. Hello! Â I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with the airport transfers that are provided by the resorts? I am getting married in October at the El Dorado Royale and included in the price of the room was a round trip hotel to airport shuttle. From what they described, it is a 12 person van that picks you up at the airport that stops at various resorts along the way to your destination, but if the majority were going to one resort, than that is the first destination. Just wondering if other brides could offer any advice on whether to hire a private transfer or rely on what the hotel offers? Or any experiences that people are willing to share? Thank you
  10. www.destinationweddings.com also has some fantastic wedding planners! I've been working with Sheila and she is just the cat's meow
  11. Hello! Â Congrats on the engagement Mexico is a great choice for a destination wedding. I am getting married at the El Dorado Royale in Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya in October! Just around the corner Just wanted to make a suggestion for a family friendly all-inclusive resort. Karisma Hotels http://www.karismahotels.com/ is the parent company of the El Dorado and they have a sister resort called Azul. When I did a webinair for their hotels, they had some pretty cool features, such as having connections with Gerber and Fischer Price so you don't have to worry about food and toys for the little ones. There are 4 locations, all different sizes, so you can have a more intimate setting as well. I went through www.destinationweddings.com to arrange my wedding and they have been fantastic helping me plan this wedding. I highly recommend them. They can also help recommend other resorts as well. Good Luck planning and hope this was of help to you! Â ~Tamara
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