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  1. I think she got it from Macy's last summer on the sale rack, so probably not available anymore.
  2. Here is what my mom wore: This is what my mother-in-law wore:
  3. They are linen button downs. I believe my husband bought everything from islandimporters.com or something like that.
  4. They were slightly wrinkly in those pictures, but my husband had his outfit steamed at the resort for a couple bucks. At most like $10.
  5. Here is what my husband and groomsman wore and we did bouts.
  6. I had started at noon with a pedicure than had my hair and makeup and was done about 2:30pm for a 4:30pm ceremony which seemed to work well. I didn't have my 2 bridesmaids get their hair done until 2pm and they still needed to do their makeup afterwards so that ended up being a little rushed. I should have done 1pm for them considering the timing my photographer wanted to maintain.
  7. http://wholesaleweddingchaircovers.com/index.php/coordinating-fabric-rolls/organza-fabric-rolls.html I used this website to purchase my fabric for the gazebo. It was 40 yards and fit into a suitcase just fine. They caught into the two panels for me at the resort. They are limited on colors but happened to have mine. I know there are other sites with the organza fabric rolls too.
  8. I was married at Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I would imagine most resorts that hold weddings would rent vases if asked.
  9. I used DJ Doremixx for 38 guests and it was worth it! I ended up having him play for 5 hours for less than the Lomas DJ for 4 hours and he was able to do all the introductions and play any music people requested. I will look and see if I have any videos of his style. He blends the songs together so it sounds awesome and everyone in my group loved it! He also gives out props such as balloons, masks, glow sticks and did cold fireworks during our first dance.
  10. I rented vases for like $5 a piece from the resort. It isn't the cheapest option but beats having to bring down.
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