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  1. Hi I was wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing these directly to me as I am still in NOOB status and wont get out of it by the time of my wedding. My email is gems2104@hotmail.com Would really appreciate your help Thanks X Welcome Book Even Slides Template.pptx Welcome Book Odd Slides Template.pptx
  2. Hi can I be checky and ask you to do the same for me as Im still in noob status? Thanks so much X
  3. Quote:Originally Posted by TLGnhci     Okay girls, I've been busy tonight. Please let me know what you think of my DIY items. I am new to the whole Photoshop/Gimp design world, so they're not the greatest but here goes. I have made my first aid kit labels (we only have the bandaids and such, Tums, and Tylenol in these), a menu for the reception, reserved seating cards for family, and door hangers. I also created my own Share the Love stickers but I don't have them here at home. Here goes. Let me know your thoughts. Cute, cheesy?? )   Love them! What a great idea! Really like the choice of pink and orange. Must have taken you ages but so worth it.
  4. Wow thanks so much for all the pics they are soooo helpful. You really get an idea of what the places look like rather than just knowing the names. Thanks so much! X
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by Jessie Michele - Check out this thread for ceremony scripts:   There are some really great ones there. I teared up a little when I read through them! It's making me seriously rethink our decision to do the legal wedding.   Thanks so much for that link what amazing ideas. Definitely will help! X
  6. Quote:Originally Posted by Chapa I am doing DJ Doremixx and just paying the outside vendor fee and it is still cheaper than using Azul's DJ plus he will pay for 5 hours instead of 4 if that helps!   Do you mind me asking how much he charged? And other than the music did anything else come with it? E.g. Lights smoke machine etc Thanks
  7. Hi ladies am a bit confussed about the legal ceremony hope you can help. I have been told by Thomson my holiday rep that all my paperwork needs to be translated into Spanish and then checked by the Mexican authority before travelling out to Mexico . is this true or can I just take it in English? Also what paperwork do I actually need? Birth certificate passport anything else? With regard to the actual ceremony I saw someone mention earlier about the actual service wording and that it cannot be changed oand you dont have a choice, does anyone know what the wording is and will it be in English or Spanish? I really didn't think about this till now and am worried as I'm only 3 months away! Thanks Gemma Xxx
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by mzgillis316Â Thank you!!! I just can't believe how they turned out! We got up around 6/630Â and were out there for an hour or so ...we wanted to catch the sunrise and it was so beautiful! Â Â Wow what stunning pics. I love them. That's such an early start but so worth it.
  9. Quote:Originally Posted by mzgillis316Â HI, I actually got them from Macy's they were about 50 buxs heres a pic below ( I took this before I purchased them to remember who they were by) Â Â Wow they are gorgeous thanks so much might have to find if I can get them in the uk let's hope so!
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by mzgillis316 Nope thankfully Mike and his team are approved on the resort so we did not have to pay an extra fee!!!! I was very happy about that =) His colleague Diego was the actual videographer for the day And thanks again I'm sure you'll be pleased with their work  The highlight DVD was an extra 300 buxs tho on top of the $1650 but I thought it was worth it, no one wants to sit and watch our whole ceremony/wedding day thats over an hour long lolol so the highlight is perfect for family and friends who could not be there to view.  Where did you get your earrings from? I've been hunting around for the perfect earrings and just can't find what I'm looking for but these are beautiful. Thanks xÂ
  11. Hi ladies Having been away from the computer for too long its taken me a while to get back up to speed with whats going on. Recently seen people discussing the gazebo material for the wedding ceremony. I was under the impression $100 for whhite fabric meant it would be drapped like the photo on the lomas website. Am I right from resding your comments that they wrap it candy cane style cos I really dont want that and thought $100 was a bit steep for a piece of material that could be stored for weddings over and over again. Please does anyone know what I should do as I have to decide soon and pay. Also I have to book between the resorts photographs. Has anyone used the resort photographers before and which one would you recommend? I am having the legal ceremony and have noticed not many other people are. Anyone who is or has already had the legal ceremony, could you tell me what paperwork they need in spanish as Im getting confussed now HELP! Thanks X
  12. Hi Could you add me to list please Im getting married on April 19th 2011 Thanks X
  13. What great photos Meredith I absolutely love the bling, so gotta have some at my wedding now. Really like the idea to have it round the flowers. Thanks X
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