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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by bryteyedbride I started on this forum around the time of your wedding and loved your pics! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I told my FI that I am perfectly fine walking down the aisle "with child" but he said since we waited this long, we can hold off a couple more weeks until we get to Mexico. I'm hoping it happens there! Take care and congrats again! Thanks for all the congrats! We were actually supposed to wait a year then start trying but I started feeling the itch. Never thought I would so soon (got pregnant exactly a month after the wedding) but I wouldn't change a thing (except being pregnant all summer long in 90 degree weather)!
  2. Hi Ladies!! I have been sooo MIA but I wanted to check in on all of the May brides. I know there are plenty of you. Maggie, I am so jealous! I want to go back to Mexico so badly and I know you're on your way. I know you'll have a blast. I'm upset that I've missed so many of your weddings. Congrats to Murmel, Lessismore and Tisha. I was able to skim the almost 200 pages I missed and see your pics. Good job ladies!! I hope I didn't miss anyone else. For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook, you know I am preggers. I am 5 months pregnant and found out this week we're having a girl!!! I said all of that because I have been looking into joining another forum and getting info from people in my same situation BUT I have to say that none compare to this one. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no place like BDW. The support and info I got here was priceless and I wish I could find that in a forum for expectant mothers but no such luck. Anyway, happy planning to you all and although I'm not on as much if anyone needs anything, my email is pharmd.caughman4@gmail.com.
  3. The sunblocks were free items that I was adding to people's purchases if they wanted/needed some. That's why there was a limit of 5. I can check and see how many I have left, I'm not at home right now.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by dstinationdrmr UPDATE!!!! The following items have been sold: vase filler LED lights Spanish for Dummies 32in parasols (26in still available) lanyards & keycard holders bride handkerchief Quote: Originally Posted by dstinationdrmr Other items sold: bolt of plum organza fabric and 42 chair sashes (33 still available) orange luggage tags white calla lilies All of the above items have been sold. I have someone interested in the rest of the chair sashes, but everything else is available. I have already sold all of the white callas and the handkerchief. Everything else you want is still available. PM me if you're still interested!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by 1106wedding Oh, you did the sky deck...did anyone watch the "webcast"? For anyone booking the Sky Deck for the webcast....IT DOES NOT WORK! Another bride told me that her mom tried for her wedding and it didn't work for her. I was still optimistic about it and sent out the link to at least 20 people and NONE of them were able to view it. I still wouldn't have changed my ceremony location, but if that's a big part of why you're booking the Sky Deck just wanted to give that heads up. Wow! That's a bit coincidental! What are they going to do now?!
  6. Congrats!!! We didn't have to put down a deposit for people. Once they called to book each person paid their own deposit. My TA held off a block of rooms until our rsvp date and even after that she still held a few rooms for late-comers. Everyone was given the option to make payments as long as they were paid in full 45 days prior to departure which some people still didn't do. The ones that didn't called her and made arrangements. I don't think my sister paid in full until 30 days prior. I'm sure this is different based on the TA and the time of year though. We just went in November and we only had 2 guests that were unable to attend BUT they tried to book 2 weeks before the wedding!
  7. Other items sold: bolt of plum organza fabric and 42 chair sashes (33 still available) orange luggage tags white calla lilies
  8. UPDATE!!!! The following items have been sold: vase filler LED lights Spanish for Dummies 32in parasols (26in still available) lanyards & keycard holders bride handkerchief
  9. The only resort that's really close by is Azul Beach. Maybe you can avoid paying the outside vendor fee also if you choose to stay with Karisma.
  10. I asked my husband if he remembers Grey Goose and he only recalls there being Absolut and Stoli. However, we noticed while we were there that sometimes you have to ask for a particular brand for them to give it to you. We went to one bar and they had Crown Royal on display but none of the others did. Everytime he wanted Crown we walked all the way to that one bar but one day we asked another bartender if they had Crown and it was there, just not on display.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by JBean I'm interested in the paper lanterns. Will you ship to Canada? Also, where do you have a closer-up picture?? Thanks! I have no problem shipping to Canada it just may be a little expensive. Send me your postal code and I can get an estimate for you, however, someone else has expressed interest in them so I'll let you know if she follows through with them. I'll take some up close pics of them and PM you.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by jazz04 How did you pack the lanterns to bring them on the flight, how much room did they take up? Murmel is right. They fold flat. You open them up to make them round. So, they didn't take up much space at all. I just kept them wrapped in plastic.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by TLGnhci Hey Meredith, What did you use the flameless tealights for? Hey Tisha. I used them for my vases and tealight holders that doubled as shot glasses for out cocktail party. We gave them as favors. I also had them put like 3-4 lights in my paper lanterns. I'll mark you down for the items and PM you about the freebies. Thanks (about the wedding shoes)!! PMing you now
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