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  2. Quote: Originally Posted by randi.renstrom hey! i'm not going to lie...i read this forum constantly throughout the day! i'm in the middle of pretty much planning my sister's wedding (which is sept 11th) and worrying about my own so it is kind of crazy. right now my biggest thing that i'm working on wedding-wise is a catamaran trip. we have about 60 people booked for the wedding, and we want to do it as a 'thank you'. we are talking to catamaya at the moment...so we'll see how that goes! then after my sisters wedding i figured i would nail down flowers/centerpieces etc. at the moment i am getting married at 2 pm nov 11th in the gazebo, having a cocktail hour from 230-330 in the central garden, then a reception starting at 6:00 in the ballroom (yes, we wanted it inside) and hopefully continuing the celebration that night and the blue parrot! so thank you everyone for all your contributions! it helps soooo much in everything! and whenever i feel i have something that would help, i try to throw my 2 cents in Hey Ranj, I am interested in doing the catamaran trip as well, but think it might be too expensive. What are the prices they are quoting you is you don't mind sharing
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan Luz that is perfect plan. I really like the idea of the paper lanterns in the gazebo since I am doing the same for my ceremony the tables will look wonderful in front of the gazebo. The lounge area will look perfect in both areas. Thanks Jes, I am supposed to get pics with dimensions, so i can draw a diagram. My WC is Maritza, I like her a lot but sometimes she forgets to send me what she promised. I have a question for those that used outside vendors. Do you guys think that they were less expensive, even after paying the outside vendor fee for each? Thanks, Luz
  4. It's confirmed, i am having my wedding at the Royal August next year, the deposit has been paid. As you might remember from my previous post i will be having a religious ceremony in the Catholic Chapel on Quinta Avenida. I am also having my reception in the Gazebo Garden. I want to run by you guys my idea on the set up to see what you guys think. So, my plan is to set up dinner tables in the pave area directly in front of the gazebo (not sure exactly how, because don't have a wide view of the are to do a diagram). I want to set up the dance floor inside the gazebo (not sure if it has been done before). Around the dance floor i want to lay a couple of lounge furniture. I know i wont be able to fit that many, but i am ok with that. In the grassy area, right next to the gazebo, i want to set up the rest of the lounge furniture and called it the hukka bar (my family likes smoking hukka... i will be bringing the hukkas from the states if possible). I wan to decorate the gazebo with hanging paper lantern and something that reflects light (not sure what that something is). What do you guys think of my plan? Is it Doable? Also any suggestions on the decoration of the gazebo? I don't want to make it too heavy, as i don't want my decorations to take away from the view of the beach. All inputs are greatly appreciated, as i think that only you guys can give me constructive input as many of you already been there done that. Am i in over my head Thanks, Luz
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jenniferkuhr Hello! I have been slowly making my way through this insanely long (but helpful!) thread and thought I'd finally try posting. My fiance are leaning heavily towards a wedding at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen in April 2011. I am SO excited about a destination wedding, getting our two families together for a few days and of course...the light up dance floor! Anyone out there doing a Catholic ceremony or know of resources/links to figuring out all things Catholic-related for PDC ceremonies? I have not been marry yet, but will be having a Catholic wedding August next year. what specifically do you want to know? I know that you need to go to wedding orientation at your church, it usually runs for a few hours (which you can split in different days, but it depends on the church). You do this in the states as it will be difficult to do there. In turns the priest will give you paper work stating that you meet the requirements to have a catholic wedding. You need to bring this letter with you, or else you can not have a catholic wedding.
  6. Good afternoon ladies, Hope everyone had a great fourth of July. I had a great one and took a little break out of wedding planning. I am only starting and needed it. NI will now go and catch up with all the reading. Luz
  7. Jesmcan, sory for calling you Jill before. Anyway, can i ask what make you choose the Royal over the Playacar Palace?
  8. Thanks Jill for the quick respond. My thing is reception will not be on he beach. I am planning of having the reception in the Gazebo garden which is more private. I mean private in the sense that other hotel guess will be right next to us. I also will be having the ceremony in the chapel on quinta I guess it is too far away from the church. I only ask because dome people said it is right next to quinta avenida, i guess they were wrong. I love the Royal, i wanted to keep it in mind because it might be a little more affordable for my guests.
  9. Ok Ladies, I know i already said that i was set on having my wedding at the Royal. But the promotions going on at with the Palace Resorts are making me second guess myself. Anyway, my question is... Did any of those of you that went site seeing looked at the playacar Palace? I know the Palace Resorts have great reputation, but by looking at the pictures it does not seem that the there is no really private place to held my reception. What are your thoughts... it will be greatly appreciated as i am trying to get those invites ready asap. Thanks, Luz
  10. Thanks Jesmcan, I went from being super excited from being not so much. The problem is that besides my mother and my sister, no one is well traveled in my group. Aside from traveling back to our country (the Dominican Republic), no one has really been outside the states. They have no idea what prices are. Per example, I got some rates for the Gran Porto... $246 per nigh, double occupancy. I told this to some and they think it is too expensive. I tell them to think that they can pay $100 per night at a decent hotel, but they have to add food and drinks (which most are heavy drinker) and that those drinks can add up at $10 a piece. I will plan the wedding an try not to worry about it. I called my wedding planner at the Royal and she said that they are completely open to chance things if things come up once i get there. This gave me a piece of mind. Also, I saw that someone asked about the lighting, with no respond to that (either that or I missed it) What are the options? Thanks, Luz
  11. I knew reading all these post will be good, but now i am also very nervous. I am very afraid that some, if not most of my guest, will not be able to afford this hotel. Not even the Porto. Now i am driving myself crazy, on how i should do things> I am not sure i need a package, if most of the guest will not be staying t the resort. I am thinking that maybe, going a-la-cart might be less expensive, but not sure. I am so confuse. any suggestions, i am on the beginning stage of this, yet i am already getting stomachache about it. We will be doing this, alone, or with guest, but i would really like to have my love one with me. And ha stomache ve the reception that i already planned in my head.
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