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  1. Congrats!! My best friend was just married there in May. The wedding was beautiful. I know you'll love yours. Happy planning!
  2. Hey girls! I'm new to the board and still haven't pick a date or place and The Royal is a top contender. I just have a couple questions for those that have been there... How "private" is their beach? I know no beaches in Mexico are technically private, but is their beach super crowded? How often does that ferry come and go and do you really notice the crowds coming on and off it? That's really my only biggest concern... other than that I love the place... and I especially love how it's adults only and 5th Avenue is right around the corner!! I've read through some past posts... how has the transition been from the US office to the Mexico offices? I'm almost afraid to send anything through to them and not get any reply. I can only imagine how incredibly busy they are right now. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for the answers and the helpful links! It's given me a much better idea!
  4. Hi all - I looked for a thread on weather in Mexico... couldn't find one. How is the weather in January/February in the Riviera Maya area? I've only been in May/June or October and it's always HOT and humid!! Just wondering if I should get pashminas for the ladies at night during the reception? And how warm it gets during the day cause I'd like full sun during the ceremony but don't want to be beat down by the heat! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey girls! New February 2011 bride. No date set yet but we're thinking Feb 12. We have such a short window and I still have no idea where to have it at. I'm getting overwhelmed!! :/ Question though... how is the weather down there during that time of year? I'm assuming fabulous all the time but I've only ever been during May/June or October and it's HOT!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Layla, I'm planning a very quick DW somewhere in the Riviera Maya/Cancun area for January/February after I graduate. It's the only time we have so it's going to be quick quick quick! So obviously I have no set date and no set location and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm so glad I stumbled onto this website!! Looking forward to getting some great advice!
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