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  1. Jodiann, I got married at the GBP on September 2, 2011 and it was awesome. Everything was perfect and my guests said it was the best wedding they had ever gone to. No one experienced roaches in their rooms and Donnalee was fine. Were there mosquitoes everywhere, YES!!! So please pack lots of bug spray!! Did Donnalee walk through the middle of the gazebo to deliver the sand for the unity sand?? Yes, but to my guests it all made sense. The only advice I would give is when you meet with Chandlyn on the first day be extremely descriptive. If you want the gazebo to look a certain way tell her and she will do it. To me the location was beautiful so the flowers only added to the décor so it didn’t matter what flowers they used. Chandlyn was there to deliver the flowers and escort me to the gazebo but Donnalee was there for the ceremony and reception. So I would recommend that you request a meeting with Donnalee as well or ask to speak with her a day or so before the wedding. Just highlight the things that are important to you and it will all be fine. I had over 150 people at my wedding so there were lots of options but everyone had nothing but nice things to say about the entire weekend. The only negative feedback we received was regarding the towels. The resort is a bit stingy with the towels to I would let your guests know that they may have to request towel everyday but that really was the only issue. Oh and they didn’t decorate our room the night of the wedding and the cake was the wrong color and never served it to my guests but it wasn’t a huge issue. My Mom called to complain about the room the next morning and so they did it that night, delivered fruit, wine and champagne and offer a special dinner at the Italian Restaurant. And with the cake I didn’t realize until it was all over because everyone was on the dance floor. The only advice I would give it to have fun and just focus on each other and it will be fine. I would upload pictures from the ceremony and reception but I don’t have enough posts to do so. If you have any other concerns feel free to ask as I was there for 8 days… Happy Planning!!
  2. Hi Ladies!!! It has been soo long since I have been here. I have soo much reading to do but I can't because my wedding is in 30 days!!!! I can't believe its next month... I still have to print programs and the weekend brochure... But I will leave it in the hands of Kinkos to get it all printed for me. But before I finalize my documents I have a few questions for past brides. How much time did you have between your ceremony and reception?? Our wedding ceremony starts at 4pm but Chandlyn just said that our reception will start at 6:30pm. That's 2 1/2 hours!! I plan on our ceremony lasting at the most 45 minutes and then pictures should take about an hour but what will the guest be doing at that time?? Does anyone know what the closest bar to the Dolce Vita Restaurant is?? And is it open air or air conditioned?? What’s the name of the resort disco?? We are having 140 guests at our wedding and they love to party so our four hour reception isn't long enough. So we are telling everyone that we are going to continue to party at the resort disco. Do most people change after the reception or just go straight to the disco. I am trying to decide it I want to buy another dress for the after party... Where is a good location for our guests to meet for the Welcome Reception?? Chandlyn said the lobby bar is open at 8pm and in a central location but I just wanted to know if there are any other options. How do guest make dinner reservations before their arrival at the resort? Can guest reserve beach and pool cabana before they arrive at the resort? I read that they can on tripadvisor but I can't figure out who they should contact? Thanks so much for you help!
  3. Have you considered a lace front wig?? They can offer many style options, you can use a curling iron and you’re not required you to wear your hair or edges out. I wear them all the time and I don't glue it to my skin so I can take it off as often as I want. One of my BM wears them as well and she gets them glued and I thought it looked great. It didn't look like a lace front wig, it looked like she had a great weave. So if you’re open to it I wore Model Model "Inspire" for my cousin’s wedding. Here is a link to girl trying it on and to me it looks like a weave that is very versatile http://lacefronwigsandmore.blogspot.com/2011/03/model-modelss-inspire-ii-hello-all-this.html Hope this helps!
  4. I am Maggie bride and my dress is Jenna!!! It just came in yesterday and I already have it. I am so in love with my dress that i couldn't leave it in the store. I will post a picture soon!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by missgomes I don't know about a full sew in. Do you swim? If so, how does that work? Also, I am a BIG DIY. I don't think they do have clip ons for our hair. BUT.... drumroll!! I know that you can buy the clips and sew them on to wefted hair pieces and TADA... you have a clip on. I am sure there is a youtube video out there!! There are youtubes for everything!! Check with your hair lady. Maybe she can help. This is exactly what I have been thinking. I want to be able to get in the pool and the ocean and do a trip to Dunns River Falls but I don't want to mess up my weave. That's why I was thinking of wearing a wig so I can be natural during the week and then on the wedding day have the hairstyle that I want. And there are lace front wigs that are really long which should accommodate the hairstyle that I want. So I plan on trying it out to make sure that it will looks natural and that I can do the hairstyle. Does anyone else have any other suggestions???
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by eholt Hey chocolate ladies! Although I am not totally set on my hair, I do need some make-up advice. I will likely end up doing my own make-up so I know I need to do some trials. Need suggestions on products for semi-oily skin, where to go, techniques etc. I'm a little nervous about depending solely on the resort so I need to have a clue before I leave. Please give any suggestions you all have. Thanks! I am a fan of MAC because they offer both liquid and powder foundations that last. The have one that lasts for 8 hours and another that last for 16 hours. They also have an oil control moisturizer that really reduces shine and the ladies at the counter are always there to help. I stopped by the MAC counter at Macy's and there was a women who was doing a makeup trial for her wedding and another women who was there for a training session on a smokey eye with fake eyelashes. I am also planning on doing a wedding day trial so I can purchase all of the makeup I will need for Jamaica. Hope this helps!
  7. Thanks! Minimus has a lot of supplies but I was able to find individual packets of the aloe vera on Amazon.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ehpage closest bar to the steakhouse grill restaurant is either the pool bar (it's on 2 levels.. one side of it in the pool one side of it above the pool on ground level) or the lobby / piano bar is only a short walk away and a set of stairs up. I'd say meet at the lobby/piano bar, it's much nicer than the pool bar and has seating. The pool bar is standing only. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into having it at the piano bar. I do remember my TA saying that Beverly suggests we have it there but to have a private cocktail hour is $700 to rent the space plus the cost of the bar. So I think we will just keep it open to everyone and take it over for the cocktail hour J Thanks again!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ourvm Hi, We ordered our OOT bags (personalized jute bags) from discountmugs. Most of our guests used these as some didn't bring beach bags and others just didn't want to get theirs dirty with sand so I think it was a hit. Inside our OOT bags - 1 per room: Kwik Tek Dry Pak wallet (Waterproof pack) from Amazon ($5.75 each) - this was a HIT! People used this for their keys and tip money in the pool, snorkeling, etc and kept everything completely dry.... everyone loved this one! Keycard holder with whistle from orientaltrading - per guest - this was definitely used by the guests who didn't grab the dry pak first Hand Sanitizer from Bed Bath and Beyond - didn't quite see people using this Pashmina - our lady guests definitely found this useful since it was quite chilly in the morning and night and so this was quite handy. Flip flops from Oldnavy - per guest - half of the guests wore the ones we provided Personalized playing cards with our logo from artscow (I got these on sale for $4.99/deck) - didn't really see people using this since most were lounging in the sun Welcome photo books - most people didn't even spend time looking through this and we spent a long time working on them... First aid kit from Target Medicine pouch - Immodium, Tylenol, Pepto, Mosquito repellent, after sting, after sun, antiseptic wipe and Neosporin from minimus Bowtie bottle opener - not used In general, I think the biggest hit was the dry pak since most of guests didn't have one and it's something useful for their future trips. First aid and medicine pouch most commented were thoughtful. Families with kids were typically prepared but others did break in to the kit and pouch. Hope this helps. Where did you get the medicine pouch from with the after sun? I have been searching for them everywhere but I can’t seem to find individual packets.
  10. Hi Ladies, I have a question about cocktail hour after the ceremony. Are you having one? If so where and are you paying for an open bar and appetizers? My FI and I are still considering it but our TA feels that it is a waste of money. So she suggests that we have our guests meet us a one of the bars after the pictures. Since the drinks are flowing freely at the bars we save money and it gives the guests the option to stop by their rooms to freshen up as well. Any suggestions? Oh and does anyone know what is the closest bar to the Garden Grill Restaurant. Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by smille50 I was going to put sunscreen in mine, but now I don't think I will. Also I will be sure to add more advil!! Great advise! At first I was going to put sunscreen in my bags as well but most people remember to pack it. So I have been trying to find individual aloe packets for sunburn.
  12. No, I haven't heard of it, is it new? My MOH was telling me about a primer from another company that was supposed to work really well but I can't remember the name. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely stop by the MAC counter to see if they have it. My makeup is one of my biggest concerns for the wedding because I have dark marks from acne scars so I want to make sure I am “picture perfect†for the entire day…
  13. That’s what my FI is thinking so we are going to try a both ideas. To the guests who we know don't have access to a computer we will include the rates for three nights since that is the duration that we are expecting the majority of our guests to stay and for those that do we will direct them to the website... Thanks for all of the responses J
  14. My FI doesn't like weaves either but he met me when I had one and didn't know the difference so I am still considering it. But just this week I went to the hair store and found a line of lace front wigs that really look nice and human I didn't glue it down, I just cut off the lace to the hair line and combed out some the hair around my hairline and presto it looks like I have long hair. So I am now considering being natural while at the resort so I can go swimming and then put on the wig the day of the wedding to have the beautician at the resort style it. That way I can get the best of both worlds... But right now it’s only one of the many options because I still have time. And as for makeup I too love MAC and that’s all I wear but in the summer I can get really oily and my makeup seems to slide off. Would you be able to suggest any foundations that give good coverage but won’t come off with sweat and not make me look like I just got splashed with baby oil…
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