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  1. Hello all! Did any past brides have any suggestions for the appetizers? Thanks! Sarah
  2. Closer to knee length. Here is an image that closely resembles the length and color (just a different fabric). http://www.anntaylor.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=30836&N=0&Ntk=KeywordSearch&Ntt=aqua+garden&Nty=1&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&found=7&defaultSizeType=Regular
  3. I have 2 bridesmaid dresses (sizes 4 & 6, NWT) available for purchase. A beautiful aqua color perfect for a beachside wedding celebration. $70 for both dresses - or best offer.
  4. For OOT bags, did everyone shop locally in PV or bring down most of the items included?
  5. Unfotunately, the funds from the other buyer have been received. These are no longer available.
  6. I currently have a buyer who is willing to pay $145 (both dresses plus shipping). If you can beat that price, we could work out a deal. Let me know Thanks and happy planning!
  7. These are from J. Crew - you can purchase online at www.jcrew.com for $215 retail. This color, however, is no longer included in their collection.
  8. Yes, dusty shale is the color featured in the image above. Please let me know if you're interested! Sarah
  9. Sizes 2 & 4 available. New with tags - never been worn. Make me an offer!
  10. New, with tags, never been worn. Size 2 & 4 available! Make me an offer!
  11. I have also booked at PF for the first week in June 2011 (fingers crossed for no rain). Does anyone have any advice on officiants? Did you use one of the reccomendations or bring your own? Thanks! Sarah
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com I know! I can't wait to share. Bill and I keep thinking about the brides at PF on Fridays. We are just so excited for you all bc we KNOW how much fun and how perfect everything will turn out. Oh, just in case anyone wants to cut and paste from my website, hasn't been updated in awhile but here: katelynnandbill.com Also under the "book your trip tab" is all the booking instructions. It is a good idea to make sure your guests have the step by step to save you some time. I also made a little front/back card with these instructions and put it in my invites, just an idea. Kate, Do you still have this info? I tried accessing your site and of course its down -been quite a while since it was live. Thanks! Sarah
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