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  1. @@Pitita the hotel will not negotiate with you directly. I ran into this problem when booking my wedding in 2010 at Now Jade Riviera Cancun, which ultimately led me to become a travel agent! :-) Should have became a sales agent, since three of my guests purchased timeshares at Now Jade, one guest proposed and had their wedding there the following year. Anyways, I'd be happy to check group rates for you. I'm working on a girlfriend's wedding at the moment and am helping her research resorts. Iberostar Paraiso is a runner up for the "family friendly" option. :-) Whatever you do, do not sign a contract committing to a number of rooms booked! Cheers, Jen
  2. Sara - Do not stress. Everything will be fine. I was married there on May 23 and worked with Ana. I was freaking out beforehand as well, because I had not even received a contract from her before we left. I felt I did about 50% of the planning through email before we left and literally the other 50% was done in the 2 hour meeting with Ana the day after we arrived. I set the meeting for the day after our arrival so that my parents could attend and also so that we had enough time to walk the resort and look at the different venue locations. I'm working on my review right now and will post it later today. If you have any specific questions email me at jenbperez@yahoo.com, or you could even call me...email first and I'll give you my number. In short, everything turned out sooooooooooooooooooooo great and perfect that my dearest friend (who proposed to his girlfriend while there) will be getting married at Jade next year! They met with Ana before they left. I think that says a lot. Best, Jen
  3. I'm working on our Ceremony Program and wanted to know if anyone has tips on how exactly the Sand Ceremony works? I'm just not sure where to insert it in the ceremony or how to word it. Any info or help is appreciated it! Thanks!
  4. Hi JB- I posted a similar question not too long ago. A few of the brides stated that they were impressed with the security at the resort. Most of the street violence that is occurring in Mexico is at the border towns; however a few incidents have happened in some of the tourists areas. Unfortunately the news has blown those incidents out of proportion. To me, the incidents that have happened in the tourists town compares to incidents happening in a bad part of Oakland, it only takes a turn down the wrong street and you're subject to the fire zone. To say that because an incident happened in Oakland, it's going to happen at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay is just as ridiculous as saying the violence occurring in areas of Mexico is going to happen at Now Jade, a freaking 5 star resort where there is security patrolling the perimeter of the resort. Below is a link to an article which you can share with your FIL's, not sure how much it will help, but it does describe the perfect serene setting. http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-01-23/travel/27043526_1_town-beach-cancun-massage I'm sorry I don't have much else for you. If Mexico is so bad and Now Jade wasn't safe, then why would there be so many weddings booked, in addition to the rooms at the resort? I shared quite a bit of information and addressed my FIL's concerns, when they barely voiced their concerns...sadly here I am 4 months before the wedding date and my FMIL and FFIL have just informed us that they will not be attending the wedding. Whatever decision you make, make it with your FH after you have both honestly weighed out all the options. Ultimately, it's about you two and what you two want. If you're willing to accept the FIL's not attending the wedding, then do it. If you can't, then it's probably best to look at alternatives. Best, Jen
  5. Hi Amy - We had to place a $1000 deposit to hold a block of 30 rooms. Our guests have until 60 days before the wedding to book at which time they will release the remaining rooms and use the deposit towards our stay. Hope this helps. Jen
  6. Amie- Love your photos. You all look beautiful! Are the groom and groomsmen wearing linen pants? If so, where did they get them? I have one of my girlfriends looking for the the men's attire, and I'm not sure that she has found linen pants yet. Thanks so much! Jen
  7. Hi Cortney - I'm interested in having our reception on the beach too. I've emailed Ana and asked her about it, but haven't received a response. I'll let you know what I find out. The wind seems to be the main issue with an outside reception. Best, Jen
  8. Hi ladies, just wanted to share an article about Puerto Morelos which was posted on SFGate.com last week. The link is below. Enjoy and share with guests! http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-01-23/travel/27043526_1_town-beach-cancun-massage All the best, Jen
  9. Thanks for the info on the gates! Very nice to know and hopefully it will give the worry warts some peace of mind! Thanks - Jen
  10. I'm considering buying paper lanterns for the reception in the Bamboo Room, now that I know where and what it looks like. Does anyone have paper lanterns they want to sell? If so, email me a jenbperez@yahoo.com. I'd also be interested in splitting the costs for paper lanterns and random reusable decorations for the weekend of May 20-23. Lemme know! Jen
  11. Okay, so my fiance and I are booked for the first 5 nights at the resort for our wedding. We're debating on whether to stay there for our honeymoon or switch to a different resort. Just curious what everyone else is doing or what they did. If you switched or are planning on switching resorts, where are you switching to? Thanks! Jen May 23, 2011
  12. Hi ladies! I am a horrible bride who hasn't done much planning until now. I read all of your posts and never post because I haven't really been planning! Now that my wedding is 4 months away I have to plan. YIKES! So, I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the Bamboo Room? Is the Bamboo Room the same thing as the Blue Room? I'm so confused! I received a response from Ana to all of my questions which she said the Blue Room was not available, but the Bamboo Room was available for a "sit down dinner" reception. My last question is annoying to ask, but has anyone been getting comments from guests about the headlines of the drug cartel in Mexico? I keep getting comments, emails, text messages, etc from friends and family, basically wanting me to get married elsewhere because of all the headlines. Was just wondering if anyone has any input on the security at the resort or surrounding area. Thanks so much! One last thing! Was wondering if anyone is getting married the weekend of May 20 to 23? I'm getting married May 23, 2011. Jen May 23, 2011 23 booked!
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