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  1. Have a blast... try not to put too much pressure on yourself to find THE dress... just enjoy the shopping and the Dress will find you :-)
  2. We're the day before you and we're planning on ceremony at 4pm... I was debating some of the same. My photographer did make the point tho that if you do it at around 4-5 you'll probably have more consistent light for the photos of the ceremony, rather than later than that... then we're taking pics in b/w ceremony and reception (I think we'll start that at 6). Also, knowing my family, if we say 4pm ceremony starts - I probably won't actually walk the aisle until 4.20 or so... once everyone actually gets there! hahaha
  3. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I'm still alive. To be honest, I've been lurking a little bit on here from time to time - reading posts and trying to keep up. But generally, I've been kinda avoiding the forum because everytime I read the posts I just feel more stressed. hahaha - hearing about frustrated brides being moved to AB (OMG I am so sorry you're going through that right before the big day) to the resort being booked full for our wedding weekend (right after I sent out my invites) ugghh... anyways I found for a while there that just keeping my head down and doing my own thing was the best for my stress level. But... I'm hoping to be back and more involved for the rest of my planning process. I know that everyone on here has helped me so much and I do want to share my experience and knowledge with others too as I think it's key for everyone to plan their weddings more easily. That said - we sent out our invites back in January (formal invites - had already done email save the dates back last may)... I'm going to try and take a picture of them this weekend after I find my camera and post on here to share with everyone. Right now, we're working on planning an excursion day (probably to Chichen Itza and a cenote) and figuring out when everyone's flights arrive to decide when to do a welcome cocktail reception (or if to do one at all). I remember last year lots of brides to be made lists and posted them weekly to help them keep on top of their to dos... hmmm maybe an idea to copy. Anyways, long post... sorry Welcome all the newbies. Congrats to those who I missed saying that to recently and thanks for understanding my hiatus everyone
  4. Hi Ladies, I've been MIA for a while and trying to catch up! Sorry, very late on the reply to this one but thought I'd add my point of view (as I'm a Vancouver bride too). We went through flightcentre destination weddings in North Van. Our promotional group rate, which everyone got who booked last June was about $1480 pp (including airfare and taxes). Last I heard people looking to book this week were quoted $1920 pp (including airfare and taxes). The prices do go up and down and so, aside from having a locked in group rate, it's hard to know. Also, a lot depends on the date. We were originally looking at a week earlier in May and were quoted $1870pp for our group rate. Once we picked a different week the price went down significantly. If you're still open as to dates for the actual wedding, this might be an option to consider. If you have any Vancouver specific (or any) questions feel free to PM me.
  5. Amanda, did you put your hair apt etc. on your details sheet? Or did you just tell them when you got there. I'm worried that I'll want to know that we have booked enough time in the spa (making me want to book it on my sheet) ... but don't want to be charged a potentially higher amount because I book/pay ahead of time. Thoughts?
  6. Welcome home MRS. Amanda!!! Sorry to hear there were mixed feelings. I hope everything is settled smoothly with Karisma and I'm glad to hear that overall you didn't find it to have damaged your wedding memories greatly!! So glad your time at the resort was good overall (weather, food, visuals from day of etc). Can't wait to hear the review!! I was quoted the same price as Maggie. $85 for day of hair but not makeup.... hmmmm.... Thanks for this suggestion. I'm definitely going to talk it over with her too.
  7. Thank you everyone for your input. It really has set my mind at ease that I'm going to do the right thing on this one!
  8. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 years - congrats! That's fantastic. Enjoy this thread. The ladies here are a wonderful help in planning Same same for me
  9. Maybe not the best help on this, but we felt similarly (but family and friends said we MUST register) so we did and we just put a link on the website that says we're registered for some "traditional wedding items" at XXXX. We kept the registry really to things like china and silverware (which we wouldn't get otherwise). But we're not otherwise mentioning that we're registered to anyone unless they specifically ask and making it known to through conversation that we DO NOT expect gifts. Quote: Originally Posted by primavera I need your advice ladies. We weren't going to register for gifts, but now by the request of guests who cannot attend the wedding we have changed our mind. I want to add some wording on the registry page on our website to let people know that they do not have to buy us any gifts and their attendance is more than enough. Any suggestions as for how to word this so it comes out right?
  10. MIA again... for some reason I have a hard time keeping up with this thread. Welcome to all the new brides to be!! May sure seems to be the month to get married We're definitely doing the legal ceremony here. We haven't decided who will be there but we'll just have two witnesses, keep it very simple and very hush hush. (sidenote: my grandmother is already telling everyone my wedding in Mexico "isn't a real wedding" because it's not in a church. hahaha sigh). Also, I've looked at the wording required by BC Law to get married and am going to ask that only the absolute required wording to be legally married is done - no kiss the bride (we plan to high-five), no emotional vows etc. For me, the legal ceremony is NOT our wedding and I don't want anything to take away from the actual DAY. All that said, maybe there's a minister who would do it in an office or something totally unromantic hahaha! :-) Good luck in making your choices on this girls. I think it's really a personal decision how one goes about it. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicyx MIA for ages and ages been lurking but i need opinions please.... I knew i shouldnt have gone dress shopping..... girls i have fallen in with another dress...... Ok so in the pictures of it, it dosent actually look that special, but i tried it on today and i DIDNT wana take it off, I just loved it..... In fact the more im talking about it the more i think im going to get it.... It was gorgeous, fitted PERFECT too & & & & & i always said i didnt want a veil but now i do.... i was looking for an aqua flower for my hair now i just want a hair comb with some bling flowers... i tried on the whole "shbang" I really really wanted my mum or sis there. I went on my own today as i couldnt get anyone to go with me. But i must say, I Looked Gorgeous :-) Infact reading back on this I dont think i have a dilema after all............ I nearly cried, didnt cry, but nearly i had a tear in my eye for sure.... I just wish the picture of it looked like it did when it was on!!!! You will probably notice it is VERY VERY simliar to the one i originally wanted so i defo know the style is right :-) I am so so glad i held off buying the Maggie dress.......... HERE IT IS : http://www.benjaminroberts.co.uk/4017-p-329.html HERE IS "MY" ORIGINAL ONE to compare : http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?page=8&style=A3283 PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK HONESTLY xox I LOVE the backs on both of those - but especially the benjamin roberts. I love amazing and unique backs!! I think you know which one is your dress. Congrats!!
  11. Thanks to everyone for your feedback on my guest couple who split up question. I really appreciate all the opinions and support and am going to go with my gut and invite them both, let them know they're welcome to bring a guest of course but also that the ex has been invited too - so they can decide accordingly. I'll talk to my other friend about it too beforehand just so everyone's comfortable. Again, thanks for the input. Much appreciated I love these. But I'm a bit partial to peacock feathers as they are being included in my wedding. (I'm working on making feather bouquets for my BMS and bouts and peacock feathers are included in those because my colours are turquoise and purple). I think it would look fanTASTIC with fushia shoes too! I'd never heard of this before. That's great to know - anyone know what time it's open until? I have a feeling there will be some people (read: many) who will want to keep the party going after the reception. This might be a good way to do it - as others have said; it's what you make of it and if we have 20-30 people with a DJ there I think it could be a GREAT time. .....
  12. Thanks for the input Karyan. I really appreciate it and I think that's definitely the right thing to do. :-)
  13. I just realized I should have put "Invited couple" in the thread title. Sorry if that misled any of you!
  14. Hi Ladies, I posted in the etiquette forum but I have a situation/question that I would love some advice on from you all: We sent out our save the dates this past June for our wedding in May, 2011. Since that time one couple, whom we invited as a couple, have split up. The interesting issue with this as well is that we only became friends with this couple recently, through another mutual friend, and they live on the east coast (we're on the west) so we don't really see either of them very often. However, we did become somewhat closer with one part of the couple, as she is the good friend of our mutual friend. We really enjoy both of these people and I'm just wondering how/what to do. Do we invite them both separately and let them know they are each welcome to bring a guest and let them know as well that they have both been invited, so as not to be surprised by the other and make their decision accordingly? (This is what I'm inclined to do). The one who is friends with our mutual friend may likely come as a single, with the mutual friend - so I don't want that to create an awkwardness either.... Should I ask the mutual friend for her opinion? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a feeling that they both won't come anyways, but I just want to know what other people would do in this circumstance. Thanks!
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