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  1. We just got back from our honeymoon and let me tell you ladies, Las Caletas was AMAZING!! I do not have anything bad to say, and will finish my review tonight. Kelley is a lifesaver and I cannot tell you how calm and relaxed she made everything, Brad was hilarious and a ton of fun and we used the wedding photographer there and he was a blast. The entire experience was perfect and our friends and family are still speechless at how beautiful everything was. The fire dancers are worth every penny, and Fernando the hair guy is awesome and did a great job on everyone's hair and makeup...and I have some pretty tough bridesmaids to please. All around I am still so incredibly happy with how everything turned out. I wish we could do it all over again for fun.
  2. We are exactly one week out from today!! Getting so excited. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. Quick question for any past brides. We haven't heard from the officiant yet. Does he contact you normally prior to the wedding? Matt was asking and I just realized this so I am now wondering too. Happy Easter!!
  3. Hi!! I am the weekend before you, on May 1st. Time is flying by, and Kelley has been such a lifesaver. Any of you girls on the fence, the entire experience has been so awesome so far!!
  4. We are almost one month away and I am full speed ahead in figuring everything out. I have a couple of questions for you Las Caletas ladies so I don't have to bug Kelley. Did anyone do a slideshow at their wedding? We wanted to do one at our welcome dinner but the hotel is trying to charge us $700 for just that, which I think is crazy! So we decided to just do it the night of the wedding. Has anyone done this? How did it turn out? What format does the slideshow need to be in? Can you put music in the background of the slideshow? Thanks so much for your help!! Also, how the heck did you ladies get all of the welcome bag crap, placecards, wedding stuff down there? It seems like so much stuff!
  5. I was appalled at how hard she is working and at the fact they were trying to cut her pay. To work that many hours is completely crazy. I would love to help and write a letter if she says that would be the best way. Please let me know. I agree with the importance of an amazing wedding coordinator. I don't honestly know what i would do without her help. I have sent her so many emails, but I always try to find out information on here first too. Thankfully this tread is still going and so many girls are involved in answering questions. Hopefully she is able to continue answering everyone's questions while finding more time to hang out with her four year old and hubby.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get the welcome bags? I want something cute but not too expensive.
  7. My wedding is coming up so fast that I am now starting to feel behind after I learned how far along Lesley is!! My bridal shower is around the corner and we are working on our OOT bags this week. Any suggestions on cute and fun stuff to put in the bags? Also, does anyone have any cheap sites to buy seashells or starfish?
  8. I am officially exactly 3 months out as of today! I can't believe it and time is flying. Former LC Brides - I am trying to decide on the photographer today and wanted to see if anyone had any issues with the LC photographer? Why did you hire someone outside instead of using them if you did? Any bad reviews? We want to keep it easy but if there are any issues, I will start researching other options as well. Nate is way out of our budget sadly, but maybe a local photographer option might work. Also, what did you think of the mariachi band? Anyone hire them? We wanted them just for when our guests got off the boat and before the wedding ceremony, but that seems like too much money for such a short amount of time. Do they provide table runners or did you bring your own? Any other suggestions on things we should bring that I am not thinking of. Thanks for all your help. This forum is a lifesaver.
  9. Hi Las Caletas brides!! I am Jen from California and my wedding is all set for May 1, 2011. You have all been so helpful and give amazing advice. I think most of my questions are answered at this moment, but I am still deciding on the photographer. Does anyone know a lot about the photographer they provide? Do they have two people to shoot both me early and my wedding party coming over on the boat? Why did you ladies decide to go with someone else? Also, what is included for the tables? White tablecloths? Are the runners extra? Thanks for your help!!
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