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  1. Thanks for the info ladies! I definitely think that suits are the way to go. I will definitely check out the vendor (studio suits) as I am not sure of where to go for options. Are you ladies also having the groomsmen wear suits? I am a little nervous to let them buy their own wear ;-) I am now considering doing a legal ceremony...yowzers i am indecisive. I just think it would be more official that way. I don't know...what are you ladies doing? symbolic or legal? Thanks for your help!!
  2. Congrats kat2012! So my fiance and I are sending invites out in the next few weeks and are going to do a separate invite for the AHR closer to the date (as recommended by invite person). So many parts, ahhh! What are you ladies having the men wear? I was thinking linen or a nice cotton, pants, button up, no tie. Ideas??
  3. Thanks Kimberli1211, I decided to do them as we need to send AHR invites anyway. I agree with the formality part. Happy Plannning!
  4. I know that there is an up charge for pretty much everything ; ). As I understand, they can do anything, for a price. I mentioned to Andrea that I wanted to use orchids for flowers at the reception to keep things cohesive. I am not sure what to do for linens. I was thinking about keeping it simple and using a neutral color scheme with an accent color (deep purple) which is what my attendants are wearing. I am waiting for prices which will ultimately help us decide on how much we do. I was considering doing some things myself but at the end of the day shipping, and actually setting things up does not sounds worth saving a few bucks. When I get to the resort I do not want to have to stress about anything more than having to answer questions related to preferences!! What are you doing for photography?
  5. Hi ladies! I cannot believe that the time is flying by! Our site inspection in April was amazing and we feel so assured about our choice. We decided to do a beach wedding and are going to have our reception in the Blue Marlin palapa over the ocean. We decided to do the ultimate wedding package and upgraded the food and drink packages. I chose my flowers from the choices they offered (orchids) but was wondering what anyone else was doing for decoration? I spoke with Andrea at the resort, as they are between coordinators at the moment, and she made it seem like options were endless. I also am unsure about what to do for entertainment. If anyone has any questions I am more than happy to help! Linds ALSO: what are you doing for rooms?
  6. Hi ladies! I started posting in Feb but school got super crazy so I sort of fell off the earth. We are getting married at Secrets Sanctuary in Cap Cana DR Dec 12th. I have a question about the invites, probably a crazy one. SO, we sent out save the dates and were planning on sending invites for the at home reception (early spring) next month. What invites are you ladies sending? I am wondering if I missed a step, uh oh! :S I love seeing that everyone is doing well with planning! Linds
  7. Thank you to everyone for your warm welcome! I am so excited to have a place to share and grab ideas.
  8. Hello and Congrats! My name is Lindsay and my fiance and I have chosen Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana for our DW. Our Date is 12.12.11 and I would love any info or tips anyone has. I am new to the site and there is so much great info but am hoping to narrow it down a little. I hope to hear from you! Lindsay
  9. Too funny, we have ALOT in common. I just realized that I posted in the Jamaica forum and am getting married in the Dominican but what ev. I need all the help I can get! :-) I completely here you on the internet surfing. I wish I was more organized in my planning. We are also hoping to do a site visit in March thinking that it would be nice to at least meet the pple/planner at the resort. Are you doing any excursions for your party? I am trying to think about "to-do's" once we arrive. It sounds like you have a big group, SO FUN! We are hoping for 30-50 pple but it is so difficult to "guess" who will and won't make it. So nice to here from someone in the same boat! Lindsay
  10. Hi ladies! I am getting married at Secrets Sanctuary this December and am also looking for any info from others. I see that the posts are a little dated but am hoping some of you are still out there! Lindsay
  11. Hi Jacki! I completely understand the "it feels like forever" comment. My fiance and I got engaged last March, but Dec is going to come FAST! We are printing the Save the Date's now and I "accidently" found my dress last weekend :-)! Otherwise, I have no clue where to start. I think I have 10 books somewhere but am looking forward to some advice on BDW. Hopefully we can help each other!
  12. Hello Maria! Congrats on being almost 1 year away! So exciting! I read that you are celebrating at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana. I am as well and would love if we could share tips and info with each other. Happy Planning, we picked a GREAT spot! Lindsay
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