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  1. So sorry to hear about the shooting, but I'm sure it is nothing for you to worry about. We were just at my daughter's wedding on November 13 and we stayed at RPTB. It is right past your resort. Riu Negril looks beautiful. In fact, some members of our group walked down the beach to your Riu. The people in Jamaica are lovely, sweet people who will bend over backwards trying to please you. Of course the tourist trade is how they make their living. I never felt the least bit threatened by anyone while we were there. When you make the drive from the airport, you will see what a poor country this is. The employees who lost their jobs were probably frustrated and reached their breaking point.(not that I condone violence of any kind...but you'll understand more when you see the area. Jamaica is paradise...but the people living in this paradise are so poor!) I talked with one of the employees who told me she makes $50 every two weeks. Make sure you tip while you are there. It is not required, nor is it expected...but it will surly be a help to the people and they will try even harder to please you. You are going to have the best time of your life! Don't worry about a thing...Just Enjoy!
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    I really don't understand the idea that you have to post 150 times before you can open the attachments. That makes people have to post messages that have little or no value to anyone...like "welcome to the forum", or "I like your dress". When you are looking for something helpful, all those nonsense messages are annoying. I understand what the moderators are trying to do, but I think there must be a better way. I have been on here daily and I have found lots of help, which I appreciate. Many of you are so creative...I think you're amazing! Most of you are young, and bubbly and excited....and it's fun to see your enthusiasm. I happen to be older (mother of the bride) and I'm not as chatty. When I have something to contribute...I will. I expect to write some sort of a review when I get back. However, I was never able to open any attachments and I never will be able to do that. Oh well...
  3. Wow! The info about the hotel photographer is definitely helpful! I'm sure that applies to any of the hotels. We are heading to RPTB next week, and my daughter is using their photographer. I thought their prices were ridiculous...and now I see how to handle it. Thank you so much for sharing that!
  4. Wendyjd, Thank you. I am so confused on where to see reviews, etc. now that the forum has been changed. I am impressed with all your goodies, and you were a Beautiful Bride! Can't wait to see pro pics!
  5. Hi Wendyjd, Glad to hear all went well and you had such a great time! Can't wait to read your review. Two weeks will seem to move at a snail's pace while you wait for your pictures..lol. Do you have any non-pro pics you could share?
  6. Hello L & J, I know what you mean about the weather. I keep checking "the weather channel" and all it says are scattered thunderstorms....every day! Hopefully, they come and go quickly. Have a great time in Jamaica!
  7. Ladies, Thank you for your good wishes. We will be leaving on Nov. 11 and wedding is Nov. 13. My daughter must be part Jamaican, as she has "no worries"...just looking to enjoy her day. She has done very little planning...just going to talk to WC and make plans when she gets there. I really do think that in many ways that is best. Obviously less stressful. I have read many reviews and it looks like everyone has a wonderful time! I can't wait to get to Jamaica!
  8. Thank you so much, Missgomes, for posting that thread!!! It's great. That is just what I am looking for. Lots of good info there. I was hoping more Jamaica brides would post specifics re:Jamaica weddings. Guess I am just getting concerned because it's almost time for us to head to Negril, and I want everything to go well.
  9. We are headed to RPTB in November for my daughter's wedding. I have seen so many wonderful ideas and plans from all of you...and I'm just wondering...now that you've had your beautiful wedding, what advice would you give to those of us who are heading to Jamaica? Would love to hear any tips... from wedding specifics to must-try foods/restaurants...places we should visit...things to avoid, etc. Also, if you were a Riu bride, anything good/bad about your experience.
  10. I have been told the wedding ceremony at Dreams Punta Cana is in spanish, with an english translator. Is that correct? How did that work? Doesn't seem like it would be very appealing to a bunch of Americans who don't speak a word of spanish. What was your experience like?
  11. I really don't know if this is how you post on here...obviously don't know much about computers! I'm the mother of the bride. No wedding date yet. Just looking on here for suggestions!
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