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  1. Hi Valerie Yes the DVD is great and the music is good on it - cant fault any of it really. Just ensure you have a list of the photos you want to take - I did, but didnt stick to it - but we had reception at home so got the ones I miss - but you cant repeat them if you miss them on the beach - but did get most of what I wanted. Yes the drinks were included and they kept topping up the glasses as I remember! Champagne toast etc too. We just paid for the beach BBQ and they never charged us for the kids! We took our own music to get married to - Canon in D (Celtic version) and it played beautifully, but the live acoustic trio band that play at the ceremony is also very good - in fact everything they did was a great touch. The horse and carriage, the live band and the train to pick you up from beach and return you etc - all very effective! We had the Cuban Rum Legend package so had the dancers at the ceremony - that with the upgrade to a superior room was only 300CUC and was well worth the money. Dont worry about Yaly answering - close to our wedding she emailed back a lot - perhaps she just prioritises into whose coming next etc. She will answer, dont fear about her - she is great - in fact you can give her my best she was incredible we wont forget her! The salsa band sounds nice for the beach BBQ, that will be fun. It does get dark, but as we said there is a floodlight. If you are the only wedding that is good - it will be nice. We had salsa dancers at our evening reception back in England, they did a few dances and then got the audience up - it was very good and entertaining and different, I am sure your guests will love it. 29 is a good number it worked excellently for us - we chose to have a square layout for the tables with us at the top facing the sea. You get to be a bride for 2 weeks, so relax and enjoy it. Havent forgot about sending the pics of the beach bbq will email them to you - mine is a live.com account - just check your junk mail later in week in case it goes into there. Please feel free to ask me anything else Speak soon Lisa
  2. ps forgot to say Yaly has no weddings on weekends - so best time to get her is on Sunday to answer your emails - saturday is her day off and she gets to work on Sunday afternoons. She generally answers them then. x
  3. Hi Valerie I just asked Shaun to search for you - but I guess you dont need to then to see the pics - they are lovely arent they - not that I am biased!! Yes - we just checked you cant see them can you - I will email you some then with the tea lights lit up - not sure the photos do it as much justice as the DVD (if you get the DVD from PP it is good and well done!) - but I do remember on the night us all saying how well they looked - we only had small tea lights, we took 2 dozen for 29 of us and they flickered lovely. If you are having larger ones for the lanterns they might be better still. Sarah who has just come back (who I gave my tea lights to) said there were 3 beach bbqs on the nights, which of course disappointed her as they are close enough to see each other but not to hear each other, and her table looked the best cos it was lighted up! So you will be good! Ask Yaly for the position on the beach in front of gazebo - first come first served, thats what we had and it is the best position - from where you sit you cant see anyone elses table. There were 2 beach bbqs on our day - but it did not spoil our evening at all. Nor do I think it upset the other bride either. I also took table crystals to match my bridesmaids, favours for men and women and children's favours too - plus a table plan and Yaly set it up lovely. Even the plates matched our colours! Will email you shortly - but your idea of laterns sounds lovely - the only light we got was the flood light. There is a seafood restaurant on the beach and that is closeish (i.e. you use their toilets etc) and there is some light from there but not much. You sound like you have everything covered and 30th June is not far away now is it! How exciting. Try not to worry (easier said then done i know) but Yaly is wonderful and it is well organised, even though I was 75 minutes late to the alter due to flowers not arriving. In June there may not be another bride - which will be ideal! There were 3 brides on my day - I didnt see the 11am bride after her ceremony and I only saw her by chance in her carriage. I did see the 4pm bride (who got married at 5.30 ish) because she came to the lobby where we were (they sit you close in lobby too!) and then to beach bbq about good hour after us. You could ask Yaly for a private spot in lobby I was surprised they sat us so close - but as we were there first it did not worry us, it might have done had I been the second bride to join. I had wanted 4pm, but actually now glad I had 2pm considering how late I was I didnt get married till 3.15 anyway! We also were lucky enough to get the sunset which was about 6.50 - we got photographer and video guy to come back and tipped him to do so - so we got some fabulous photos at sunset (think they on facebook) - you might want to consider that option too. Makes for lovely photos and guests sat at beach bbq and watched sunset. If you marry at 4pm and assume you are on time (sure you will be ours was just one off) then you have one hour on beach with wedding, taken back to lobby for hour or so and back to beach - so if you get them to time it right - you will get sunset too. Hope all this helps? Will email you those pictures! Lisa x
  4. Hi his name is Shaun Irwin - I will get him to contact you via facebook and to upload some pics of the beach bbq too - not sure they are on their yet - may just be day time at moment Have no fears you will love it When is your date, has it been confirmed yet? Glad you like the picture - I cant stop looking at them yet! Lisa x
  5. Hi I have managed to upload one photo as profile photo - will see what else I can do and if not I will email them to you My husband (wow that gets some getting used to) is on face book -if you are let me know and I will get him to search you - he has put all our pictures onto there too! Glad the flameless tea lights work, they did for me and Sarah (we met via Trip Advisor forum) she said hers was ace with them too & is even posting me the ones left back - so I will have a keepsake! She returned on Wed of this week and also wants to go back again - so have no fears you will adore it! It was another bride of last year that advised me (she is Canadian and got them from Costco) - In England I just ordered them off the net! Not sure if I told you but they let us plant a pomegranate tree (think it was cos our wedding was 75 mins late due to flower delay) so we have a plaque with our names and wedding date and a tree to go back and see someday soon - may be you will see it when you go - on way down to beach very close to snorkel hut - Lisa & Shaun 8th April 2011 - may be you could take a picture for me of how it has grown?? Let me know if there is anything else you want to know. We did upgrade to Cuban rum legend and has the massages, superior room, etc etc and it was well worth the money. Michel the photographer/camera man is brilliant as is Yaly. Favours do add to your table and make it personal, but Yaly will put flowers on there anyway. You get to pick your spot for the beach BBQ. I had thought they would be far apart, but they are not - you cant hear other party but can see them, so I chose the spot in front of wedding gazebo (nicest spot) - if you tell Yaly in advance she will reserve it for you. Just look at the sea behind us on our photo in gazebo - just beautiful!
  6. Hi All I took the advice of a previous bride and took flameless tea light candles - ie battery operated ones The beach BBQ is lighted with spot lights - they have 2 on the beach and put the beach BBQ up near to these - we had no other lights on the table Yaly set these up for me, along with the favours etc and crystals etc I gave her with the table plan - it was perfect and of course being battery operated they did not blow out Our table looked fab I had met a girl on line who was marrying the week after we left - I met up with her and left her and the photographer my flameless tea lights - she got home on Wednesday this week and said there were 3 Beach BBQs on her wedding date and her table was by far the best as the tea lights lit up her table and all other tables had none So a suggestion how about a battery operated light under your paper latern and then not to have electric. We did ask for microphone for speeches and we got one, and there is music so I know there is electric - but not sure how many plug sockets you need for your latterns. Hope this helps? If anyone can advise how I upload pictures I will do that and show you the wedding and the tea lights in action! Lisa x
  7. Thanks Julie - I know they do dont they! We just start a PP wedding reunion - think we would all like to do it again! x
  8. Hi to All We got married on 8th April and it was wonderful wonderful wonderful! perfect perfect perfect I had not intention of marrying on the beach but when Yaly showed us the 3 sites - it was just too perfect not to I cant say I noticed anyone watching - I am sure they did - but you are too engrossed in it all to notice that If you are shy though there is a secluded spot in the grounds with statue of bride and groom - ideal for small parties - or the gazebo is close to childrens club and not many there - beach though is just wonderful. Having said all this Yaly is so great I am sure she will do what you ask of her. So is Michel the video camera man. Oh our pictures and DVD are brilliant everything is wonderful including my husband (see it is ace, you will have a great time). I cannot faulty any of it - I was late (the flowers were) so my 2pm wedding altered to 3.15! Yaly married us as notary had to go - but it was still perfect and nice to be married by someone you knew! I cannot fault it - I want to do it all over again. I wish I could post pictures - but I dont think I can - I will try. We had cuban legend package and beach BBQ both again so perfect. I really cannot praise it enough and to add to this the hotel itself is fantastic, food, location, restaurants everything We also did Havana as mini honeymoon just Shaun and I and that was great. As a wedding party we also did dine with the dolphins as private tour 2 days before wedding and that was out of this world also I really cannot fault it - do not fear - your wedding will be pefect. Lisa x
  9. Well We got married at PP on 8th April 2011 and it could not have been more perfect! We had originally asked for 4pm wedding but got 2pm and now am so glad we did The flowers were late, so they told us we would be a few mins late - that turned out to be 3.15! Stress has not been invented in Cuba yet so they were in no rush, the notary had to go to another wedding so Yaly married us - but it was nice being married by someone you knew and trusted. Yaly is just great - have no fears your wedding will be wonderful. Michel the video camara man is also brilliant - big heads up to both of them We had the rum legend package and beach BBQ - both were excellent - I cannot fault it - only thing I think they forgot was cigars - but we got them a few days later so no dramas. Oh it was perfect what can I say, wonderful venue, wonderful setting, wonderful wedding, wonderful husband - shall I go on......... PP itself is also a dream vacation - you cannot fault anything at the hotel. Trip advisor says bland food - we like our food and we cannot say that was bland - restaurants are great - book as you arrive to ensure you get them, and trips we did Havana overnight as mini honeymoon (perfect) brillian Mojitos and club Tropicana and also did as wedding party a private Dine with the Dolphins - that was out of this world to say the least. Oh perfect - feels like a dream now - I was a princess for the day and the holiday - well worth it - good luck to those who are going - you will not regret it.
  10. yes Yaly has sent me pictures the new gazebo is right on the beach The older wooden gazebo is in the grounds and from pictures looks pretty remote The beach gazebo looks really pretty (and I didnt want to get married on the beach) so I will wait till I get there and decide - Yaly says she will walk us round them all, I do believe there is a third choice We have 29 of us in total - so to keep everyone cool we may have to go for garden one unless they can out our guests in shade - we requested 4pm wedding April 2010 and did not get it - we have been given 2pm so its going to be hot! will let you know - 3 weeks today is my wedding day - 2 weeks today we jet off Lisa x
  11. Lisa and Shaun April 8th 2011, Playa Pesquero (21 days and counting!)
  12. Hi Ladies I have not been yet - but go in 16 sleeps time! I probably can advise you both more on my return. I am sure you have searched all the other threads about Cuba like I did - I have been in touch with a few brides, however the best person to answer your questions is probably Yaly - she usually replies to emails on weekends (when there are no weddings). We have not yet decided on our location, going to decide when seen them in person. I fancied gazebo overlooking sea, but not on beach itself - but once seen the beach setting it looks stunning so I dont know - having said that we are a party of 29 going over - so gardens with gazebo where everyone can sit in shade might be better for our guests - again will decide on arrival. We have provisionally booked beach BBQ with Yaly - dont pay until get there - and are contemplating the legends package - not sure which one yet. Speak soon Lisa
  13. Lisa and Shaun getting married April 8th 2011, Playa Pesquero, Holguin. Cant wait! x
  14. Hi Crystallball Your photos look ace and I am sure your photographer ones are even better. It all looked like it went well - congratulations! The forums appear to have gone quiet! Its 7 weeks till we go and we marry on 8th April. Getting exciting now Did you take your own photographer with you? Could you use the resort photographer to take more? Hope to hear from you soon and congratulations again Lisa x
  15. HI All 7 weeks and we will be in Cuba! 8 weeks and I will be a "mrs" Any tips or updates greatly appreciated Getting exciting now Look forward to hearing from you all Lisa x
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