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  1. I got married in November 2011 in Mexico and am just now clearing out all of my extra stuff from the wedding.  I am hoping some of it may be put to good use. 

     9 orange and 9 fuschia chair sashes left:  $20 for all (plus shipping)

    16 Straw OOT bags (10 lined with orange and fuschia and 6 lined with lime and turquoise): $25 for all (plus shipping)

    *the bags are approximately 12"X14" (there is a ruler next to the bag in one of the pictures


    If you are interested, email me with your address and I will give you a shipping quote.



  2. I got married in Mexico in November 2011 and am just now trying to declutter the house, including some leftover decorations from the wedding.  I have 9 orange and 9 fuschia chair sashes.   Also, I have 16 straw OOT bags.  10 of them are lined with orange and fushia material and 6 are lined with lime and turquoise material. 

    The prices are $20 for the sashes and $25 for the bags plus shipping.  Once you contact me with your address, I will give you a quote for shipping.  Thanks!

  3. This is very helpful!  Thanks for sharing!

    Originally Posted by Kat81 View Post

    Yeah, so I am not sure how to add a link to another thread BUT here it is

    Carry on
    Passports and driver's licenses
    plane tickets
    copies of all contracts
    vendor contact info
    lists of guests and travel info, arrival times, hotels where they will be
    copies of wedding insurance policy
    credit cards, only ones we will use
    hotel reservation confirmations
    photocopies of medical and or trip insurance coverage
    phone number of doctor, kennel, credit card companies
    prescriptions in original bottles
    jewelry, including wedding rings
    change of clothes
    wedding vows
    wedding dress
    groom's suit
    cell phone & charger
    laptop - if you have wedding info on it you need

    Checked bag 1
    wedding night sleepwear
    nail polish
    change of shoes for dancing
    groom's accessories
    white button down for makeup application
    robe for dressing
    something old
    something new
    something borrowed
    something blue
    her rehearsal dinner dress
    her good-bye brunch outfit

    Checked bag 2
    skirts, shorts, pants
    t-shirts, tank tops, blouses
    bathing suits
    beach wrap
    dresses and sundresses
    wraps and sweaters
    camera, extra batteries
    after-sun care
    insect repellant
    toothpaste and toothbrushes
    makeup remover
    hair brush and accessories
    shaving cream and razors
    favorite nail polish
    extra piece of luggage to send dress and accessories back with family

    Bags 3 & 4
    Gifts for attendants and parents
    Welcome bags and contents
    Special cake cutting set
    Escort cards
    Guest book & pens
    table décor
    ceremony accessories
    ring bearer pillow
    thank you notes to vendors and envelopes for tips
    fix it kit: extras of all materials used to make favors, welcome bags and escort cards - glue gun, double sided tape, cards tock, ribbon, etc.
    wedding planning folder with guest list and wedding details

    Leave behind with a friend or family member not attending
    copies of itinerary and hotel phone numbers
    photocopies of passport and credit cards
    sealed copy of wills, insurance policy numbers, financial info


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