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  1. I just sent out my Invitations for my wedding! We are celebrating in Mexico during the Mexican holiday "Dia de los Muertos." I just wanted to share them with everyone. Thanks. The Save the Dates: We made individual boxes filled with a bottle of tequila and a shot glass and the STD card which reads "Take a shot on us...and prepare to celebrate in Mexico" Our passport invitations were made by Diane at Custompassports.com. She was wonderful to work with and was able to capture the exact idea I had in my mind.
  2. I got married in November 2011 in Mexico and am just now clearing out all of my extra stuff from the wedding. I am hoping some of it may be put to good use. 9 orange and 9 fuschia chair sashes left: $20 for all (plus shipping) 16 Straw OOT bags (10 lined with orange and fuschia and 6 lined with lime and turquoise): $25 for all (plus shipping) *the bags are approximately 12"X14" (there is a ruler next to the bag in one of the pictures If you are interested, email me with your address and I will give you a shipping quote. Thanks!
  3. I got the bags at Target in the dollar section. They were $2 each when I got them, about 2 years ago. I have seen them multiple times since then though. They usually put them out around spring or summer time, but I've seen then throughout the year. Hopefully they'll have them again soon!!
  4. Irae, I'm sorry, but the bags and the orange sashes are already sold. The fuschia sashes are still available: 9 sashes for $10, plus $5 shipping. If you are interested, send me a private message with your email address and mailing address and I will send you a paypal invoice!
  5. I got married in Mexico in November 2011 and am just now trying to declutter the house, including some leftover decorations from the wedding. I have 9 orange and 9 fuschia chair sashes. Also, I have 16 straw OOT bags. 10 of them are lined with orange and fushia material and 6 are lined with lime and turquoise material. The prices are $20 for the sashes and $25 for the bags plus shipping. Once you contact me with your address, I will give you a quote for shipping. Thanks!
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    Excellence Riviera Cancun

    Hi! My wedding date is November 1, 2011 at Excellence Riviera Cancun. I'm excited to get feedback from any other brides that are planning a wedding at ERC or who have already had a wedding there. Any recommendations or pictures to share?
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    Excellence Riviera Cancun

    I finally got in contact with the resort photographer and she sent me a sample of their work. PM me if anyone would like to see the photographs and I'll forward you the email from her.
  8. Wow! These look awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  9. They look great! Thanks for sharing!