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  1. When we were there we were able to use our Iphones and ipad with the equiptment, so I am sure an I pod touch would work.
  2. I am from Canada and was legally married at the barcelo at the end of February. All we needed to get married was our passports, travel visas (that we recieved on the plane) and these same items for our 4 witnesses. We didn't even need birth certificates. As for making our marriage legal here, they give you a marriage certificate before you leave the resort. I have used this to change my marriage status and my last name and have had no trouble. I did email vital statistics to see about makinging it legal but, they said there was no need because the marriage only needs to be registered in the country where it happened. I hope this makes sense. If you have any other questions you can PM me. Jenna
  3. Hi Ladies, If it is possible can someone please email me the spa price list. The spa hasn't responded to any of my emails and we leave next week. It would be really nice to know what their prices are. My email is jenna.fyfe@gmail.com. Thanks, Jenna Barcelo Spa Price List.doc
  4. Our budget is way less than 15000. I think when it is all said and done we will have spent around 7500. Including flights for my fiance and I. But, we are only having 28 guests at the wedding and we are not doing anything fancy for the reception or ceremony.
  5. Claudia is my WC, and I am now 1 month from the wedding. I used to hear from her weekly. But, in the last two months I have emailed her with no response. So, it does not get better three months out. It just adds stress.
  6. I choose the Strawberry package so we would be able to have a reception on the beach. This was the smallest package that would allow a beach reception. so, if that doesn't matter to you then I would go with the cheaper ones.
  7. I just emailed my WC about this. I will let you know when I get a response.
  8. I didn't get any responses to my DJ question. You will have to let me know how they are.
  9. We are having the same issues with iur TA from selloffvacations. I too wish we would have just done all of the travel arrangements ourselves, it would save some of the stress.
  10. Thats exactly what my bridesmaid told me when I asked her if the veil I like was me. She told me wearing a big white dress isn't you either so it didn't really matter. I say wear the earrings they are beautiful and will be amazing for your TTD pics.
  11. I think I am on track but sometime I feel really far behind so far I have -bought dress (still needs altered) -booked resort and trip -sent out invites -started planning with my WC -booked and put a deposit on my photographer -purchased groomsmen shirts still to do -grooms clothes -accessories -Bridemaid dresses (going on Saturday) -get more people booked -buy and assemble OOT bags and some other DIY projects I have in mind
  12. We are planning for late Novemeber early decemeber for the Shower.
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