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  1. My wedding is next week (4/1) YAY!!!!! Samuel Luna is an approved outside photographer and I only have to pay the $80 day pass fee. He has been a dream to work with! Originally when they changed the policy I was going to have to pay the $500 fee but then they discussed it with the photographer and magically it worked out! I'm using the resort photographer for a "Trash the Dress" session the next day. This has been quite the process considering I've been through 4 wedding coordinators already. I currently have Veronica and she's been great to work with, even calling me one evening to work out details. I don't plan on working out the decor for the ceremony and reception until I get there as I'm hoping to work out a deal. We went with the ultimate package but I'm not using a lot of it so I'm not sure if it's worth it. We're bringing our own officiant and I'm doing my own makeup. I think I may have chosen food off of the silver menu instead of the gold menu also. If I could do it over again I may have went with the love package. No biggie though and I'm sure it will all work out well! I'll let you know all of the details after the wedding!
  2. The DJ's email is visualsound2010@hotmail.com His name is DJ Mauricio Neri and you can look at his pics on Facebook at "Music for Your Eyes" (corny I know but he has a light up dance floor similar to DJ Mannia. From what I understand his pricing is $300/hr but I'm waiting to find out if that includes the dance floor. I'll keep you all posted.
  3. My fi just ordered a linen suit set with vest from jcrew. It was a bit expensive but the quality is great. If you go to the JCrew site and enter Irish Linen suit vest I think you'll find it. Good luck!
  4. volosikj-1/15/2011 Beth Anne & Mathew 01/17/11 Steve and Amy 2/04/2011 Tara & Andy 2/10/11 rscherle- 2/19/2011 saymyname74- 3/5/2011 L'Oreal & Mike 3/26/11 Jessie & Mike 4/1/2011 Brooke & Rasheed 04/03/2011 Ashley & Cole 4/7/2011 Kerry & Gary - 4/8/2011 Melissa & Michael - 4/22/11 Dawn & Jimmy - 4/30/2011 Leah & Jamie - 5/3/2011 Lisa & Andrew - 5/6/11 Ursula & Matt - 5/7/2011 Melissa & Nathanael 5/8/11 Winter & Steven - 5/10/2011 Leanne & Adam 5/14/2011 Lauren & Brian 05/25/2011 BROOKE &MIKE 06/18/2011 Deanna & Christopher 7/6/2011 Colleen & Clint 7/19/11 Lindsay & Frank 7/23/11 Ivelisse & Steve 10/28/11 I just added our date (4/1)
  5. My fi just ordered kahaki linen slacks and a vest for our 4/1 wedding. Just got them in and they look great on. Here's the link: http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/suitinganddressshirts/linensuiting/PRDOVR~91045/91045.jsp I searched all over looking for others and this was the only suit set I could find--a tad expensive but great quality!
  6. Would you mind sending me the buffet menu as well? my email is jessicalervik@yahoo.com My weddding date is April 1, 2011. (BrookeAshlea--it looks like we'll be there the same weekend! Have you had good communication with Gaby? I can't seem to get a response from her but I figure I'll work it out when I get there!) Thanks!
  7. I'm getting married 4/1/11--Would you mind sending me the bouquet, decor, menu options...I still haven't heard anything from Gaby! My email is jessicalervik@yahoo.com. Thanks a million!
  8. Thao & Triet: 9/3/2010 Nikki & Tyler- 9/17/2010 Casey & Ron - 9/18/2010 Sarah & Joe – 9/18/2010 Mindy & Joe - /10/4/2010 Toni & Jake – 10/8/2010 Vix1383 – 10/16/2010 Adrian & Peter 10/17/2010 Kym & Brian – 10/19/2010 Emma & ? - 10/23/2010 Robyn and Chris- 10/24/2010 Reagan & Brent – 10/26/2010 wisconsionbride - 10/28/2010 Rachael & Alex - 10/31/2010 Chelsey & Travis- 11/5/2010 April & Reggie – 11/6/2010 Jannine & Pete- 11/11/2010 Ashley & Mark- 11/15/2010 Kate and Cam - 11/19/2010 Tracy & ? -11/26/2010 lnf_munchkin - 11/27/2010 Lori and Jason- 11/29/2010 t1219 – 11/30/2010 Heather & Braden- 12/6/2010 Angela & Craig - 12/8/2010 Melissa & Evan - 12/10/2010 allegraapple – 12/12/2010 majimart – 12/17/2010 volosikj-1/15/2011 Steve and Amy 2/04/2011 Tara & Andy 2/10/11 rscherle- 2/19/2011 Rachel & Kevin - 2/20/2011 saymyname74- 3/5/2011 L'Oreal & Mike 3/26/11 Jessica & Mike 4/1/2011 Ashley & Cole 4/7/2011 Kerry & Gary - 4/8/2011 Melissa & Michael - 4/22/11 Dawn & Jimmy - 4/30/2011 Lisa & Andrew - 5/6/11 Ursula & Matt - 5/7/2011 Melissa & Nathanael 5/8/11 Winter & Steven - 5/10/2011 Leanne & Adam 5/14/2011 Adele & Anthony 5/17/2011 Lauren & Brian 05/25/2011 Colleen & Clint 7/19/11 Lindsay & Frank 7/23/11 Maria & Terrance 7/30/11 Ivelisse & Steve 10/28/11 I added my date: 4/1/2011
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by rach2011 You may want to try emailing Yazmin. She reached out and emailed me first and she responds fairly quickly (within a week) so far. I have read through many posts here that Ana will be more responsive the closer it gets to your wedding date. Just take the time to read through here, I have really learned a lot just through the posts. Everyone is very friendly and open to share ideas and experiences. Congrats on selecting Dreams. I am getting more excited by the day! Thanks so much--do you have Yazmin's email address? I absolutely love this forum. I've already learned so much from reading the previous posts!
  10. Hello everyone! I just switched resorts from Secrets Maroma to Dreams Riviera Cancun. I'll be getting married there on April 1, 2011. We had many complaints from family and guests about the price of Secrets and it not being family-friendly so my FI and I decided it would be in our best interest to switch. Love the resort but am concerned about the lack of a response from Ana. It appears to be a common problem based on past posts. I just want her to acknowledge my existence--everything else is already planned because my contract and deposit transferred directly from Secrets since the two are related resorts. Has anyone found an effective way to get her to respond? I've written emails to her in both English and Spanish at multiple email addresses but she only appears to respond through my destinationwedding agent...
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Tennyt1 Are any of you sending out thank you for booking letters or anything like that. I was trying to find a thread on this topic, if you know of one please send me the link. I just booked our photog--his name is Samuel Luna and his work looks great (plus the price was lower than some of the others I was looking at. Initially I wanted Claudia Rodriguez but she was booked.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Boo Hi, for those ladies who have gotten married already, I just sent a deposit for the hair/make up guy, only to find after the fact that when he said that he has no other weddings that day that I misunderstood and infact, he has already booked another one some time ago. Now my ceremony is at 2 pm, the other lady is on this forum and her ceremony is at 3:30. Mine is at Secrets Maroma and hers is at The Royal, PDC. We are both freaking out, I called him and he had indicated that this Saturday he has 3 and that this is typical. I just don’t know what to do, I thought I would splurge as hair is super important to me and now I am worried its going to be a rush job for multiple of what I would have paid else where. Yikes this is just too stressful. I'd ask him exactly how much time he's planning on spending on you to do your hair and makeup and at what time he is coming. If you don't think he has enough time to take care of your needs, you may want to look elsewhere. Also, is he planning on doing a trial run through with you before the wedding? If so, it won't take him as long the day of. (BTW, I'm not married yet--I just do makeup for wedding parties here in the States)
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by celestial419 jlerv- where on the riviera maya are you getting married? I was planning on sending invites even earlier. I'm getting married at Secrets Maroma Resort in Riviera Maya. What about you? I'm having a hard time finding decent rates (similar to everyone else it seems). I sent out save the dates on April Fool's Day of this year (giving everyone exactly a year to save!) so I figure I'd wait until January to send out the actual invites. We're also having a local reception in June of 2011 so I figure I'll include the save the dates for that date in the actual invites.
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