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  1. Hey Jess, Tomorrow is the big departure date! YAY! 1)You really cant go wrong with a food choice! Everything was tasty. 2) We had a tres leches kind of cake...it was VERY sweet. 3) We chose fruit, bagels and omelets...we didn't really eat any of it though. I'm sure I'll talk to you before...but have a BLAST! I cant wait to read your review and see your pics!
  2. I didn't do an "official" cocktail party either. We sent the guests to the lobby bar so that we could take pictures. When we finished, the photog followed us to the lobby and we were able to take photos with guests and have a couple of drinks. From the cocktail party, we went to our reception.
  3. All of the bouquets are beautiful! I am so happy for all of you!
  4. Hi Liza, I went with the complimentary package and brought my own chair sashes decorate. The setting itself is enough decoration...but the modest pops of color I brought along really worked. I made my own real touch/artificial bouquet because I wanted to be able to bring it back home with me. What is your color scheme?
  5. We also had the caribbean buffet and it was really good. Best wishes to you Mia! I am sure all will go well. A Cinco de Mayo you will never forget!!!
  6. i know its not a dollar... but they have something similar at oriental trading. http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse/processRequest.do?mode=Browsing&requestURI=processProductsCatalog&sku=57/9510
  7. I concur with Nicole. The hard part (if you can call it that ) will be be done before you arrive. The coordinators know what they are doing and the 3-4 weddings a day work like clockwork...and you still feel like it is YOUR day. But I agree that you should maintain a paper trail...just in case. I too had a binder, folders and copies of everything with me and ended up not needing most of it. My wedding coordinator was assigned Feb '10 (Dulce) and switched Oct '10 (Wilma). Don't stress ladies. It will all be fine. Have a good weekend!
  8. Hi There! THANK YOU! I'm glad you enjoyed our pics. Yes, we did use the resort photographer and videographer. We were very pleased with their work. I think out of all of the restaurants, Mundaca was the best. We ate there the night before the wedding. I didn't try any of the restaurants on the Spa side but some of my guests did. Like you, I was a little nervous about the weather because I was reading it would only be in the 70's. When we arrived, it was about 70-75 and a little cool. But the day of the wedding and the day after were absolutely amazing. It was about 85 degrees...sunny and breezy. So it was definitely warm enough. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. Happy planning to you!
  9. Hi there! I married at ACP in December 2010. It was fabulous! You made a good choice. Happy planning to you...
  10. If this helps any, my dad actually decided not to attend my wedding. Initially, I was hurt. But I had to remind myself what the wedding was about. Not my dad acting childish...not my friends backing out at the last minute....it was about me and my husband. I can honestly say the people who chose not to attend did not cross my mind the day of the wedding. It was our wedding day and I made it about US...not them. I know its a little tough to deal with right now. But it will all work out in the end and you will have a magnificent wedding day and vacation. Quote: Originally Posted by sxcT I only wanted a few ppl 20-30 and I only cared about family and the bridal party. But when its your supposedly best friend and another close friend (both bridal party) who you have always bent over backwards for and would go to the ends of the earth for and you realize they won't do it for u....it is a huge disappointment. It's the ones I really cared about being there so it really sucks. I know it will be great once we are down there with those who chose to make it but dealing with all this crap along the way isn't so much fun.
  11. Thank you so much! Your day will be here before you know it...
  12. Hi There sach26! We had our reception at the Maracas Terrace. I don't believe you can have outside DJs. There are one or two companies you can use for lighting and music unless that has changed recently. Some other brides used their services. We had an at home reception so we didn't splurge on those items. We brought and used an iPod dock with playlists of music we put together.
  13. Welcome and congrats to the new brides! Feel free to ask any questions you'd like. Happy planning to you!
  14. The setting against the water is truly decor enough...it is SOOOOO beautiful. But I also went with chair sashes. I used the sases at both the ceremony and my reception. There was no problem with getting them from one location to another. There is an entire staff that breaks down/sets up the wedding events. The process was seamless. As Jess said earlier, we worked on the aisle runners together. I wasn't able to use mine because it was too windy. Wilma was upset that she couldn't make it work for me...but it wasn't that big of a deal in the end. And I didn't spend much on it since I bought it blank and personalized it. I carried the aisle runner in it's box on the plane with me...along with my dress. There were no issues. Quote:Originally Posted by adales Hey ladies!  For those of you that have done or are doing the complimentary wedding package, what did you do/are you doing for decor during the ceremony? Â
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