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  1. We love mojitos and were excited about the Mojito Bar so for the signature drink, I asked my miami WC if we could have one and she said yes. We asked if they could do a taste test between mango mojitos (my husband's fav) and pineapple mojitos (my fave). My Miami WC added it to my detail sheet and when we had our appt with our on-site coordinator, she had them bring us both to try. They were very accomodating and will do just about whatever signature cocktail you would want. Since we had brought the card with the sig cocktail (I had printed both since I wasn't sure which we would like) and cocktail stirrers with our initial on them to include in the drinks, she suggested setting up a table to present the sig cocktail to our guests. We had a choice to have these at the cocktail party or the dinner reception. We chose to have them at the cocktail party before our reception along with the mexican fiesta menu (I think that is what it was called), but you could have it at either. It wasn't a kit per se and I looked everywhere to see if I could find one. There was another bride on this Azul Sensatori forum that had done something similar - I believe her username is Milejilo (look her up on the planning forum too-she's got great ideas as well). My friend, who was married in the Domincan Republic, found frames at Target and bought one for the both of us and then I ordered the nautilus shells from Ebay. If the shells had been bigger we could have used all the sand and it would have filled the frame, but unfortunately the shells only held about a 1/3 of the sand we brought which didn't quite fill the frame halfway. The downside to this was that the sand completely mixed up and you couldn't see the layers anymore. I think we are just going to recreate once the holidays settle down plus my husband was very generous with his sand and was out before I was halfway done with mine It was funny but now you can't even tell. I would suggest buying bigger nautilus shells (mine were the 4-5 inch size) if you go this route. Thanks and thanks again for the gazebo idea!! CONGRATS and it's looks amazing. Can't wait to read you recap and planning thread!!!!! I knew I wanted the colored sheers well before I had the pic of what I wanted so they were listed on my detail sheet before we made it to Mexico. My original plan was to just drape them until I decided to use the starfish from a pic Maggie posted awhile back.
  2. Your pics are great and you looked beautiful!!! Glad you had an amazing wedding as well!!!
  3. Hello Ladies! Sorry I have been MIA since our wedding (12/11) but returning from our honeymoon on the 18th and getting ready/shopping for Christmas this week has been CRAZY!!! I just wanted to say our wedding and overall experience was AMAZING!!! The onsite coordinators are so helpful and really ensure everything is done the way you want. Elena was our onsite coordinator and everything pretty much went without a hitch. I would, however, encourage everyone to bring pics of how you want everything to look. If not there is a little room for interpretation. I printed out pics of everything and then proceeded to leave them on the printer BUT, it still worked out very well and I am still very happy with the entire experience. Just a few things to mention that I noticed as I was catching up that some of you asked: 1. The resort did my hair and make-up and did a great job! Especially the make-up. It held up so well!!! I actually had Edgar as my stylist/make-up person. 2. I used Caribe and although we haven't seen the final pics Santos (the photog) showed me many from his camera and they looked great. Of course, there were a few cheesy poses he had us do but I would just tell him and he would move on to the next spot. 3. They do charge $5 per person you have coming to the wedding for setup fees. We had lanterns and string lights to hang and that is what they charged us for mainly. I think if we hadn't had those we would not have been charged. Elena eluded to this being the reason we were charged. 4. For the ceremony music, they will ask you for songs for while the guests are waiting on you, what the bridesmaids walk down to, processional/wedding march, sand ceremony, and I can't think of the word for some reason, but when you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. They have several songs to choose from for each or you can provide your own. I would highly suggest the IPOD. It's easy for them to manipulate and they will manage it just fine. We picked songs from their list with the intention of giving them the songs we wanted for the walk to and from (sorry my mind is drawing a blank) and also the sand ceremony. Our onsite WC said the groom can just tell her right before the ceremony if need be, however, in all the festivities we forgot to do this. The songs we choose from their list were fine but not what I would have wished for. I kinda asked a few guests and frankly many didn't even remember the songs so if it's important to you, you may want to have these picked before you arrive. 5. In terms of the gazebo and sheers, just have a pic of what you want and the onsite coordinators will make it happen. I didn't want the candy cane look but I had a pic and showed it to them and they were able to make it work. We did have starfish to attach so there was some wrapping of the fabric involved. I plan on writing a planning thread once Christmas is over so I will have more info to share, but in the meantime please feel free to ask any questions. I've attached a few pics of sig cocktail table, the gazebo, and hair/makeup (not sure this is my best pic as I was saying something, but I was trying to show both in the same).
  4. Sorry I am not just randomly posting things This was in response to Maggie's question about when we were leaving for Azul...
  5. Thanks!!! I can't believe it is almost here! I haven't had time to visit on the forum much lately but since I am going to be gone two weeks from work during a merger it is what it is! If I can I will try and get my planning thread done before we leave if I can find the time Happy planning everyone!
  6. Welcome back!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Congrats - looks great!!!!
  7. Danielle, this was in reference to your comment about one of the WC's helping with your IPOD. Also, did you get the IPOD dock and amplifier are there costs associated with each? I"m confused based on what i've learned so far.
  8. Daniepps, did you have this listed on your sheet or did you work this out with the onsite coordinators?
  9. Yes, please do! Congrats...you guys are almost there! Too exciting! Â Thanks so much! This is extremely helpful! I'm hoping that in December it will be nicer in the Zocalo area, I'll keep my fingers crossed! Another question, do you remember how many lanterns or string of lanterns you brought. I don't want to bring 3 strings and only have to us 1 or whatever. Â I just heard from Kiara today - very sad! It truly was only a matter of time...too much for each person to handle! Â Hope the move went well!!! Â
  10. Please do...I"m anxious now! We get married in just a few short months...December 11th. Â
  11. OMG!!!! She was so awesome! She can't be gone!!! What did they tell you...do you know who you are assigned to now? Â Hey Amy, Â Didn't you have the Zocalo Al Fresco for your reception? That is where we are having ours. My questions to you...how did you decorate? Did you bring decorations? Was there something you wished you had brought or done? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks! Â
  12. I am also using an Ipod for all the events and I was curious how you girls using Ipods were going to announce yourselves at the reception if at all? I have planned a cocktail while we take pics and then I assumed we would be announced at the reception but as I was reading about the ipods I just realized who does that if you aren't getting a DJ. Any thoughts? ideas? Â
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