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  1. Hey girls - I was a Royal Cancun bride back in May... I have a question for those past and present brides. My friend is having a wedding there in 2012. I know the whole schpell about the outside vendor crap and she's trying to avoid this. My husband is going to be her photographer/guest... however you want to put that. Do you think they'd try to charge her the fee for him even though you could technically say he's a guest? Has anyone does this where their friend/guest is a "vendor" whether it's photog or anything? Thanks yall!
  2. Hey girls I'm back from my Royal Cancun wedding/honeymoon and had such an amazing time! We did not want to leave the week just felt like it flew by. Hopefully y'all get the same treatment we did cause everything was perfect. I'll post my review with some pictures later on today.
  3. Hey girls! Just wanted to say we're back from our Royal Cancun wedding/honeymoon and had an amazing time. The week went by waaay too fast and I wish we could have stayed a few more days. All you girls in PDC should have no problems if you get the same treatment I did. I'll be posting my review soon.
  4. I'm getting married there this weekend. Look for my review and pictures when I get back!
  5. I'm really disppointed about the rain chances for this weekend (and the entire week we're there!) I'm praying mother nature holds out for us brides this weekend! I'm going to be really sad if I go all the way down there to have a beach wedding and everything has be be moved indoors. Especially the ceremony!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by RunningBride24 Hey girls! I am going to sign a contract for my photographer this week, Ivan Luckie, does anyone know anything about him? I've heard good things but hoping one of you knew about his work. Thanks so much! I'm using him as my photographer and so is LisaDSO. He's been nothing but super nice and I can't wait to work with him.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jenconrad If you are in one of the higher room categories you can. I think master suite and above. I was in oceanfront and i was told there would be a charge to call the Real which is a sister property. There is a great wireless internet signal though, so we relied on that. Good to know thank you! And we are in the second top level suite so I think we should be good.
  8. Does anyone know if you can make free calls between the sister hotels? I don't want to get an international plan on my cell phone if I don't have to!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by duprk452 Did you have to give her your reservation numbers from expedia? Or just their names? Mine asked for a guest list, but not reservation numbers and I want to make sure that no one gets bumped. Yes I gave my WC the name and reservation numbers of whoever my guests booked through. I have some that booked Expedia, some Travelocity and some American Airlines Vacations. My WC only wanted everyone's reservation numbers. I also gave her the person's name the rooms were booked under just to be safe.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by callamonster This is not the best picture but there's a terrace area in front of the Gran Caribe gazebo -http://www.flickr.com/photos/callamonster/4365839783/in/set-72157623332058385/ Here's another view of the terrace area without the gazebo - IMG_1178 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! These are from a balcony at the Royal. I know it's not super helpful but at least you can see it a little! Thanks for posting those pictures!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Fancy That Oh how exciting!!!! We LOVE The Royal Cancun and I think the beach ceremony is the "prettiest".....my only concern is that noone can wear shoes (including me) So I guess it's just barefeet for all? If I want to wear high heels, I'll do the Gazebo at The Royal or next door at The Gran Caribe. The two gazebos look exactly the same, but The Royal's gazebo has a very "public" walk-up. There are lounge/cabanas all stacked up right until the gazebo entrance. So bride walks down an "aisle" w/ a bunch of beach/pool peeps on either side. Can you let me know if the Gran Caribe's Gazebo is similar? (if you pop over there. When we stayed at The Royal, we walked over next door via the beach to check out the sister resort) thanks! I just got "fancy" flat sandals. I thought about going barefoot (and I still might) it just depends on how hot the sand is. Trust me, I love shoes and heels and I will miss being able to wear them but my whole point was I'm going down to Mexico to be on the beach. I can get married in a gazebo at home. I wanted my feet in the sand. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences, but I couldn't imagine not being married ON the beach. I will definitely try my best to take pics of both gazebos for you! All of my guests are staying at the Gran so I'm sure I'll be over there a lot! Let me know if you want me to check out anything else.
  12. Diane - I can't believe the jeweler messed up on your ring! Did they tell you when they *think* the real one would be in?
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