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  1. Hello Everyone.. Sorry I was MIA. I got married at HTR in January. The resort is absolutely beautiful. I do not have a whole lot to add to everything. But I will say this. Allibe was absolutely amazing! Mind you, she told me I was an easy bride. But she did everything in her power to make our wedding happen outside (it rained the day of the wedding). Since it rained the day of the wedding, and was planning on having our supper on the beach, we had to move it to the alernative (a ballroom), In the end everything worked out, even with the rain. I had hired my own photographer (Claudia Rodriguez) who was amazing. Allibe set up my flowers. I could not believe what I got for the price! I still do not know how she did that! She also had someone from the resort play music on the computer (dj) for our supper and we had so much fun! Lighting was expensive, I ended up having to pay the lighting fee anyways, as they lit up the ballroom with different colors, etc. umm.. I can not think of anything else. But seriously girls, don't stress about anything. Allibe made everything happen and she was a VERY nice lady. Good luck to you all!
  2. 7 DAYS AND I WILL BE AT THE RESORT!! TIME IS GOING FAST! Hopefully I haven't forgot anything, and everything is taken care of! Good luck to the rest of you, who's dates are quickly approaching as well!!
  3. Eadon.. Our wedding is at the beginning of January, and I have not yet decided 100% what I want.. so, do not stress
  4. Thank you for posting this for me!! It is hard to decide on a menu when you have not tasted what they make. So it is nice to read what you would choose, etc..helps me in deciding! I just emailed Allibe about a quote for me flowers..the months are going by quickly! I have to start getting everything in order, or I wont get anything done!! Have you picked your bouquet yet? Â
  5. Ok! Thank you fo the insight.. I have been reading the menu that they gave us to choose from.. and it seems frightening.. LoL, it would be great to know what you tried. I do not know what a lot of the items are.. whether they did not know how to translate to english correctly, I am not sure. I may have to do some research I did also get an email from Allibe about the 20$ thing, and I was super happy about that! I was worried I would have to pay the 60,70, and 80$ for EACH guest! Thank goodness that was not the case! Let me know when you get a chance to look at your notes! Thanks again! Â
  6. Becks, I believe you went and tried the food at the resort correct? I just received the menu, and was wondering what you thought was the best to eat? Some of the items scare me a little bit..LoL. Was also wondering what you were quoted per person for the meal? 60, 70 and 80 dollars per person seems like a little much!! Â Anyone with any insight on the meals, could you let me know!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Eadon216 I'm a little frustrated. The bank had problems wiring the deposit so I arranged with Allibe to pay by credit card. She emailed me back to say she would process the charge....but since then I haven't heard a thing! I emailed her again to ask what the next step is (on Tuesday) but still haven't heard a thing! Oh I know the frustration part of things! If you have followed the thread I had exactly the same problems. Just wondering if you happen to be Canadian? Because that could be why your bank was having issues. I believe that is why ours had issues. Banks in Canada have a different standard then banks in the US. Anyways.. glad that everything worked out for you. We ended up paying by credit card as well.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.S2B How do you find the Hacienda Tres Rios thread?? I am getting married there in November and looking for info. THANKS! If you just click on the Search Button at the top. And type "Hacienda Tres Rios" then just look down the lists of threads. And I believe it is called "Hacienda Tres Rios Brides Post here" or something to that effect.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by becks1581 The only issue we had with bugs was when we were kayaking in the mangroves. Those mosquitoes are the size of squirrels!!! Granted, we went at 4pm and didn't bring insect repellent...but one of my bites actually bruised. I definitely plan to provide bug spray for my guests!! No bugs in the room though and we were on the first floor. Hey Becks.. since you were at the resort and know the bug situation.. Do you know if you can use any kind of bug spray/ sun screen? Or if it has to be ecological or natural? I know with the resort being ecological friendly, I was thinking it had to be a certain kind of sun screen and bug spray. Let me know.. so, then I can plan to put in my guest bags! Thanks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Tricey628 Hmm...Doing a TON of research today on photographers and I'm pretty blown away by the prices of the ones I really liked. I fell in love with del Sol's work but they are definitely out of our price range after getting a quote.. I think you've probably posted before, but who are you all using? I remember Becks naming someone a while back. Has anyone else booked yet? At first I was thinking, wow, why spend the money to bring your own, but it's starting to seem more and more worth it. Assuming you pay for 3 nights stay and flights, that's only about $1000 for travel. I guess it would depend what they would charge for the weekend... I posted not too long ago, but it is good to have all information clumped together.. We are actually going with a local. We went with Claudia Rodriguez. Claudia Rodriguez wedding photography I figured since she is a local she will have a better idea on good photo areas. I stumbled across her over a year ago, and fell in love with her style of pictures. Depending on how long you want, etc, I know it can be pricey. I did not think that her prices were unreasonable. But it would depend on your budget.
  11. Tricey- Thank you for the rough estimate. That is not too bad.. My bridesmaids are not having flowers, so that will save me a little bit. Becks- I am checking that site out, Thanks for the ideas. Those are some basics that I am doing as well Have you thought of gifts for your bridesmaids yet? Shug and Tricey- What are the dates you are going to be staying at H3R? I am getting married on the 12th! So be there just before you guys! It is getting closer!!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Avi Hi Guys, One of the girls in the blog suggested for me to post my info. We are getting married in Hacienda Tres Rios In August. I live in Cancun so I had the time to do my research about local providers. We love Luis but we wanted to decide and interview the providers so we could decide and pick. We Love chef Oscar he is amazing and the entire staff including Luis and Allibe they are awesome! If any of you need any info about my provider’s I’m more than happy to help. That way I can make my 3 month research worth for more people. We all are in a budget right? I have info about: DJ Makeup and Hair Flowers (the best in Cancun) Photographer Rental in chairs, table cloth and lights Let me know if you need any of them and will send it. Good luck and relax  Avi Avi! Thank you so much for the post! I am sure that I speak for almost everyone here.. Could you give us some information about your hair and makeup? Where are you getting it done? Approximate of cost? I was wanting to be able to pay for my bridesmaid's hair but for 350$ for mine, I am not even sure what it would cost for all of them as well! Thanks again!!
  13. I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the pricing on flowers? Allibe gave me an estimate for cake, but I was wondering about flowers. Becks, Did you just search for flower vendors or were you given contacts from Allibe? I am sure Allibe would give you a list of vendors for this, if you wanted to know of others besides the one you met? I know she offered me this option with a photographer. (Overall, I just went with my own that I had found). It kind of makes me nervous with all these vendors, when you don't really know what you are getting (unless you have met with them). I have started looking into the OOT bags.. Has anyone else been looking into this yet? any good finds?
  14. Holy cow, some of those breakdowns of costs scare me a little bit.. Our wedding is not nearly going to cost 30,000. But maybe its cuz I am cheap. ha ha. I agree that the $350 dollars seems sooo crazy. But as someone told me, it is a one time event, so you might as well do it up right! Which kinda helped the feeling disapate. I am still waiting from Allibe to hear the quotes on the flowers that I liked. We booked our photographer/videographer with Claudia Rodriguez. I love the eye she has for her photos. You can check her website out at: Claudiaphoto.com We are not planning on doing anything too fancy, believe the white chairs are fine. Don't need slip covers or sashes, as no one "really" pays attention to that, even though it may look nicer. It is not an important thing to us. We are also not having a DJ or reception as when we get back we are having a reception here. Just bringing an ipod and a bose player. We would just like to have a nice sit down supper after the wedding, and then we can go to one of the bars, or lounges or just hang out by the pool. We did not do a site visit, or have the TA charges or anything like that as future MIL has shares in H3R and our guests are all booking condos with her (saves major $$ for our guests) I think making things simple is an obvious way of saving money, but it all depends on what your dream day entails.. I am just happy to spend the rest of my life with the one I love, and have our close family and friends there. I am a pretty simple girl as it is Although I will add that everything does add up, no matter how small the things are. Good luck with all your guys' planning! Hope you are having fun! (My dress just came in!)
  15. Wow.. I am sure glad I do not have to deal with all the room booking stuff like you guys.. My wedding planning is a lot more stress free.. But I just booked my photographer/videographer! Yay, pretty excited about that.. Besides the room bookings, how is the rest going for you all? finding flowers, cakes, etc?
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