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  1. @val2012 ..regarding the official marriage certificate....we paid an extra $100 to the WC (keisha) and they expedited the marriage certif. so we received it in about 2.5 weeks. I had read online how people were having so many problems getting the official certificate even after several months so I wanted to make sure we got it fast. Just ask Keisha if this interests you and you just pay her the $100 when you pay for everything else. we did our flowers through tai flora. I would just email them to see if you can get the flowers and have someone else put them together. My bouquet was beautiful though and I had just emailed them a picture of what I wanted. we used stacey clarke photography! LOVED her..highly recommend. any other questions dont hesitate to ask. We just got back a few weeks ago LOVED the ROR and everything went very smooth for ourselves, our 60 guests and the wedding!!!
  2. Stacey didnt seem strict on time. If you are having some sort of reception then I would suggest more than 4 hours but if not you probably will be ok with 4 hours. Our TTD took about 3 hours though so I guess I would just ask Staceys opinion on time and tell her what you want. I did the 8 hours cuz we wanted a few pics before ceremony, ceremony, dinner and reception. She was there about 3pm (our cermony was at 4) and stayed until 9-9:30 and then did TTD the next morning about 9am-noonish. You will love her!!! She is very professional but very easy going! She is worth every penny!
  3. i had my makeup done at the Renova spa at the ROR and she did a GREAT job..very natural looking and it stayed on very well. I think it was $60 and took about 1 hour. Highly recommend! as far as phones. we didnt really use but our carrier VERIZON has service there but it is $2.00/minutre. 50 cents to send a text and 5 cents to get a text. We turned off the data on the phone so we didnt get charged for data updates. For anyone wanting to know, there is free wifi in the lobby! As for finding other guests, we just sort of found people at breakfast or by the same area of the pool everyday. It wasnt too much of a problem..I did get a few peoples room numbers and wrote them down. any other questions I'd be happy to help anyone. THis website helped me ALOT!!!!!
  4. ours are "Eric and Brenda" She only has a few teaser pics on her FB page. We wont get ours back from her for about 2-3 weeks she thought. She was AMAZNG and so easy to work with. COyaba gardens was beautiful...where can you get into a waterfall to take wedding pics. crazy good!
  5. website is : staceyclarkephotography.com. she also has a facebook page. I did the "free" wedding but added alot of extras so it certainly wasnt free. We did a private dinner at the plantation restaurant since we had over 50 people. you pay $500 for 2 hours for that. We also did a poolside reception which was awesome. That costs $15/per person to pay for the bartenders (normally this area is closed in the evening). also paid for steel drum band, and DJ services, and florist. I think everyone is best off with free pkg and then upgrade what you want. we didnt care about tshirts etc.and other things in upgraded packages. Everything went super well...PERFECT!
  6. Just got back from our wedding at the ROR in Ocho RIos. We used Stacey Clarke for our photographer and she is AMAZING!!! So easy to work with, responds to emails immediately, prices were reasonable. She made us feel very comfortable and our 60 guests loved her!!!! I am so thankful I chose her for our photos!She was extremely accomodating. She may negotiate price with you..just email her for info. she also has a FB page.I cant say enough good things about her!!!!! Recommmend the trash the dress the next morning as well..awesome! Any questions, feel free to ask me.
  7. @delgadot- You will not be disappointed that you booked Stacey! She is AMAZING! After communicating with her even online I felt very comfortable and had no worries. I got married at the RIU in Ocho RIos- we loved it there!!! I also loved doing the "trash the dress" the next morning. If you are getting married in ocho rios, we went to a place called coyaba gardens/waterfalls for the trash the dress...was just beautiful! any questions, feel free to contact me. Enjoy the wedding planning...a destination wedding in Jamaica was perfect!!!!
  8. Just got back from my wedding at ROR- AMAZING!! Any questions I would be more than happy to answer. As far as photographer, we had Stacey Clarke. She is AWESOME- professional, fun, reasonably priced. She will respond to emails nearly immediately. I felt so so comfortable with her and had no worries. She has a facebook and website page. I cannot say enough about her. SHe has different packages but will work with you on price! I highly recommend the "trash the dress"! I loved the ROR!!!!
  9. We just got back from our wedding. Stacey Clarke took all the pics and was seriously AMAZING!! We had 60 guests so it could have been a bit challenging but she was awesome. SHe brought a fellow photographer Geoffrey with her as well. All our guests commented how great a job she did. I was so relaxed with Stacey. She also did our TTD the next morning. she was worth every dime. Do not hesistate to book Stacey....she wont let you down!
  10. Somewhere on a ROR thread someone had commented about bringing magnets to put on the air conditioner in the rooms to keep it running. Does anyone know anything about this? Does it work? Any help would be appreciated. I'm questioning whether it would be a good idea to get magnets before we leave in one week to put in our OOT bags. Any help from those who have been there would be appreciated. Also does anyone know if they have basic laundry services that we can either do ourselves or have done?cost? THanks to everyone who has helped me on this website! Brenda
  11. Do you know if there is internet access at the ROR? Is it free or what is the cost?
  12. Can someone tell me if there is an ipod dock at the plantation that can be used to play dinner music? We wanted to just make a playlist and listen to that during dinner. Does the DJ also have ipod dock of some sort that we can put requested music onto an ipod playlist? Thanks girls.
  13. Can anyone who recently got married at the ROR tell me how long it is taking to get your marriage certificate in the mail? I have heard several weeks to 5 months. Keisha told me 8 weeks but was just wondering if that was accurate. Also does anyone know if you can expedite the service? appreciate any help with this? One other question..for those of you that did a sand ceremony- did you play a song during that time. I'm trying to get all our music organized and wasnt sure if I should put a song in there. DId you pretty much do some preceremony songs, a song with me walking up the aisle and then a recessional song at the end? or did you somehow incorporate others and where? THanks girls.
  14. Thanks JUSTUSTWO that was all helpful. I did look through some threads also...sometimes they arent very straight forward though! I appreciate your help. thanks
  15. Ok if anyone can help me with some information on the actual wedding ceremony. What is the difference between civil, religious, legal etc? Did you write your own vows, ring ceremony, sand ceremony wording and then just give it to Keisha to have the Reverand read or how does that work?? Keisha wasnt able to give me a copy of what the Reverand typically says at the ceremony so I would just like to write it all down myself and have him read it I think.? Also do you know where in the ceremony to do the sand ceremony? is it before vows/rings??? Please help me! Thanks girls. THis thread has been very helpful. Only one month left so we are trying to finish all planning. Cant wait! Brenda
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