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  1. Islandgirl, I just got back, but I had to answer this for you. At the end of my planning I got really nervous because I found out the the DJ had awful reviews and almost went with an outside DJ. Well I will tell you that it must have been a different DJ because I followed my gut and went with the resort DJ and he was great!! We had him to play for us after the dinner in the Music/jazz room from 8:30 -10:30 and he also MC'd. He did a great job! His name was DJ Juvenile.
  2. Hey lady! I got married on Monday and I just got back a little after midnight. I am going to put my review together as soon as we get through with Thanksgiving, but I wanted to answer you question. Yes, the napkins are cloth napkins and they are nice. The hotel is great so please relax and try not to stress. I used placecards and the worked very well. I drew a diagram of the table with the names and Nicole used it to place the card appropriately. My photographers are staying until Saturday to celebrate their anniversary, but I will post pictures as soon as they get back. Nikki
  3. Imuze, Hey sweetie! I did get the response to the PM and thank you! I wanted to ask about the videographer also, but I wanted to wait for your response to Breeze. I just received my tentative bill this week and Nicole put the videographer's price as $350 for the ceremony only. $200 sounds a lot better so I guess I will just wait and see once I get there!
  4. Jules is right and here is the information for anyone who needs it! Services with Extra Charge Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Private Events (Not Included) Bonfire at the Beach (For groups of more than 15 adults) PRICE $US Bonfire includes open bar for 15 persons for 1 hour. Every other extra person would have the extra cost of the open bar of your choice. If you would require appetizers and extra cost will apply as well. $250 National open bar (Price per person per hour) International Open Bar (Price per person per hour) US$ 7 US$ 10 Warm & Cold Appetizers MENU A (6 items) MENU B (12 items) MENU C (20 items) (Price per person per hour) US$ 8 US$ 12 US$ 16 Important: The above prices are subject to change without notice.
  5. Hey Wendy! Your pictures are amazing!!!! I cannot believe your photog got them up so fast! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!! Of course I told you that I love your wedding dress, but the dress you wore for the ttd pics is amazing too!
  6. Hey Wendy! Can you also send me pictures to NThornton@pasadenaisd.org? My wedding is in 3 weeks and 4 days so I am excited to see your pictures! Thank you so much!
  7. Thank you Wendy! I don't know what I was looking at because I thought the corsage was listed at a higher price, but I see I was wrong! : )
  8. Thank you so much Wendy! Reviews are always so nice to read and I cannot wait to see the rest of your pictures! I wanted to ask you how much your mom's corsage cost if you don't mind me asking? I know it is posted on the information page, but a lot of things have been completely different prices then the ones listed on that sheet! Thanks, sweetie! Nikki
  9. Breeze your response was very positive too! You guys are really awesome and I know that I have been helped so much by this forum that I honestly have no idea of what I would have done without it!
  10. Hey lady! I know that this is the going rate, but those prices are very steep and it feels good to know that you agree with me...lol! Thanks for the sax information also. I think that my guest would love that idea!
  11. She has been under the weather, but she still plans to post her review. Anyone can PM her and she is really good about answering back. The last time I PMed her she also said that she was trying to figure out the new thread. I am excited about reading her review also!
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