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  1. Hello everyone! Just joined the forum. I am having my wedding at Moondance Cliff on Oct 23rd 2010. Just came back from Jamaica to look at all the resorts and booked it right after. Started reading all the comments on this forum and found it awesome. So far we went with Paula and Damian from sungold. Thinking of using sound illusion and band front page for reception. You think it is possible to have both on one night? I feel so behind. still no std, theme is kinda up in the air too... We are just checking thru the items one at a time. Thanks to all who had or will be having weddings at mdc for providing so many good info.
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    Welcome to the forum. I myself just joined and have found tons of info from everyone.
  3. Hello jocobo, I just started myself and we are having the wedding at Moondance Cliff in Negril. there is tons of info on this site, if you find Jamaica and then accom and site, there is tons of threads on individual location. We just came back from Jamaica looking at various places from Montego to Negril. I think some of it is budget and some of it is style. Do you want big resort or small resort? Once we nailed down which resort we wanted to go with, rest came easy. well, we are not even close to done but it is just getting easier... sigh
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    Congrats and Welcome to the forum!!!
  5. Elaine 10-23-2010 MoonDance Cliff Have been reading all the forum and found it very helpful Just want to say HELLO to everyone having weddings at MDC
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