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  1. Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if anyone booked a photographer outside of the hotel or know of any good ones. Or if you have a website of the photographers the hotel works with. My package comes with photos, but I dont think it will be enough. Thanks in advance! Julie
  2. Youre welcome. Hope it makes you feel more comfortable! I did!!
  3. Hi Ladies, Sorry I had a really busy week I sent the hair pics to Amy so hopefully she will be able to post them. I also sent an email to those of you who gave your email.
  4. Hi Ladies! I have been talking to Elke with the spa and she has sent me some pictures of hair updos that they have done. Hope this is helpful. She also says to bring any pictures you like and they will try to match it. For some reason I cant seem to be able to upload these pics. If someone knows how send me a message and maybe I can email them to you or something and you can upload. THANKS!! Julie
  5. Dolfinluck we are planning on getting married on the beach. It is just hard to decide before you see everything. Are you having your reception in a restaurant or private reception. I have so many questions for Tiara and it is hard to get a response
  6. Erinsny24-We are going to donate in honor of our guest instead of giving favors. We had planned on bringing school supplies to children in the Dominican Republic before all of this happened. So now I think we are going to do both. Think it is more meaningful
  7. Found some more. Here is forms to confirm your date and make a deposit for everyone who has not booked yet. AUTHORIZATION_CC_-DRELR.pdf Deposit_Policy.pdf WEDDING_RESERVATION_FORM.xls
  8. Here is more information for the legal documents to get married. It has a sample a Single Status Affidavit. You just insert your information where it says and you get it notarized. Hope it helps Julie REQUIREMENTS FOR GETTING MARRIED IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.doc
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Dolfinluck- I am getting married at 5:30pm. How about you? Where is your ceremony? I am attaching some information I have. I don't know if you all have this but I will post it anyways. Hopefully it will help someone The banquet kit is info Tiara sent me when I asked her about a rehearsal dinner. Prob could use for other things as well. Extras is just pricing on additional items you may want to add. Silver-Gold are menus for private receptions. The wedding packages one has a list of all the legal documents necessary. I will look and see if anything else I have could be helpful Talk to you all soon! Banquet_Kit_SUCLR_2009-_REVISED.pdf Extras_2009(1).pdf Silver-Gold_Hors_d'Oeuvres_and_Menus_-_2009.pdf WEDDING_PACKAGES__DRELR_.pdf
  10. Hi ladies, I am new to this website. I am getting married at Dreams La Romana on May 15, 2010. I have been reading up on your posts. Thank you for all the information!! I also have some pricing, pictures and menus if anybody needs anything else. I have been working with a travel agent and she is teally good about getting information from Tiara and the resort. Looking forward to talking and exchanging info with all of you! Julie
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