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  1. That is funny. Beverly assured us at least one million times that we would have our certificate within 5 days as we paid for the expedited service. That was the whole point of staying there for 2 weeks and actually choosing it over ROR and Iberostar. Here we are, almost 8 weeks later and there is not a sign of anything remotely looking like a reply from her or a package from DHL. However, she sent us our wedding pictures (Those 10 free pics included in the package, it is another story how we got the other 500) almost immediately knowing that it is something that can wait (unlike our certificate which we need ASAP for quite serious reason). I mean she was perfect to deal with directly, she is lovely, but when it is comes to some serious business it seems like no one bothers. Jamaica, mon? It is upsetting to have a wonderful wedding but to deal with their bull before it and after it. sorry for complaining guys.
  2. Hi girls! As someone here wisely said - with Beverly it is a hit or miss. Funnily she replies pretty fast to me. I think once you gave her your credit card form filled out you can stop worrying. Girls, did anyone already book an appointment in this new Bahia Spa? Or is it just me since no one brought it up here. I wonder how many hours do I need to get hair and make up done? Would 2 hours be enough? Should I be ready like half an hour before the wedding? hmm How off topic is that? ))) Just didn't find much threads about this aspect of jamaican weddings. In case someone needs this - spabpjam@bahia-principe.com
  3. Hi Christinak82 )) Thanks a lot for replying. I do feel less worried now. I didn't even know other resorts wanted such a huge deposit, I think it is kind of insane to give them $8000 of deposit. However, although Beverly reserved already a date for us I still have not booked a hotel (this Haiti earth quake happened that day) and still haven't gotten back to her with our credit. I hope she won't give my date away to anyone)) You asked Kerrij about jan's flowers and although I am not her but here is the link (I wonder if I actually can post one here? ) Welcome to Jans Flowers Jamaica , the site isn't very informative though. I was thinking of using that too as I heard Tai flora is kind of expensive. On the other hand my friend did just fine with what her package offered. P.S. I think Beverly must have some sort of assitant like Chandlyn in RIU, just to cope with all the brides))
  4. Hi future GBP brides! )) My God, it is soooo nice to know I am not the only one getting married there, because at first it really seemed RIU is kind of more popular. So I will come right to the point. We booked with Beverly our wedding for march first. She was nice to deal with because she responded more or less right away (Sometimes not so fast but she always apologized ). The longest I didn't hear from her was 5 days. Am I lucky I avoided 3 weeks of waiting for reply? ) Now we have our flights booked and we are going to book a hotel. I guess using travelocity or something. Oh I already feel like I am booking agent or something taken into account how many sites I looked through lately The thing that worries me is that now we have to pay the deposit.....and like you know ladies there is this form we are to fill out. I already saw some thread here about this and how girls don't feel confident sharing this kind of info. But unfortunately this thread (just like Beverly) didn't offer any solutions. Is there anyone who has sent her this form? Or that is just something that we have to do and get it over with? Thanks girl, Rani