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  1. I'm not sure whose dress you're referring to, Melanie... in case it's the one I posted the name of the dress is Convertible Wrap Satin Jersey Cocktail by erinleighheart and you can find more of her stuff on the etsy.com website! The dress comes in Purple, Turquoise, Gray, Black, and Fuchsia. Even if we end up not using this dress for the wedding (fingers crossed we do!) I will definitely be buying myself a black one
  2. Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!!! Happy planning
  3. We have the Wii Fit Plus. My fiance asked for it this past Christmas and only wanted it for the exercise games. So far we love it!! We don't use it regularly but about a couple times a week. The Boxing is pretty decent, but what I love the most is the Hoola Hoop!! Holy *bleep* do I feel it! I do the one that goes for 3 mins (1.5 mins each direction) and try to get at least 400 hoola's each way.. so 800+ in 3 mins. Doing that twice in one night and I definitely feel it the next day!! It's fantastic for upper/lower/obliques and the entire back (I find, at least).. that's more results than I seem to get at the gym!
  4. Ooohhh yea!! I love the vintage inspired accessories!!
  5. It's still really early in the planning, but I have fallen in love with this dress for my girls - it also helps they all love it too! What's great about it is that it's a jersey knit so it won't wrinkle! Perfect for packing in a suitcase My mom and I might even buy one in black for ourselves! It's also convertible, so my girls can wear it however they like want! Convertible Wrap Satin Jersey Cocktail by erinleighheart on Etsy
  6. LOTS of great info ladies!!! I am still in the baby stages of planning so I will be sure to post back once I get started!
  7. Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcomes It's definitely an exciting time as we start our planning. I'm trying not to get overwhelmed since there is so much information out there! I want to be sure to enjoy this process as much as possible!
  8. Thank you!! Oops, I forgot to mention that we are hoping to set the date for sometime in early November 2010.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Sasha and just recently got engaged over the holidays! We are really excited to start the wedding planning. Yes, I said *we*, my fiance even beat me to joining this forum! We have always wanted to have our wedding outdoors somewhere warm, and so far we are looking at Punta Cana. We have quite a large family (40-50 people) who might be joining us on the beach, but we are having some difficulty finding a resort that offers packages for such a large group. The resorts that offer for 20 guests would charge us silly extra 'per person' fees. The resorts that we have found that offer wedding packages for 60 guests, none of them have gotten any real good reviews. Frustrating! Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking forward to talking with people on here, and hoping I might even be able to eventually offer some help/advice/info!
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