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    Calgary Brides!

    KRama - so sorry for your loss. I read these latest posts at the perfect time today as I too was "sweating the small stuff" and it's nice to have a reminder about the big picture of life. Anyways ladies, I haven't read through this whole thread yet, but just thought I would introduce myself as another Calgary DW bride. We're getting married in Mexico this fall and I'm very excited. A bit nervous since we will be bringing our 2 year old with us, but the grandparents will all be there so hopefully with a team approach the fiance and I can get a bit of alone time during the week!
  2. CowtownBride2B

    Travelling With Children

    A strategy that works well with our daughter is definitely what the above have said, and then we always buy a new toy or new DVD or new something that we can pull out when she is absolutely DONE and having a fit. This usually works like a charm and buys us some peace. She is only 2 though so it may not be as effective with older kids :-)
  3. We are doing a symbolic too. The fiance absolutely refuses to get a blood test (it's not just the whole blood test in Mexico thing - he's terrified of needles!). As far as the differences, for the symolic packages the cheap one is $700USD and I think the only items not included that are on the more expensive one ($1160USD) is a flower arrangement for the bridal table, champagne toast and a room upgrade. We're going with the cheaper package since we are already going to be in the "golden" or whatever it is called at Coba. From my research, they will do their best to make the "symbolic" ceremony look like a legal one, if you aren't telling your guests you are really getting legally married back home. I've even read about brides doing a fake signing so their guests didn't know. Not sure if we will tell our guests or not - still on the fence!
  4. Hi everyone, If you want to see an awesome short video of a wedding at the Bahia Akumal resort check out the blog of the video guy we are going to hire: http://www.thecaptureblog.com/ Scroll down to the video of Chris + Cathy. It doesn`t say where it was shot, but I thought I recognized the resort and after speaking with the videographer on the phone, I was right :-)
  5. CowtownBride2B

    Importance of videographer

    Hey, I know this thread is a little old, but I thought I would bump up for anybody looking to bring a video person. I so agree that photos capture the moment but video helps you re-live it. The expense for someone really good isn't cheap, but we are saving quite a bit by having a DW and I feel I really want a video to share with friends & family that can't come. They don't need to watch an hour long video - many videographers do cinematic "highlights" that you can share online. I found the videographer I'm going to hire on here through another bride's review. His work is absolutely, incredibly amazing! In my opinion, his work is way better than any mentioned on this thread. Check out Chris + Cathy's wedding on his blog for a recent wedding shot at the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal.....http://www.thecaptureblog.com/
  6. All of us Alberta girls want to go somewhere warm and sunny to be married don't we? :-) I'm still new so don't really know any of you yet, but I look forward to planning and helping out other brides on here once I know what the heck I am doing! To all you Coba girls - did the coordinators give you an option besides the jacuzzi area for a private cocktail reception? I asked the coordinator, she replied and answered my other question but ignored the one about other location options. My concern about the jacuzzis is that there isn't really a good set up there, but it's so hard to tell from the pics Karla sent me. So for that matter anyone have any good photos of a private cocktail receptiona at Coba? Thanks so much!
  7. Thanks for sharing HereFishie! We stayed there in Oct 08 and had an amazing trip. Having the piece of mind of being to the resort first was a big factor in us choosing this place. I must say it's pretty cool that there seems to be 3 of us from Alberta planning weddings here right now (myself, HereFishie and RayKel)!
  8. CowtownBride2B

    show us your rings!

    Thanks RonNMel! He picked it out all on his own too!
  9. CowtownBride2B

    show us your rings!

    I'm a newbie and looking to get involved so here's a post I can definitely contribute to lol! Who doesn't love sharing their ring :-) I just read through the last few pages and wow, those are some serious rocks ladies!
  10. CowtownBride2B

    Appropriate Cost for Guests

    We asked friends and family and the common answer was under $1500 tax in for a week(we're going from alberta/bc). Any higher than that and most said it would be a deal breaker for them. Most of the group is in mid 20s-40s and middle class. It`s just a balancing act between finding a resort that`s nice enough that you WANT to get married there, but one that your less well-off guests could possibly afford to save for. Lots of people also suggested hint hint that it would be lovely to find a hotel with kids stay free deals, which we happily did because we have our own kid we`re bringing :-)
  11. CowtownBride2B

    Another Christmas Engagement!

    Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. I've already found this site super helpful :-)
  12. Thanks for the info everyone. Hopefully we can get our date and then the fun begins! Good luck to those getting married soon and thanks to all those who have already had their weddings for sharing info with us :-)
  13. Hi everyone, We are pretty sure we want to get married here in November 2010. We've already stayed at the resort and loved it! I'm just wondering what's the best way to find out wedding date availability/book the date? We were hoping for the Akumal section. I've searched all through their web materials and I couldn't find it. I've thought about just calling, but not sure how effective that would be? Please point me in the right direction :-) I look forward to joining in and planning! - Terra
  14. Hello, We went the baby route first - now we have a 2 year old that will be coming with us! We're heading to the Mayan Riviera - resort to be determined. The idea in theory seemed great, until I'm now trying to pick a resort and thinking of all the things you must think about when you have a toddler! Both sets of grandparents are coming so that will help us out with babysitting a bit. I have a million things I'm wondering about - one of the biggest being how do you share a room with a sleeping toddler? I've thought about maybe bringing an extra sheet and trying to make a room divider. I just don't think she will sleep in the room with someone else in view. She is very independent and likes her space lol Thanks for any advice :-) Terra
  15. CowtownBride2B

    Another Christmas Engagement!

    Hello, Posting my Newbie post! The ring was in the bottom of my stocking :-) We're thinking November 2010, Mayan Riviera. Now for figuring out the details......